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What would you win:
1-BabyBeehinds One Size Fitted Diaper (Winner choose either hemp or bamboo)
1-Thirsties Diaper Cover
12-Kissaluvs Premium Print Wipes

What to do? Simply leave a comment telling us in ONE word the reason why you use cloth diapers. Don’t forget to leave a way for us to contact you if you're the winner. You don’t need to have a blog to win, but be sure to leave your email address if you don’t have one.

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Who can participate? US Residents and Canadians are welcome!

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Good luck, and don’t forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win that a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday Week 30 *** CLOSED ***

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Kelly's Closet and all our our Diaper Shops stores have found a new space to call home! We’ve planned and coordinated to ensure our move goes as smoothly as possible. However, we will be unable to ship orders for a few days during the move.

All orders placed by Friday, May 22nd are guaranteed to ship before our move. We will be unable to ship orders again until Friday, May 29th.

In honor of this momentous occasion we bring you the Diaper Shops Memorial Day Moving Sale !
Spend $30 or more and receive a FREE Babylegs (discontinued pattern)
Spend $50 or more and receive a FREE Insert (Loopy Do OR Wahmies One Size insert)
Spend $99 or more and receive a FREE Clover Fitted
Spend $150 or more and receive a FREE Wahmies One Size Diaper (no insert)

Moving Sale Promotion Rules:
Limit 1 FREE item PER order.
Pattern/color is chosen by Kelly's Closet from existing stock. Please indicate whether you have a girl or boy.
Sorry, no previous or pending orders discounted. No exceptions.

Enter code into comments section at checkout.

FREE CLOVER (indicate size)

You may indicate which promotion you would prefer. For instance, if you spend $99 and do not want the Clover Fitted you may specify EITHER the free discontinued BabyLegs OR the free insert as the promotion you’d like.

Code must be entered in the comments at checkout otherwise we’re unable to honor the promotion.

Please note – we will still be offering our stellar customer service during the move so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions!
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Memorial Day Moving Sale !

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Here they are!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to all!!!!!

Follow her and her beautiful family on her blog.

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Our Fluff Friday and Twitter Winners!

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When Robin Tobin gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last year, she made two life-changing decisions: One, she would become a stay-at-home mom, reducing her family's income by half, and two, her family would strive to be more green.

Tobin, like others, is part of a trend of new families that are tightening their belts without disparaging the planet in the process.

"New moms want to do what's right for their babies without sacrificing Mother Earth or their family's finances. That's why it's important for new parents to find ways to be green without breaking the family budget," says Kelly Wels, the founder of Kellys Closet, an Internet baby boutique specializing in eco-friendly products and cloth diapers.

Tobin says she uses the bumGenius brand cloth diapers on her baby because it was important to her to find a system that was good for her baby and for the planet. "While the money-saving factor wasn't our motivating factor at first, we have to admit that we were quite excited when we hit the break-even point after our son turned about 7 months."

Wels says that Tobin, like other new moms, is part of a growing number of families who are saying "no" to disposable diapers, which are known to create the third most landfill waste in the U.S., and saying "yes" to more eco-friendly options.

"Cloth diapering isn't hard to do with all the modern brands on the market. Over time, more moms have come to realize that they can not only save thousands of dollars using cloth diapers but also that they can deter thousands of pounds of landfill waste. Now that speaks volumes to a belt-tightening family," says Wels.

While most parents think reducing diaper waste is the main way they can be green and save money, there are many other ways eco-conscious moms are saving money and the planet.

Melissa Rapp, who is raising two kids under the age of 5, says that buying gently used items and reusing the old stuff she has is her main motto these days.

"I find myself looking on Craigslist more often for children's items that I might have gone to the store to purchase. I find that these items are less expensive and that it's more environmentally friendly to reuse items than to buy new," she says.

