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In our winning package we got a Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitted Diaper, Thirsties Diaper Cover , Kissaluvs Soothing Baby Blanket, 3 Kissaluvs wipes andKissaluvs One Size Fitted Diaper. We love every bit of it!

The wipes were the surprise and they went right into my stash of wipes. I had some old Kissaluvs wipes from two kids ago and it was so nice to get new ones that were nice and thick. These are the perfect poo removing wipes.

The Kissaluvs Soothing Baby Blanket is so large and soft. I could swaddle my 6 month old in it... You do not find too many of that size blanket. It is also really lite weight so it makes the perfect nursing cover. It became one of our favorite blankets.

It was also nice to get a new fitted, it was so nice and thick, again my others have been through two other children. I love them for the day time and in the summer we use them when it is hot out without a cover.

I had never used a Thirsties cover and I think I fell in love the minute I put it on her. The colors are great, we got the lavender one and I had to go out and buy another.

Lastly the one size fitted, it is so cute and so absorbent. It is nothing like the fitted diapers. It is soft, soft, soft on the inside and cute flannel on the outside. It also comes with its very own doubler that makes it perfect for night and day use. It also has a wide range of buttoning options and a fold down in the front to lower the rise. Again, super cute and very absorbent.

We love our winnings they are used every other day with our BGs and HHs. I hope to be able to try more brands of diapers, but thank you for adding to my stash, it is always fun to try new diapers, and get them in the mail.

- By Angela

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Update from our 13th Winner - Angela S.

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Welcome to this week's giveaway!

What would you win:

2-Clover Organic Velour Fitted Diapers
1-Thirsties Cover
8Pk bumGenius Bamboo Wipes

What to do? Simply leave a comment telling us which is your favorite cloth diaper in your stash? Which one is your least favorite? Why? Don’t forget to leave a way for us to contact you if you're the winner. You don’t need to have a blog to win, but be sure to leave your email address if you don’t have one.

When? You should leave your comment before Thursday, March 19th at 8pm EST.
What else to know? You can make ONE comment PER DAY. If you want to get more comments there are several ways to do it:
1 - Being or becoming one of our followers gives you one extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are a follower.
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NOT SURE?? Visit our FAQ's.

How? We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post with the winner on Friday, March 20th, and will notify the winner by blog or email that they've won.

Who can participate? US Residents and Canadians are welcome!

Important note about the winner: If we havent hear from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will be choosing another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner. We promise to do our best to get in contact with the winners. Canadians winners will be responsable for shipping costs.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you don't win, what a better person to win that a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Fridays - Week 20 *** CLOSED ***

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Sorry, no previous or pending orders discounted.
Limit 1 coupon code per order.
Expires Sunday March 15th, midnight EST

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Weekend Super Saver Coupon - Expires March 15th

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How fun! This week's winner is the mom of 3 little girls just like me!! She describes herself as "a busy mom with three beautiful daughters. We recently moved from RI to GA and are adjusting from living in the cold NE to the Bible Belt". Follow her on her blog here.

Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your prized shipped right away!
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Fluff Friday Winner from Week 19!!!!!

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After I read Anelys post "and then there was sand and sun" it inspired me to write a post about a fun time at the pool we had a few weeks ago. We decided to throw a combined birthday pool party for Olivia and Hanz the last week of February. Olivia was born on Christmas Eve so we just had a family birthday party at the house but didn't have a "friends" party yet so I asked the both of them if we could do a combined party . They were all for it. We thought what a great way to "pretend" we are someplace tropical (like where Anelys lives!) then to go to the pool.

As a parent I love birthday parties that are held somewhere else than my house. Now granted, I love to celebrate the kids parties with a bunch of kids but it is SO nice when you don't have to do a huge clean up after. After working 60-70 hours a week the last thing I want to do is clean. I do it for 5 people but couldn't imagine for an additional 15! (LOL)

About 14 kids showed up and they all had a blast. Olivia is such a good swimmer and has loved the water ever since her first bath. Hanz enjoyed hanging around with his friends but also kept coming over to Riley and Scott. Don't you just love picture of my 3 boys together? I just love it. Oh- and by the way- Riley is wearing a Imse Vimse Swim Diaper in Black Lizard print. It looked SO cute on him. I put a large on him but I think he really could have used a medium.(Swim diapers should be fairly snug.)

Now you won't see a picture of me swimming. I have a hard time with heated indoor pools and the strong smell of chlorine. Now the ocean is just fine and my friend Anelys has invited us to come down and visit her and her family so maybe someday we could do a post of "blog crew" down in the "sunny place"! Needless to say everyone had a great time swimming, eating pizza, and devouring the chocolate cake and ice-cream.

So- I had to sneak in a super cute picture of Riley in his "sun" diaper. Can anyone guess what brand of diaper this is? I had this custom made years ago and I sold them on Kelly's Closet about 4 years ago. I saved one and now Riley can finally wear it.

During the summer the kids and Scott have a blast swimming at the lake. "Keoka Lake" is literally right across the road from the shop and we own 420' of shoreline. Last year we purchased a large dock and had it installed so it is a great place just to hang out (see pic on the right) and cool off. Believe or not we do get a few (now I mean 6 or 7 out of the whole year) days we get over 90 degrees.

We are all looking forward to spring in Maine and for all of you who live down south send us some heat waves!
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Winter Swimming in Maine? Oh YES!

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I have three daughters, and it is not a secret how much they love dolls. I seriously lost count of how many we have in this house. Playing “mommy” is something that they all have been doing way before they could talk, and my middle girl was burping and feeding her dolls even before she could walk.

Teaching my daughters about things that I strongly believe is very important to me. I want them to grow and be able to make their own decisions, but I want them to BELIEVE in those decisions, and do not make those decisions just to go with the flow, or because they look “normal” for the majority.

Im not a big cooker. I just don’t feel a big ‘passion’ for cooking. However, no Baby Food company can expect to survive at my expense. My girls ate homemade baby food since they started having solid foods. It is important to me that my girls learn how I feel about homemade baby food VS commercial baby food. We got them a kitchen for Christmas, and they “cook” to their babies, and we try to teach them how important it is to know where the food you are feeding your baby is coming from. I know they hardly understand this YET, but I strongly feel that never is too early to start teaching your kids those things that matter that much to you.

When my girls first got babies that wet, I was desperate to find cloth diapers for the dolls. I wasn’t even a cloth diapering mom by then, but I knew that the disposable doll diapers were not going to be part of my waste. I look back and I wonder why I never find out about cloth diapers before, and how late I find out about them. I honestly had never seen a baby in cloth diapers EVER. To this day, the only cloth diapered babies that I have ever seen in person are my daughters. My mom told me that I was cloth diapered sometimes during the day, but –of course- I wont remember that. I was so disconnected from cloth diapers that I didn’t even know about dunking, or plastic covers, or anything. I just knew there were people (who I didn’t know) that used a piece of fabric as a diaper, and I always wondered how that fabric held the pee…

Now, I feel VERY strong about cloth diapers, and I wish all my friends were cloth diapering. I LOVE to proudly show everyone the diapers, and I LOVE how my daughters can tell about cloth and disposables, and how they clearly prefer cloth. Just yesterday I received my very first order of cloth menstrual pads, and the reactions of my girls were hilarious (I promise details in a future post all about it). I love the fact that my girls are not growing up thinking that cloth diapers is the only way to go, they are growing knowing that there are options, but that they still think that cloth diapers is the best way to go.

My girls are all about breastfeeding, homemade baby food, cloth diapering and wearing their babies. I stopped breastfeeding my youngest several months ago, and my oldest still sees breastfeeding as the ‘normal’ way to feed a baby. I really hope they grow up and stand up for what they believe, and I hope they feel with their kids how they feel with their dollies.

- By Anelys *Mom to Gabriela (5), Camila (2.75) and Amelia (1.75)*
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A house full of girls, a house full of dolls

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While I’m not a biggest granola bar in the pack, I do enjoy living a healthier, natural lifestyle, and thus enjoy teaching my children the same. Since children are little sponges, absorbing everything we do (and sometimes more than we wish they would), this task is quite easy to do. My tried-and-true method has always been teaching by example.

I’m typically able to give my daughters some much needed attention while educating them but having fun at the same time. Encouraging them to sit down with me on the couch to nurse their dollies while I nurse the baby while enjoying a book, or having them change their dollies while I change the baby’s diapers. I also use my extra scarves as slings so they can wear their dollies too, just like mama wears the baby while we’re grocery shopping or at the store running a quick errand.

Given that we use cloth diapers, it’s only natural for my daughters to want to cloth diaper their cloth dolls too! While I have yet to break down and order those wonderfully cute dolly diapers, I’ve given them a few old infant prefolds to use on their dolls along with a couple Snappi’s. This also reinforces the idea that, regardless of what type of cloth diaper you use, cloth diapering is lots of fun!

I also allow them to bring their dolly strollers with them to the store from time to time (especially when I need to prevent them from running around like hooligans). Naturally, everyone just adores how cute my two little mommies look pushing their doll strollers through the store.

Of course this has also led to other less than desirable messes – such as the time when my girls decided to give their dollies a bath in the sink. [Keeping in mind they have cloth dolls and stuffed animals, so those make a BIG mess when they’re soaking wet]

My oldest daughter Aaliyah oftentimes gets frustrated with her “littleness” and says, “I want to be big like you.” It is at these moments when I try to persuade her that one day she will be. In the meantime this is her time to play and learn by practicing how to do all the “BIG” things like mama does, such as cloth diapering, breastfeeding, etc…

Teaching and encouraging these natural alternatives, in spite of the disposable and convenience-based world we live in, reinforces the likelihood that our children will follow in our footsteps.
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Raising Crunchy Kids…

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Im Denai and I started making doll diapers in Jan. 2008 from my own pattern. I had a lot of flannel on hand and needed to figure out what to do with it all. Now Dozens of yards and a few large rolls of velcro later, they are my top seller!

Each diaper has two layers of flannel. They also have loop velcro across the whole front and hook velcro on the side flaps. I can also put a layer of PUL fabric on the inside (this is an additional cost of .50/diaper) to use on the dolls that wet.

I take pride in everything that I make. Some would say I am sort of a perfectionist when I sew. I have no problem starting over on a project if it just doesn't look right!

My shop was started at the beginning of 2007, but I began sewing 10 years ago. I started SewInLove after trying to decide how to make alittle extra money for my family of 6 while doing something I love and having flexability! I sew for about an hour on most morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon while we have quiet time. I will not give up sleep (or at least not yet!) But I have yet to miss a deadline, somehow it always works out!

There are almost 40 fabrics to choose from, including boys fabrics, and there are options to buy sets of 3 or 4 for savings. Here are some of the fabrics:

I am a work at home mom to 4 children (ages 3-8). I love organizing and nutrition. We try to eat "CLEAN" at our home and I try hard to make everything from scratch. I love reading books that have something to teach me, and then I love sharing what I learned with others. I enjoy scanning others blogs and seeing briefly into others lives. Besides sewing, I like scrapbooking, baking, snowmobiling, and I LOVE music!!!!
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Product Focus: Sew in Love Doll Diapers

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Having two little girls in the house brings a lot of dolls. Where there are dolls there are clothes, or shall I say lack of. Half of the dolls in our home are naked the other half are wearing diapers. Until a month ago these dolls were wearing left over newborn sized diapers from when MacKenzie -my oldest daughter- was a baby. I didn’t feel so bad about using left over diapers, but when they started to wear out I noticed my cloth diapers started to disappear. Where they reappeared was quite confusing to me, until I realized what they were on, the dolls in the house.

That’s when the realization came, "I can do this, I can make cloth diapers". MacKenzie and I headed off to the store in search fabric. Before I even had a pattern, I had an idea and fabric! My first attempt at making cloth diapers didn’t exactly turn out the way I’d hoped, but it worked. As time as went on I’ve adjusted a ton of things, and looking at those first diapers I laugh. The fun part about making cloth diapers for my daughters is that I can pick and choose all the fun colors that I’m not able to with Kaitlynn’s diapers.

Having not cloth diapered with my older children, it was all new to me a year ago. I now feel like an old pro with lots left to learn. MacKenzie likes to take her “baby doll diapers,” as she calls them, to preschool every so often. I enjoy getting comments on them, and enjoy the fact that I’m not throwing away diapers that aren’t even used. Fights happen in my house over the dolls that have fancy diapers on. The ones that remain naked usually are left in the dust.

It’s natural for a home of girls to be filled with dolls, what isn’t is the cloth diapers that go along with them. In our home it is. It is normal that we cloth diaper, it is also normal that my daughters cloth diaper.

- By Amanda C.
(Mom to Dahrran, MacKenzie & Kaitlynn )
Follow them on their blog.
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My girls and her dolls

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers