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Fluff Fridays - Week 21 *** CLOSED ***

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Sorry, no previous or pending orders discounted.
Limit 1 coupon code per order.
Valid March 21st and March 22th Only.
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Weekend Super Saver Coupon - Mar. 21st & 22th

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We got TWO winners to announce today!!! Our Fluff Friday winner is a faithful reader and commenter and Im very happy you got to win!!! How funny that our 20th winner is winning on March 20th. She has a gorgeous family of three:

Follow her on her blog.

AND the winner for the "How Green are you?" contest is the mom of a gorgeous 9 months old girl:

Follow her on her blog.
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Fluff Friday Winner from Week 20 PLUS "How Green Are you?" Winner!!!!

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UPDATED (March 25, 2009)
Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be a Spotlight MOM! We've already gotten an overwhelming response - yeah! Jenny will touch base with many of you to fill out the questionnaire and get you spotlighted. We won't need new volunteers for a few months. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!

Original Post:
You may have noticed a new feature on our blog called Spotlight MOM! This is a new monthly feature we’re introducing where we put the spotlight on the extraordinary and hardworking moms like YOU! All the women we feature are pro-cloth diapers and manage to be super moms and super women (us moms are truly amazing!!).

If you’d like to become a Spotlight MOM, please email Jenny. Please tell her why you’d like to be “Spotlighted” in four sentences or less. If chosen, Jenny will send you a questionnaire to fill out along with a $25 thank you coupon good at any store. We will be spotlighting two women per month.

Please help me welcome our first two Spotlight MOMs, Angela from Virginia, and Shawna from North Carolina.

Meet SUPER Shawna

ShawnaName: Shawna
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Mom to: Kailan (6), Nathan (2), Morgan (1) and one on the way
Occupation: Stay-at-home-mom
Stats: Woke up today at 6:00 am
Wishes she woke up at 8:00 am
Dinner tonight is pizza
Cloth diapers to save money

When you’re not home with your baby, where can you be found? In the van with my baby!

What is your absolute favorite cloth diaper brand and why? FuzziBunz because they fit my daughter the best and I prefer snaps over Velcro.

How long have you been cloth diapering and for how many children? I've only been cloth diapering for three months. I started out trying to cloth diaper my youngest daughter and my 2 year old son, but he's ready for potty training so I decided to hold off on him. I plan to cloth diaper my daughter who is due in May.

Meet AMAZING Angela

AngelaName: Angela
Hometown: Milford, VA
Mom to: Cassie (6), Seth (4), Grace (3), Glory (2), and Frank (8 mos)
Occupation: Home manager and volunteer
Stats: Woke up today at 7:00 am
Wishes she woke up around lunchtime
Dinner tonight is leftovers

How long have you been cloth diapering? On and off for six years and for all five of my children!

What is the strangest comment you’ve gotten about cloth diapering? One of my friends said she was “natural” but drew the line with diapers. She said, “No way are we going to use cloth!” Last time I checked she was using FuzziBunz full-time for her two kids.

What is one “mom invention” you wish you came up with? FuzziBunz and bumGenius – because then I’d have free diapers AND an income!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why? I’d like to have a remote control to control the elements of time - like a pause button so I could catch up on sleep and housework!

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Spotlight MOMs! We’re blogging about YOU! - UPDATED

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In building my stash for two I had no idea where to start. I jumped in the cloth diaper pool with my eyes closed and wallet open. The first purchase was 2 Fuzzi Bunz, one pink and one blue. When they came in the mail, were washed and snapped on my little ones, I knew right away I needed more of these gems. At the same time I continued to order a few other types from online, and new diapers would show up almost every day! The UPS man was starting to wear a path from his truck to my front door.

I feel like I really was able to try a lot of different kinds whether its pockets, AIOs, or fitteds. We, like most I am sure, have our go-to diapers. Those diapers that you know will hold even if you little one downs a 8oz bottle and takes a 4 hour nap. Today, I still find that Fuzzi Bunz are our favorites but I have also fell in love with Blueberry diapers. And although I prefer the sized Blueberrys I feel most economical when I purchase the one size diapers.
James & Ella

BumGenius one sized pockets are our best friends at night. Our babies are sleeping from 10 to 12 hours and a double stuffed BumGenius keeps us leak free the whole time. Even if someone decides to do more than tinkle at 4am! I would say Happy Heinys are next on the list and after that its a tie for all the other brands that randomly congregate in my diaper storage. I have a few WAHM diapers that my babies still need to grow into and I am very excited to see how well those do in the future for us. And then there are fitteds. These were absolutely my least favorite. I know they have a cult following, but they were not for us. I gotta have my pockets!

Through my journey of finding the holy grail of diapers I realized that I quickly figured out what once intimidated me so. I know now that I prefer snaps over velcros, and that one size diapers make me feel frugal (Maybe not when buying in bulk, LOL!). I no longer feel like a cloth diaper poser who is trying so hard to belong. I figured out the code and it was absolutely worth the embarrassing amount of time I spent researching it all online! And now I find myself recruiting others and whispering down that lane of mothers just how wonderful cloth diapering really can be.

Mom to James and Ella (3 1/2 months)
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I Heart My Stash...Well Most of it

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My stash is pretty eclectic. I got into cloth diapering slowly. First I got a couple of fitteds and prefolds to use around the house, then I got some pockets and AIO's to use on short trips, then I took the overnight plunge and became a full time cloth diaperer. This gradual accumulation of diapers, paired with tight finances that wouldn't let me buy more than a couple of diapers at a time has grown into a large collection of cloth diapers of various kinds.

I now present to you My Stash, divided into categories and ranked from least to most favorite with pros and cons:

Blue Penguin
- Pros: inexpensive, easy to care for, PUL is hidden, sturdy snaps.
- Cons: The fit just wasn't right for my daughter because these diapers are really wide in the crotch, cotton prints covering PUL can lead to some wicking, bulky.
WAHM diapers
- I love supporting moms working at their own businesses, and I have found some super cute WAHM-made AIO's but if you're ordering online it can be hard to tell what you're getting and they generally don't offer warranties.
Monkey Doodlez
- Pros: nice trim fit, lots of cute colours and prints, very stain resistant.
- Cons: over-priced, not absorbent enough to last more than one hour on my daughter, the aplix is very thick and stiff and the laundry tabs never stay fastened, sizes don't last long.
Mommy's Touch
- Pros: one-size, great colours and prints, available in snaps or aplix, super soft, fast drying, comes with extra snap in doubler, lasts overnight.
- Cons: small size settings seem awkward and doing up 6 snaps can take a little too long for a squirmy baby. These are my daughter's favorite diapers.

Happy Heinys
- Pros: one-size, lots of cute colours and prints available, comes with 2 inserts.
- Cons: aplix is thick and stiff, the liner does not cover the PUL at the back of the pocket so it can rub and leave red marks, lining is not top-stiched around the legs so it rolls out and looks sloppy, inner lining pills up really quickly, the inserts are not as absorbent as other brands, laundry tabs do not stay shut. To be fair though, I have never tried the snap version of this diaper and I hear it is much better.
- Pretty much the same as Happy Heiny's, but the lining is nicer.
Haute Pockets
- Pros: one size, very trim fit that is narrower between the legs than other brands, super breathable PUL prevents redness, snap fasteners are simple and long lasting and aplix fasteners are strong but not too wide.
- Cons: I don't have any cons for this diaper, but I have never used the Haute Pocket inserts so I don't know how they compare.
-Pros: one-size, perfect fit with aplix and stretchy tabs, very absorbent, trim fitting, aplix tabs are nice and narrow and soft and never come undone from laundry tabs in the wash.
- Cons: no cute prints (although they have a few more colours now which is great), leg elastics may not last through subsequent children.

- Pros: inexpensive, one-size.
- Con: very bulky at any size.
- Pros- inexpensive, mesh lining contains messes well.
- Cons: aplix is very stiff, laundry tabs are awkward to uncover.
Home Made Diapers
- I've managed to sew a few diapers that fit my daughter nicely, but none of them are as nice as store bought.
Mother-ease Dry
- Pros: affordable, one-size, very durable, stain resistant, good snap system.
- Cons: bulky, dull to look at, don't fit well under snug covers.
- Pros: very absorbent, sized, but with a snap down option as well for a good fit, natural fiber that is good for baby's skin.
- Cons: softness disappears after a few washes and leaves more of a terry-cloth texture, takes a long time to dry, bulky, prone to stains.
Mother-ease Bamboo
- Pros: affordable, one size, very absorbent, thin, soft, natural fiber that is beneficial for baby's skin, good snap system, will last through multiple babies.
- Cons: bulky between the legs, doesn't fit well under snug covers.
Sandy's Bamboo
- Pros: affordable, super softness that lasts, fantastic fit, even more absorbent than Mother-ease one sizes, natural fiber that's good for baby's skin and has anti-bacterial properties, very durable, fits under any cover.
- Cons: sized, slow drying.

- Cons: plasticy, stiff, show wear badly.
Mother-ease Air-Flow
- Pros: I've never had a leak.
- Cons: not cute, I prefer snug-fitting wraps.
Staccinator Wool Cover
- Pros: fits a wide weight range, breathable.
- Cons: bulky, not waterproof enough for overnight.
Sugar Peas Wool Cover
- Pros: nice trim fit, thin yet dense.
- Cons: low rise fails to cover many kinds of fitted diapers.
Fleece Pants
- They don't even have to be marketed as longies, any thick polar fleece pants will make a nice, inexpensive, easy to care for, breathable diaper cover.
Bummis Super Whisper Wraps
- Pros: trim fitting, durable, stain resistant, never leak, PUL is covered on the inside so no sticky plastic ever touches skin.
- Cons: aplix shows wear after a while.
Home Made Soakers, Longies and Recycled Wool Sweater covers
- I have learned to make my own wool covers and I have found it very rewarding. I can make a wide variety of covers to suit any circumstances and keep costs down too.
Aristocrats Wool Soaker
- Pros: hands-down the absolute best diaper cover for overnight.
- Cons: expensive, too bulky for daytime use.

MISCELLANEOUS (in no particular order)
Kissaluvs Contour Diapers
- Pros: marginally easier to put on than a prefold, fits under any cover.
- Cons: the softness wears off almost immediately, takes forever to dry, even longer than most of my AIO's and fitteds, doesn't contain messes.
- Pros: a tri-folded prefold in a snug wrap makes a very nice economical diaper, super easy to care for, durable, multi-functional (you can use them as burp-cloths, change mats, doublers, towels etc.) inexpensive, will last through multiple babies.
- Cons: can be bulky, tricky to fold onto a squirmy baby.
Microfibre cloths
- Tri-fold one or two and stuff them in a pocket or lay them inside a wrap with a liner on top for a super inexpensive option instead of prefolds, doublers or inserts.
Hemp Doublers
- Pros: absorbent, natural fiber.
- Cons: they can get stiff, a little expensive.
Bamboo Doublers
- Pros:absorbent, natural fiber.
- Cons: can also be a bit expensive.
Bio-Soft flushable liners
- Pros: great for away from home or for sitters, very soft.
- Cons: if you forget to remove one and throw it in the wash it kind of disintegrates and gets stuck in any exposed velcro.
Kushies disposable liners
- Pros: convenient way to clean up.
- Cons: very stiff and rough feeling.
- Pros: much easier to use than pins.
- Cons: you must use a cover, more neurotic mothers will worry about the teeth poking all the way through the diaper and scratching the baby.
Callendula Cream
- all natural, great for diaper rash as well as insect bites, eczema etc. washes off easily and won't harm cloth diapers.
Blue Penguin wetbag
- Pros: perfect size for the diaper bag or a night away, inexpensive.
- Cons: drawstring closure can let smells out.
PlanetWise wetbag
- Pros: very pretty, zippered closure.
- Cons: the one I have only has room for one or two diapers.

I love to try new things, and every time I go to the Cloth Diaper Whisperer Blog I find a dozen new things I'd like to buy, but for now I'm done!

- EdenSky
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Me & My Stash

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THE RULES: [Please, post ONE comment per EACH entry]

*1 entry for becoming or being a Twitter follower
*1 entry for posting a comment on the posts from March 17th and March 18th.
*1 entry for every green diaper you have in your stash (honesty please)- {please post a separate comment for each green diaper you have}
*1 entry for every time you reply to us on Twitter on March 17th & 18th {please post the time you reply}
*1 entry for becoming or being a Facebook fan
*1 entry for every 'go green' task you do at home (besides cloth diapering) [post a comment for each task]
*1 entry for guessing what green diapers The Cloth Diaper Whisperer has in her stash (post a comment that has you guess)
*1 entry for replying to our Twitter noon time post on March 17th & 18th (post a comment on Twitter and on the blog here)
*5 entries if you place a new order at any of our Diaper Shops stores today (17th) or tomorrow (post comment when you place an order)
*1 entry for posting 3 "green" colored products on any of our sites and their url (post items and urls)

Contest runs March 17th and March 18th. Contest ends 6pm, est on March 18th.
All valid entries will go into an automatic number generator.
Winner will be announced on Friday, March 20th after our Fluff Friday winner.
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How Green Are You? - Giveaway!! *** CLOSED ***

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Some women have an addiction to shoes, and/or handbags, even electronics (yes, women can be addicted to electronics too). However, we become moms and for most, those addictions change. High heeled shoes are replaced with comfy flats; handbags are replaced with diaper bags (don’t fret, there are some really cute and trendy diaper bags out there to accessorize with)… but I don’t think many even consider an addiction to diapers, unless you cloth diaper of course!

By now, many of you know I’m not only in LOVE with cloth diapers but addicted too! I’ve had to give myself a monthly allowance to prevent me from buying virtually everything on Kelly’s Closet. Thankfully, with the Diaper Dollars™ program we all get rewarded for shopping at Kelly’s Closet; so I like to reward myself! LOL!

With all that said – people have often asked, “What exactly is in your stash?” and “What do you like best, and what, if anything, do you not like?”

So here’s a list of the diapers I currently have on hand:
16 Blueberry One Size pockets
22 bumGenius One Size 3.0 pockets
10 bumGenius One Size Organic All-in-Ones (Snaps and Hook/Loop)
1 bumGenius Deluxe All-in-One 3.0 (Medium)
2 Bumwear One Size Batik Print pockets
1 Drybees Pocket
7 Fuzzi Bunz Seconds (Medium)
1 Fuzz Bunz One Size (The original version 1.0 one-size NOT the newer version that is still waiting to be released through Kelly’s Closet)
1 GoodMama One Size Fitted
8 Happy Heiny’s One Size pockets (Aplix)
2 Happy Heiny’s One Size pockets (Snaps)
4 Happy Heiny’s Pull-up Trainers
1 Kissaluv’s Fitted
5 Kiwi Pie One Size Fitteds
1 Mommy’s Touch Pocket
1 Mommy’s Touch All-in-One
1 Muttaqin Baby One Size Fitted
1 Rocky Mountain One Size pocket
1 Soft Bums One Size All-in-Two w/3 Organic Bamboo Velour soakers
2 Wahmies One Size pockets (Hooks)
8 dozen Prefolds (from newborn/infant through premium/toddler)
14 Thirsties Covers (7 small and 7 medium)
1 Wonder Wraps One Size Cover
6 pairs of Diaper pins
4 Snappi’s

Ok, so needless to say I have a TON of diapers in my stash. (Still waiting for y’all to pick your jaws off the floor, LOL) And, I’m anxiously awaiting, like the rest of you, the release of other diapers such as the improved Fuzz Bunz One Size Version 2.0.

Now, I hear you asking, “Serena, why so many diapers?”

In all honesty, I really like trying a little of everything. BUT, I also like being able to provide a well-rounded and experienced opinion for all you mamas and Diaper Shops customers (Kelly’s Closet, Fuzzi Bunz Online, One Size Diaper Store, and Bulk Cloth Diaper). Every baby is unique and with so many cloth diapering options out there, it’s truly a challenge trying to figure out what is going to work best for you and your little one! And we’re always here to help with real (and honest) hands-on experience!

Additionally, I like having some diapers to leave at my parents house (Nana and Papa)… so the bumGenius pocket diapers with the hook and look (Velcro) closures are great for the hesitant grandparent(s)!

Lastly, I want more babies so I plan to be cloth diapering more little bums to come!

What exactly do I like best?

That depends on my mood! Some days I thoroughly enjoy using prefolds and covers other days I like my all-in-one’s and pocket diapers, and most recently I started appreciating fitted diapers.