Rapp also says that while she only serves organic meats, vegetables and fruits in her home, which are notoriously more expensive, she rarely pays full price. "I won't buy organic items until they go on sale at the grocery store and then I stock-up. I also, on occasion, buy frozen organic fruits and vegetables because those tend to be less costly."

Rapp also says that being green has always been important to her and she loves the fact that some "green" things are free.

"The city where I live just implemented a program to encourage more recycling by supplementing the cost of a large trashcan-sized recycle bin. We purchased one, as our recycle pile is much larger than our trash pile each week and it doesn't cost us anything to recycle more," she says.

While many moms are looking for ways to save money and still be green, Tobin acknowledges that even some of the more expensive eco-friendly items are not off the table, such as BPA-free bottles for her baby. "I'm happy to spend a little more for my baby's health and safety. While money is on everyone's mind these days, and we are no different, we have always tried to live below our means," she says. "That said, we are also doing our best to balance our own need for convenience with the well-being of our baby and planet."

- By Jenny L.
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New Moms Find that Being Green Won't Break the Bank

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You know I've always been the weird one in our family when it comes to doing certain things. I tend to go against the grain I suppose because sometimes it feels so good. My dream was to be a wife and mother (I know to some it seemed ridiculous because what would I do with the rest of my time?), I would rather sew something for half the price it would cost me to buy it, I decided to breastfeed (why wouldn't I just bottle feed?), I just am starting to home-school (what am I doing to my poor child?) and now I cloth diaper?!?!

One day when I was opening registries for my baby shower I came across disposable liners for cloth diapers and got me thinking. I started reading and reading and reading and boldly told my husband I would give it a shot, I don't think he was optimistic. All I we heard about cloth was negative and I had even been told that babies get more rashes with cloth! I sat there thinking about how for 3 years we had just thrown money away over and over with each diaper change just because its what you do, you just buy disposable diapers for your baby. I was flabbergasted when I read that to diaper one child from birth to potty trained can cost between $1500 to $3000 and it made me determined to try.

Shortly after my son was born I ordered some really inexpensive prefolds and diaper covers. They were thin and leaked if I didn't change it quickly but I liked it for some reason. I didn't seem like the burden everyone claimed it to be. I started doing more research on diaper quality and couldn't believe the variety there is and at the same time the prices of some of the diapers! For budget purposes I decided to go with Chinese prefolds and Wonderwrap one size covers. I bought my snappis and some Kushie disposable liners and was set! I haven't had a leak or rash with the cloth except for the time I put him back in sposies for an outing. I like to do the newspaper fold and the snappi makes it easy to clip securely, then I just put the cover over it and no leaks ever! I've since also gotten 3 one size BumGenius that we use at night and a thirsties cover that is wonderful because its so thin and roomy over the prefolds. The best part is that since my stash consists of premium size prefolds and one size covers and BGs my almost 2 year old can use them too.

Since I was on a roll with the diapers I thought about the wipes too and made myself a few dozen out of our older towels and receiving blankets and they work so much better than the disposable wipes especially with the aloe and caress soap mixture I use. They get so clean and are so fresh and their bottoms never dry out. It makes me feel like a super mom, lol.

It really makes me proud to be a part of a group of families that have decided that its important to be informed and do what is best for our children and ourselves. I just love holding my little son in his cloth diped bum. For right under $200 I got everything I would need to diaper him and my middle daughter until they learn to use the potty. There are so many other diapers I want to try but if I don't get a chance it still feels so good to say that I'm not taking thousands of dollars and putting them in the trash anymore.

My advice for anyone who thinks its terrible would be to try it for 2 days, you won't go back!

- by Tani
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Against the Grain

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Fond are the memories I have of carting off one of my prized belongings with me to kindergarten for “show and tell.” Not much has changed since then! Every two weeks I pack two big bags full of cloth diapers (all in one’s, pocket diapers, one size diapers, fitted diapers, prefolds, flats, diaper covers, fasteners, liners, wipes, wet bags, etc…) essentially a *sample* of my stash and bring them with me for the San Diego Real Diaper Circle meetings.

Real Diaper Circles, a part of the Real Diaper Association, are local groups organized to provide cloth diapering support and advocacy on a local level. The Real Diaper Association itself is a “collective non-profit organization in which parents and small businesses take the lead in creating a cultural shift to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diapers. We connect current cloth diapering parents to the long history of cloth diapering. Cloth diapers are real diapers. The Association organizes local advocates and activists for cloth diapers through a member-supported resource center which plans campaigns, trains organizers, distributes educational information, supports local groups, and connects users to the U.S. Cloth Diaper industry. Local Real Diaper Circles reach users face-to-face with knowledge and tools to make cloth diapering accessible and acceptable to U.S. parents, who have the power to change the world one baby at a time.”

My cloth diaper passion is very real and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my love and experience with others! We all gather and talk about all about the fluffy stuff! We share tips, tricks, recommendations – as well as troubleshoot problems such as fit, leaking, laundering, etc… oftentimes we will have an expecting mom join the meeting- which is great because I know people feel more confident about cloth diapering when there is a support system in place to rely on (much like nursing mothers have the support of La Leche League).

Most appreciative are the mamas to be able to see and feel the diapers hands-on… and oftentimes I like to highlight the pros and cons of each diaper while sharing my personal favorites and making recommendations for others based on their individual situations. The Kiwi Pie fitteds have received a lot of love from my local group! I’m also personally willing to loan my diapers out to test/try – as many of you know there’s nothing more frustrating than ordering a bunch of diapers only to discover they just don’t work for your little one!

It was through this wonderful group where I learned how to use diaper pins (thanks Arynne for showing me how) – because when I tried to figure it out on my own I couldn’t get the pins through the prefolds and I thought I had a defective set of pins … turned out I needed to lubricate the pins first. DUH! Since then, I’m a pinning queen!

In addition to our regular bi-monthly meetings we try to participate in events where cloth diaper advocacy would be ideal. For instance, for the second year in a row our group participated in the annual San Diego EarthFair celebration; the largest Earth Day fair in the world. More than 70,000 people gather for the event; complete with a children’s parade, artwork, entertainment, and more than 400 exhibits!

Thanks to the hard work of a number of volunteers, our fantastic Diaper Circle Leader Heather, and the support of our local and online cloth diaper businesses (including Kelly’s Closet) our booth was a great success! Some parents were even willing to participate into changing their little one into a cloth diaper right on the spot!

Cloth diapering communities all over the world are steadily growing online; however we could use a bit more effort and advocacy in our local communities! The more parents are informed about their diapering options, the better prepared they will be to make a decision instead of believe that there is only one way to diaper a baby.

Why not consider starting your own Diaper Circle? Contact the Real Diaper Association as a resource for getting started with your local cloth diaper advocacy! Make some new friends all while spreading your cloth diaper love! After all, don’t we all wish there were more fluffy bums in the world?

Kelly’s Closet is also a proud business member of the Real Diaper Association!

Kelly’s Closet also offers an affiliate program where you can earn 5% commission on every sale you refer to Kelly’s Closet. Click here for more details.

References: Real Diaper Association Mission Statement
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Spreading the Cloth Diapering WORD!

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* Brief intro about Rumparooz and the inventor(s).

The Rumparooz were born in 2006, shortly after the birth of our second daughter. We quickly learned that she was highly sensitive to disposable diapers to the point where she could not handle even a few hours in them. After lengthly research and sampling of many different brands of cloth diapers we were discouraged. We could not find a cloth diaper that fit her ideally and did not leak. Each diaper change was a fully outfit change as the diapers could not contain the frequent messes. With a pen and paper I sat down to design our own diapers for our daughter. I have been sewing for over 20 years and this was my simple solution to our problem. The first thing I did was add the inner gusset which is now our signature, and patent pending, feature. The Rump•a•rooz® Onesize Cloth Diaper is first on only cloth diaper to contain inner gussets which are 100% leak proof against the messiest explosions! News spread about our new diaper and design and I soon had orders to fill for interested moms and dads. Soon retailers were requesting the Rump•a•rooz® for their stores. Rump•a•rooz® are now sold world wide in more than 16 countries.

* Short description of your products, when they were invented, the materials they're made of, etc...

The Rump•a•rooz® Onesize Cloth Diaper has 4 sizes which are adjustable by the rise snaps on the front of the diaper. The Rump•a•rooz® is the first onesize diaper that starts fitting at 6 lbs, no more waiting for your newborn to put on a few pounds before wearing cloth diapers! Available in both Snap and Aplix (Velcro) closure, the Rump•a•rooz® are a pocket diaper system. Each diaper comes with a "6•r soaker" which has 6 absorbency and size setting to best customize the fit and function of the Rumparooz for your child. The 6•r soaker is inserted in the pocket opening on the inside of the Rump•a•rooz® to make the diaper absorbent. The Rump•a•rooz® diaper itself is made of a PUL (1000 thread count polyester interlock knit with a urethane laminate) which is waterproof. The inside of the diaper, which lays against baby's skin, is a scrumptiously soft microchamois which is 100% hypo-allergenic and no-pill.

* Why choose Rumparooz?

In addition to the highly sought after exclusive prints and colors, no other diaper can offer the superior leak protection you get with the inner gussets of the Rump•a•rooz®. Easily fitting from 6-35+ lbs the Rump•a•rooz® are a one time expense. Diaper more then one child in the home, of a different age and size, with the same set of diapers. Diapers may be saved for the next baby for even more savings. Rump•a•rooz® will save the average family around $4000 per child.

* The Creators:
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Product Focus: Rumparooz

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We're an avid BumGenius family here (which was solidified by our lucky win during the 10th week of Fluff Fridays!). I was initially drawn to BumGenius because of their fantastic reputation and the wild popularity of their one-size pocket diaper, but it's the great quality that has cemented my love for them.

My favorite of the BumGenius diapers is the organic all-in-one. I love that it combines the convenience of an all-in-one with the cost-effectiveness of a one-size diaper. Though it is more expensive than their non-organic options, the great quality and convenience makes it well worth the investment in my opinion. Were I to start a diaper collection from scratch, I would make these the foundation of my cloth diaper stash. Unfortunately for us, they were the last of the BGs we tried, so I am making do with just a couple while we gradually add to our stash. The only downside to the organic diapers is that their drying time is longer than any other diaper we have, but usually I just put them through one cycle on the dryer, then hang them to dry until they are thoroughly dry (usually overnight).

My second favorite BumGenius product is the regular all-in-one diaper. The fit is fantastic, and the convenience is unmatched. They are so trim, and I love that they are just ready to go straight out of the dryer. As a work-at-home mom, I prefer not to spend my time stuffing diapers if I don't have to. The only downside to this diaper is that some people don't like suedecloth (though we have had no issues with it--allergies or stink), and since you have to buy some for each size, I do find that they end up actually costing more money than a one-size diaper.

Ironically, since it is by far their most popular diaper, BumGenius pocket one-size diapers were my least favorite of the BumGenius offerings I've tried. I know some people complain about stuffing the pockets, but for me that paled in comparison to the ickiness that is *unstuffing* them. I hated having to fish an icky wet insert out of the pocket before I dumped it in the pail, so these just weren't for me. But if you like the pocket diapers, I think you would LOVE the all-in-one options available!

Best of all, no matter which BumGenius product you try, the quality is sure to be high. I've had no problems with color fading, leaking, or fit issues. They truly make great products, and something for every type of cloth diaper fan.

- by Sara, Seattle, WA
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Update from our 10th Winner - Sara A.

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers