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1-Imse Vimse Water Shoes (pair)
1-Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Training Pant

What to do? Simply leave a comment telling us if you have used cloth swimming diapers and how did you like them? If you havent, do you plan to use cloth swimming diapers this summer and why? Don’t forget to leave a way for us to contact you if you're the winner. You don’t need to have a blog to win, but be sure to leave your email address if you don’t have one.

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Good luck, and don’t forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win that a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Friday Week 27 *** CLOSED ***

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Free shipping with
the purchase of any
Imse Vimse Product
at Kelly's Closet.


Sorry, no previous or pending orders discounted.
Limit 1 coupon code per order.
Valid May 2nd and 3rd Only.

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Weekend Super Saver Coupon - May 2nd & 3rd

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~ Twitter Winner ~ 2- Haute One Size Diapers

If you haven’t already signed up to please do so now for more wonderful giveaway opportunities in addition to up-to-the-minute news and updates!

to our Kelly’s Closet Anniversary Giveaway Extravaganza GRAND PRIZE Winners!

They won one Wii and one Wii Fit for each one!!!!!

Thanks for everyone who participated!!! It was REALLY FUN!!! Thank you for your continue support to our shops!
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We have 3 MORE winners today!!!!!!!!!

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This week's winner is a new cloth diapering momma to an adorable little girl... She also have gorgeous dog!! They are truly a beautiful family!!!! Follow her on her blog.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Please, contact us ASAP so we can ship your winnings out to you!!!
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Fluff Friday Winner from Week 26

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I began my fun journey into cloth diapering by purchasing three different brands of diapers to try before buying more. I purchased one BumGenius 3.0, one Happy Heiny One-Size, and a Fuzzi Bunz. From my research, I knew I wanted to start with pocket diapers and that one-size diapers would be the most economical. After testing these three diapers for almost a month, I then ordered 12 Bumgenius 3.0. Recently, I added two Baby Beehinds Bamboo fitteds and a Bummis SuperBrite cover to my stash. This allows me to wash diapers every other day.

From our current stash, my favorite diaper is our BG 3.0 in Zinnia. I just find it to be so cute on my daughter. We only have two Zinnia diapers because I wanted most of the others to be gender neutral. Here's a photo of her wearing it...doesn't she even look happy? I like the BG 3.0 because they are one-size and the quality on them is great.

My least favorite diaper is our Happy Heiny One-Size. I really wanted to like this diaper since it has a snap closure. However, I have had several leaks with it. I think the fit just doesn't work well for my daughter.

My favorite bedtime diapers are the Baby Beehinds Bamboo fitteds with the SuperBrites cover. The Baby Beehinds are exceptionally absorbant and I don't have a strong pee/amonnia smell in the morning like what I did when we used our BG 3.0 overnight.

So, while it is fun & exciting to try different brands/types of diapers, it is also possible to cloth diaper full-time with a smaller stash too!

- By Melissa
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Small but mighty cloth diaper stash

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Over the past nine months my diaper stash has grown from two twilight BumGenius 3.0 pocket diapers, to over 50 various pocket and fitted diapers and several dozen flats. Up until a few months ago I had two little ones in diapers full time, but thankfully, my oldest is now day trained and only wears cloth at night. My current diaper rotation consists of around 35 or so diapers, which allows me to do diaper laundry just twice a week. I like all of the diapers in my current stash, but there are definitely certain diapers that I grab for at specific times, as well as diapers that I prefer when my son is wearing smaller fitting clothing. Whereas I couldn’t live without my #1 diaper, the BumGenius 3.0’s, they tend to be a bit bulkier than some of my other options. Here’s a peak into my stash, the diapers I can’t live without, and the three I grab first at changing time.

#1 BumGenius 3.0
The diaper that makes up more than 50% of my pocket diaper stash is the BumGenius 3.0. I love this diaper and can’t rave about it enough. It is the perfect diaper for taking on the road with me for quick day trips, as well as leaving home with daddy or the babysitter to change. I’ve even had success packing the BumGenius, along with my Planet Wise Wet Bag, and leaving it at the Church nursery when I drop my kids off on Sunday morning. This diaper is incredibly absorbent, rarely leaks, and contains the biggest blowouts – even with breastfed baby poop. (Can anyone say that about a disposable?) My youngest son, Brendan, began wearing the BumGenius 3.0 at around 3 months old and around 13 lbs. The fit was fantastic then, and now at 1 year old and 24 lbs, the fit is still wonderful.

Of all the diapers in my stash, the BumGenius 3.0 is the only diaper I trust at both naptime and overnight. To increase absorbency at night, I simply add a BabyKicks Hemparoo JoeyBunz insert, and we’re good to go for up to 12 hours. If I could only have one type of diaper in my stash, the BumGenius would be it. This diaper makes cloth diapering just as easy as disposables, and I wouldn’t want to live without it.

#2 Birdseye Flats
Yes, you read that right. I use flats and love them! I only wish I would have discovered how easy they are to use earlier in my cloth diapering days. Last month I was looking for a cheap alternative to using my pocket diapers while I was at home, which is most of the time. I wanted to lessen the wear on my BumGenius diapers, and wanted something that would be simple to care for. I did some research and decided to give flats a try. I was attracted to the low price, as well as the ease in washing and drying them. Being so thin, they dry very quickly, which in turn saves me money when using my electric dryer. Living in WI I just can’t line dry my fluff year round as I would like to - I’d end up with cloth diaper popsicles. In most cases, I use two styles of folds when using my flats – the traditional flat fold and the origami fold.

Traditional Flat Fold

Begin by folding the flat in half.

Fold one side of the diaper just past the center of the cloth.

Fold the other side just past the same center mark on the cloth so that there are now several layers of cloth in the center of the diaper.

I then fold the side of the diaper as shown for tapered fit.

Place diaper in cover, folded side down and you’re ready to go.

Origami Flat Fold

Start by folding the diaper in half, and then in half again to create a square

At the top corner where all four corners meet, grab the top three layers with one hand, and put the other corner away, so that there is a triangle of fabric flat on the folding surface. (This took me a few tries to perfect, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a few times to get it right.)

You will notice a square shaped piece of fabric attached to the center of the triangle. Fold this square to around the center of the “square”.

Fold again into the far edge of the square, and adjust to the center of the “triangle” if necessary.

For a trimmer fit around the legs, you can gently fold in the sides of the diaper as shown here.

Place the folded diaper in a cover and you’re ready to go.

I lay my folded diapers in a Thirsties or Bummis diaper cover and we’re good to go. I don’t even bother with pins or snappis, as I’ve found that I really don’t need them when using a proper fitting diaper wrap or cover.

#3 Blueberry Minky One Size
I only own two of these diapers, but if they are clean, I will always grab for them when I want to show off my fluff. The fire opal and cute jaguar prints always catch people’s attention at changing time, or when I am letting my little guy run around the house in just a diaper. I’ve started several conversations on cloth diapering with people after they catch a glimpse of these way too cute diapers. I’m anxious to add a few more of these to my stash in the next few months. Sooner or later the warmer weather will find us in Wisconsin , and my little guy will be able to strut around in just a diaper.

Well, that’s a peak into my world of fluff and a little a about my favorite diapers. I have several other brands in my stash that I like including, Fuzzi Bunz, BumWear, Thirsties Fab Fitteds and several made by a work at home mom. I am always anxious to try new diapers, and can’t wait to check out the Kiwi Pie One Size Bamboo Fitteds as well as the new Gro Baby and Fuzzi Bunz One Size diapers. Not that I need any more fluff…but doesn’t it seem we are always wanting more?

- By Katrina W.
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A Peak Inside My World of Fluff

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With so many cloth diapers to choose from, many of them having similar qualities and options, it’s refreshing to find a diaper which is truly distinctive. The Gro Baby diaper certainly stands out from the sea of diapers out there!

I had planned on purchasing one of these nifty diapers but a wonderful and thoughtful friend sent me one as a gift. What a wonderful surprise! I was so excited to finally give this diaper a test wear!



Since the organic cotton soakers had to be prepped, and I had no other items requiring prepping at the time, I decided to wait to wash the soakers and tested the “shell” by itself.
So, for the first couple weeks I used the Gro Baby shell as a diaper cover with my Kiwi Pie Fitteds (another wonderful Natural Baby Company product) and it worked phenomenally well.


A couple weeks later I had finally collected enough items to go through the prepping process for the soakers. I was able to test the diaper as a whole once the soakers were fully prepped (after about 7 washes). I like how the elasticized insert allows itself it to fit on the smaller settings but stretching to fit the larger settings.


The Gro Baby is trim, super absorbent, soft and comfy! Yes, they are cut a tad on the small side for a one size diaper; so if your little one is in the higher end of the percentile for their height and weight, then it’s possible this diaper may not fit until potty training (but most babies do start thinning out after 12 months when they begin walking… My little man is 6 months old and just over 19 pounds, and 28” long (90th percentile). He can wear the medium sized setting on the Gro Baby (I use the largest setting if I’m using it as a cover for the Kiwi Pie Fitted).


One of the best features about this diaper is the "revolutionary" soft loop closure. It doesn’t rub/dig into the belly like some other diapers do… and since you’re able to wrap the tabs over onto one another (in either direction) you can get just the right fit!



Additionally, these diapers will reduce a LOT of bulk from the diaper bag. No more stuffing 2-3 diapers into your not-so-cloth-diaper-friendly diaper bag… simply stuff a couple inserts and one additional shell into your bag and it takes up a lot less space!

I would LOVE to see these diapers offered in a larger variety of colors! The Gro Baby diaper is a wonderful staple for any cloth diaper stash.

Note: As pictured, the kiwi color pairs well with the pair of Phinney BabyLegs!

-By Serena
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Gro Baby GROW!

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The Natural Baby Company’s mission has always been to create the ultimate in cloth diapering and natural baby products. Gro Baby™ a revolution in the cloth diapering has taken the market by storm.

The Natural Baby Company’s product lines include: Gro Baby, Dream Eze, Pocket Change, Wonder Wraps, Kiwi Pie and Magic Stick. Each product was designed out of necessity and innovation.

Buying from The Natural Baby Company means you are purchasing well made, often organic, products that have been tested and proven in the marketplace. Since its inception NBC has practiced supporting small businesses that help sustain healthy lifestyle choices, such as cloth diapering.

Kim and Duane Ormsby, owners of the Natural Baby Company (NBC), started in 2003, originally as Montana's Diaper Store. Since then, NBC has grown into both an online retail store and a local brick & mortar store. The focus of the company is design and manufacturing of natural baby products worldwide.

Kim's experience as a mother of four has helped shape a conscientious business of fair market practices and well designed, ethically manufactured products at affordable prices.

The Natural Baby Co. is a fantastic group of hardworking men and women both in the U.S. and China that love cloth diapering and natural parenting and have chosen to make a career of it!

The Natural Baby Company (NBC) and its manufacturing facilities adhere to strict compliance agreements that allow for Fair Labor/Fair Wages. The Natural Baby Company provides great jobs both in the U.S. and abroad. Working hand in hand with the production family in Northern China, means everyone shares in the successes of the company.

Believing that they are only as good as the people they work with, NBC created standards of conduct. For NBC, "it all comes down to being an ethical and morally responsible company and holding vendors to those same standards!" says Kim Ormsby owner and CEO.

The Natural Baby Co. still holds U.S. production for their Kiwi Pie diaper line and Magic Stick locally crafted in Bozeman, Montana.

Our factory manager, Wang Weijing.

Design work at our factory.

Our sewers enjoy working in our clean,
well lit, modern production facility.

Our Products & General Certificate of Conformity
The Natural Baby Company certifies that all of our products are compliant with the lead content in accessible substrate materials in selected parts as defined by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. This certificate complies with the requirements of US Public Law 110-314, Section 102 of the CPSIA.


Designed by a mother of four, Gro Baby™ combines an eco friendly product that is easy to use, stylish and economical.

Gro Baby™ features a one-size waterproof shell made of soft, yet durable materials and a snap-in Certified Organic Cotton Soaker Pad. This unique system allows users to simply remove a wet soaker pad and replace with a fresh one.

Gro Baby’s simple to use one-size design saves parents money and uses much less water and detergent than its cloth diaper counterparts. Its unique design is the fruit of many hours working with a team who have designed for Patagonia, Arc’teryx and Keen.

Using Gro Baby™ means less non-biodegradable waste in our landfills, less money spent on disposable products, and a dioxin free option in diapering, all in one smartly designed diaper.
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Product Focus: Gro Baby

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