My current diaper favorites are:

bumGenius One Size Organic All-in-Ones (snaps)
Soft Bums All-in-Two
Blueberry One Size diaper

The bumGenius One Size Organic All-in-One is really a wonderful grab and go diaper which features soft organic cotton; and with the wonderful stretchy bumGenius tabs, it’s easy to get the right fit every time (and super trim)!

Soft Bums All-in-Two diaper is one of THE trimmest cloth diapers I’ve had the pleasure of using! While it is a one size diaper but it is NOT a pocket… the “inserts” are actually soakers which snap in and are very soft and absorbent (I have the bamboo velour/organic cotton soakers). Once you get over the sticker shock, these are really are worth the money!

My next top favorite one size is the Blueberry One Size diaper. Blueberry uses a combination of micro-terry and hemp cotton for a super absorbent, yet trim, insert (which also makes the diaper relatively trim compared to other one size diapers). I like these diapers best for my trips outside the house (they also come is a lovely variety of colors, as well as snaps or touch tape to accommodate your personal preferences).

What is your least favorite?

Previously I didn’t quite understand the all the rage with fitted diapers. So, a couple months ago I convinced myself to buy a couple used fitteds when I noticed them online in the Gently Used Diapers category on Kelly’s Closet (I do daily window shopping to add to my wish list). After trying them I still didn’t quite “get it.” Fitteds are so very soft and fluffy but since they require a diaper cover, I couldn’t really appreciate the adorable prints!

However, most recently my little one developed a yeast rash and my husband kept complaining that his pocket diapers looked like they were too tight and the material was just “too hot” in his opinion (despite my assurance that the PUL fabric is relatively thin and does allow to air to circulate). He insisted on opening up the baby’s diapers and leaving him exposed… I, on the other hand, was so fearful that his sprinkler might go off at any moment; so I grabbed the fitteds and put those on the baby instead. Upon inspection, my husband liked and approved the fitteds.

FANTASTIC! That just gave me an excuse to buy more diapers. With the rash, the fitteds allowed me to cover my little one with the wonderful softness of cloth, but also be more attentive to when he needed a change by going coverless (and I was then able to enjoy the cute and oh-so-soft fabrics).

Therefore, I’m hesitant to say that fitteds are my least favorite because I now appreciate them. The only downside is having to cover up all that lusciously soft and adorable fabric. (I *just* got my order of Kiwi Pie fitteds. I’m sooooo excited to try them out!)

What system do you use at night?
For my little man I use the use the bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diapers and occasionally some Fuzzi Bunz Seconds in Mediums. Surprisingly my little guy isn’t currently a heavy wetter at night. I typically use either the two micro-terry inserts that come with each bumGenius One Size 3.0 diaper, or a prefold with a bumGenius micro-terry doubler.

Since both of my daughters are night-time wetters, I use Happy Heiny’s Pocket Trainers stuffed with a premium prefold on my oldest daughter, and a variety of one size pocket diapers for my youngest darling daughter (usually bumGenius, Happy Heiny’s, and Fuzzi Bunz).

There’s nothing worse than being woken up in the middle of the night to the cries of, “MAMA I LEAKED!” Or having woken-up to find that I AM WET because the leak from the disposable pull-ups/diapers spread through the bed and over to me! Thanks to cloth diapers and training pants our bed sheets (and children’s pajamas) are dry in the mornings!

Ps. My husband came home earlier than I had expected and happened to catch me taking pictures of the ‘THE stash.’

“We really have ALL of these diapers!” Accompanied by the priceless look on his face, I knew I had a lot of explaining to do! HAHA!
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Show and Tell - Stash Post

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Clover fitted diapers are made of US milled organic cotton fabrics from South Carolina. We value organic fabrics because 25% of the insecticides and herbicides used in agriculture is used on the conventional cotton crop. Specifically we use organic velour on the outside of the diaper and atop the soaker pad for softness and for it's low-pill properties. The hidden layer within the diaper is organic french terry for its durability, trimness, and absorbency. The bottom layer of our soaker pad is organic heavy weight terry for its super absorbent properties. Our diapers are comprehensively eco-friendly because not only are they made of organic materials but they are constructed with an exterior soaker pad for easy washing and quick drying time. This reduces the cost of laundering and the strain on our energy resources.

Clover diapers feature elastic at the waist and legs to contain messes, soft serged edges with wooly nylon thread, and side snaps. My personal experience was that side snapping diapers did not droop on my skinny daughter and I could get a better fit on her little legs. I also love pairing the fitted diaper with soft woolen covers. Wool is breathable, natural, and is a better protector against leaks. The addition of button hole elastic in our fitted diapers was to increase the its longevity by making it a snap to replace should the elastic ever fail. Parents can easily replace weak elastic without lifting a needle and thread. Or they have the option of sending the diaper to us for free elastic replacement and repair. Although I have been making diapers since 2003, the final version that is known as the current Clover diaper was invented in 2007.

My love and inspiration for everything I do is my little girl, Maeve. She is our one, the only birth child to me and my husband, Jon. Our family is also graced by our adopted son, Dylan, who is autistic. For the first 12 years of my professional life after college I was the caregiver to a medically fragile child. That was a beautiful experience and has shaped who I am today. Since 2005 I have been working full time with my husband running his blueprint business and also working with my staff to make the Clover diaper products. We are very proud of our work and hope that our customer service and lifetime product warranty keeps our customers happy!
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Product Focus: Clover Organic Fitted Diapers

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We are currently cloth diapering 2 boys under 2. Keaton is 23 months and Benjamin is almost 7 months. We started cloth when Keaton was about 8 months old and we found out about #2 coming. We knew that the cost of buying diapers for two would drain us immediately.

I had a friend send me some Pocket Change diapers to start with. We loved these and immediately ordered more. We also purchased 6 BG3.0 to try. I knew immediately I did not care for these, and I was right. They've caused problems from day one. The main problem I have with them is the "BG train" that comes out of the wash. The velcro never stays on the wash tabs. I saw a suggestion to place the tabs on the front, but they still came off. Also, these are the only diapers my 22 month old has ever been able to figure out how to get off.

As Keaton grew bigger and outgrew the Medium sized diapers, I got brave and started trying other brands of diapers. Filling Benjamin's stash was when I really went all out and experimented with various types.

Currently the boys' stashes look like this:

Keaton (23 months) -
1 Large Pocket Change
6 BumGenius 3.0
1 Large Happy Heinys
3 Large Bummis Wraps
1 Baby Kangas
6 Prefolds
24 cloth wipes

Benjamin (7 months) -
1 Medium Happy Heinys
6 Medium Pocket Change
1 Bamboozle
2 Medium Nana's Bottoms
1 Medium Thirsties Fab Fitted
1 Medium Bummis Wrap
6 diapers made by friends
24 cloth wipes

Benjamin was 8lbs.5oz. at birth. His 'girth' combined with him developing thrush at 2 weeks didn't allow him to stay in teeny-tiny cloth diapers for very long (Our LC suggested we not use the cloth because the yeast would live in the diaper and be very hard to get rid of. I never researched this, I was too tired at 2 weeks post-partum to worry about it) but our stash for him included the following:
3 extra-small Thirsties AIOs (v.1)
4 extra-small Thirsties Fab Fitted
3 extra-small Thirsties Covers
2, size 0, Kissaluvs
1 newborn and 1 small Prowraps covers
6 prefolds

6 Months ago, I would have said that Pocket Change diapers were by far our favorite. But, that has since changed. I do love the Thirsties Fab Fitted - how soft are they?!??! Oh my! But, my new favorite is Happy Heinys. As we are no where near Potty training Keaton, and Benjamin continues to grow quickly towards needing large diapers, I see myself replacing the BG's with HH's.

If I were to rank our diapers from favorite to least favorite my list would look like this (1 being the highest rank).
8. Prefolds (I'm just not a PF gal!)
7. Baby Kanga
6. Friends' diapers (they don't seem to be as absorbent as other diapers)
5. BG 3.0
4. Bamboozle with Bummis Wraps
3. Pocket Change
2. Thirsties Fab Fitted with Bummis Wraps
1. Happy Heinys

We love our cloth diapers and are so thrilled we took the plunge 14 months ago!

- by Terra J.
Follow her on her blog.
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What do we love?

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers