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Weekend Super Saver Coupon! Jan. 31st & Feb. 1st!

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PhotobucketHello, my name is Katrina, and I was the lucky winner of Fluff Friday Week 7. I’m blessed to be a stay at home mom to our two wonderful little boys, Ian (who will be 3 in April) and Brendan (who will be 1 in March). My cloth diapering addiction began in late May 2008 when Brendan was two and a half months old. I was tired of filling the local landfill with dirty diapers, and wanted to find something more environmentally and friendly. I began my research and was pleasantly surprised with all of the cloth diapering options that I found. My first cloth purchase was the bumGenius One Size Diaper sample package from Kelly’s Closet. I quickly fell in love with the BumGenius diapers and shortly thereafter ordered a 24 pack cloth diaper starter package. This began my journey into the world of cloth diapers.

On the Friday morning before Christmas, I sat down at my computer with a cup of coffee juPhotobucketst as I do every morning. I checked my blog for updates on the blogs I that follow and was excited to find my name in the Fluff Friday winner box. I never win anything, so I actually thought, it must be another Katrina, certainly not me. Once it sunk in, I was thrilled to realize that I was the new owner of two cute new Bumwear one size pocket diapers, as well as a zippered Jam Tots wet bag. Even with the busy Christmas mail holiday, I received my new diapers the following Friday. I was beyond thrilled when I opened the package to find the two prints I would have chosen myself. It’s only been a few weeks, but so far I really like the diapers. I love the soft fleece that touches Brendan’s skin and the leg snaps work well to get a good fit around his thighs. With most of my cloth diaper stash being solid colors, I love putting Brendan in fun prints when we’re at home so I can see the cute diapers. As for the Jam Tots wet bag, it works great for a quick afternoon out now that I only have one child in diapers. My other wet bag only has a drawstring, so it isn’t as good at keeping the smell of a dirty diaper contained. Oh, and I’ve found one other fantastic use for my Jam Tots wet bag - it’s the perfect solution of where to put my momma cloth between washings. It’s waterproof, zippered and just the right size. Thanks again Kelly for the wonderful new fluff and stuff.

- By Katrina
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An update from our seventh winner!

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Extra entries PAYS OFF!!!!! Our winner has 4 GORGEOUS kids, and has 2 in diapers... She is also the aunt-to-be to twins (a boy and a girl)... Follow her to her blog.
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Fluff Friday Winner from Week 13!!!!!

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On this morning's post, somebody posted a comment that said: "After seeing all these photos I went home and organized my stash!". It made me laugh mostly because that is the reaction that we expect from you guys after the posts and comments from this week. All of the ideas have been great, and it is amazing how something may work from a family but not for the other...

If this week inspired you to rearrange your stash we would love to hear about it. Contact us in the following days or weeks and let us know how this week helped you. We'd love to hear from you!

Here are some of the photos that we received this week. All the photos were GREAT, but it was not possible to post them all... Thanks for everybody who submitted, and I will be emailing each one of you letting you know how many entries you get and the instructions to get them.





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More ways to organize!!

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PhotobucketI started cloth diapering in November 2008 on my daughter Madysen, our first, who is now a very spunky 18 month old. At first I wasn't very organized, but I realized very quickly that in order for my husband and myself to enjoy cloth diapering and to stick with it through the other children that we would like to have (I am currently due with our second child on August 26!), I knew that I needed to figure out some way that would work perfectly for my life and the set up of my daughters room.

I am a stay at home mommy who is running a work from home all natural health & wellness business. Keeping up with my home, life, our activities, and very active daughter can be a huge challenge for me some days. So one day early on in my cloth diapering experiences I decided I needed to get my cloth diaper stash organized!

My daughters room isn't very large, so I needed to work with the space that I have. I also needed to make sure that it be easy access for me while my daughter is on her changing table, I didn't want it to be unsafe for my daughter while I was grabbing for the diapers.

Here is what I did:

I measured the two open spaces of shelving on my daughters changing table. I took my measuring tape with me and went searching for the perfect sizes of plastic storage containers that would fit perfectly in the shelving of the changing table. I had some challenges, the first set that I bought was too tall, I must had measured wrong, it just wasn't going to fit. So I re-measured this time putting into account that there was a little lip of wood hanging down on the front drawer of the changing table that I didn't measure the first time. I finally found the perfect plastic containers. I had purchased 6 of the cheapest containers that I could find in the sizes that I needed. All with lids so that my daughter wouldn't get into them and unfold everything!

The largest container for the bottom self with more room was the 50 Quart container (approx. 25" L x 15" W x 10" H), this is where I store all of my clean cloth diapers. After I wash my bumGenius 3.0 one size pocket diapers with Charlie's Soap Laundry Powder (all purchased from Kelly's Closet), I put the one size microfiber insert into the diapers and fold them in half and start stacking them in the container. I can fit 3 stacks into the container and a few in between the stacks. I have approximately 35 of these diapers, but usually not all of them are clean at once, so I can fit all of my clean diapers into the one container. At one time I probably can fit at least 25+ cloth diapers in this size of a container. I like to be prepared and have the inserts already in the diapers when I need them too!

I also bought one 28 Quart container (approx. 22" L x 15" W x 5 1/2" H) for the top shelf which isn't very high, so I was very limited with that shelf. Also, for both the top and bottom shelves I got four 6 Quart containers (approx. 13" L x 7 1/2" W x 4" H), two of those for the top shelf and two for the bottom shelf. Two of the 6 Quart small containers fit all of my newborn inserts that came with the diapers, which I use at night for Madysen's night time diapers. The other 2 small containers and one 28 Quart container I use for miscellaneous items such as disposable diapers for when I need to use a rash cream or for going on extended trips (3+ days), also for my wipes, extra pail liner/laundry bags, diaper liners, and so forth.

On the right side of my changing table I still have my Diaper Champ, since I still use disposable wipes that is where I store any disposable garbage. On the other side I have a 53 Quart waste basket with a lid. I use that with a Swaddlebees/Blueberry Pail Liner/ Laundry Bag for storage of the dirty cloth diapers. I have two of the Swaddlebees/Blueberry Pail Liner/ Laundry Bags so that I have a replacement when one is in the wash.

For organization when I go out with my daughter for a day I like to store a few cloth diapers in the diaper bag or in my purse and I also bring along one of my two Planet Wise Wet Bags. I have one medium Planet Wise Wet Bag and one large for depending on how long I will be out with Madysen.

I have a lot of the cloth diapering accessories from Kelly's Closet, I do everything for my convenience when it comes to cloth diapering so that I won't ever get burnt out or frustrated. Not many of us mom's have extra time on our hands and I just love that Kelly's Closet works so hard for great customer service, product availability, awesome prize giveaways, a blog to keep us all connected and happy!

A Kelly's Closet fan & customer,

By: Kelly M.
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Super Organized Busy Mom

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PhotobucketWinner of 6 bumGenius pocket diapers: ERIN L.

I never imagined that I would use cloth diapers. It just wasnt something that had occurred to me. I knew that my mom had used them on me but that was about as much thought I had given it.

So when we were pregnant with our first child, and the cloth diaper lady came to one of our birthing classes to tell us all about cloth diapers, we sat and listened. Then once she started telling us the amount spent on disposable versus cloth my husband perked right up. He was the one that wanted to try them, think of all the money we will save and if you donate like them then we will just sell them.

Thus began our adventure in cloth diapering. Our oldest daughter was a week early and we had not received our diaper package. It was the basic most economically packs, prefolds, covers, snappi's and she added in a few Fuzzi Bunz in each size for night time use.

We had no idea what we were doing so it was all trial and error those first few months. I learned quickly that I preferred the pocket style diapers. So we ordered what we needed and went from there using the prefolds as stuffing.

Now 3 and half years later with 2 children I never imagined the impact that one simple choice would make in our lives. It changed the way I think of things and the way I look at our environment.

One of the major things was financially having 2 children 20 months apart using cloth has saved us thousands of dollars. What I had purchase for our first child I was able to use for our second so the amount of savings for us was huge. I also learned how great wool covers can be and started making wool soaker covers for our diapers to use, too.

We had never thought about recycling before using cloth diapers. It directly impacted that for us and helping us to see how much we use and what effects that will have on our environment. Not only did it help us save money it helped us realize how wasteful we were being. And has helped us learn slowly how to reuse certain items that we would have normally thrown away.

I love my cloth diapers. I love telling people about our cloth diapers and hope that by our story that will encourage others to use them as well. So far at least one of our friends has been converted to using cloth diapers with their new baby due soon.

It's the best thing we ever did for our children. It makes me feel good that by using cloth diapers I am doing something good for them by protecting them from harmful chemicals, and that by our use of cloth diapers we are directly impacting our environment for the better.

Runner-up and new owner of 3 new bumGenius pocket diapers: AMANDA G.

There are so many benefits from cloth diapering that I don't even know where to begin. Let me start with how we became a cloth diapering family. We originally started out using disposables because when I thought of cloth, I envisioned (as many other moms do) sharp safety pins & noisy, bulky, diaper covers. Also, the only person I knew who had cloth diapering experience was my Aunt and she did not recommend it because of how difficult she felt that it was for her back in the day. So, I let go of the idea...for a while. Later, as finances grew increasingly tight & my daughter developed what seemed to be a never ending diaper rash, I decided to research cloth diapering online. I discovered this whole world of cloth diapering many in fact, that my head was spinning. I was more than overwhelmed with the wealth of options and information. But I didn't know anyone who cloth diapered and I was really nervous about venturing into the unknown without a support system.

Then, one day a friend of mine (whom I had not seen in a while) posted a video of her daughter''s first crawling attempt. It looked like she was wearing a cloth diaper cover that I had seen while doing my research (a really cute one too). So, I asked her if they did cloth. To my surprise, and relief she told me they did in fact do cloth and would not do it any other way. She proceeded to tell me all about their brand of preference (bumGenius) and why they chose it, where to get them, how to care for them, etc. and she also told me why disposables were SO bad (besides the high costs) for the baby. I was instantly sold & converted. And because I actually knew someone doing it, and having a great amount of success with it, I finally felt at peace with making my decision. I told my husband all about it & amazingly, even he was willing to jump on board. I excitedly placed my first fluff order that evening.

Switching to cloth diapers & wipes has proven to save our family a bundle of money already and at every diaper change, those savings continue to grow. With the savings, we not only have extra money to put towards other necessities but, we also have a little more wiggle room for some fun stuff (like Baby Legs). :) Another great benefit to going cloth is that my daughters room no longer reeks of diapers. Going cloth has also made me (and my husband) even more eco-conscious than before, not only in helping the environment but, also in our food and personal care choices. Cloth diapering is part of this whole green movement and because of that, while visiting various cloth diapering boards, web pages and blogs (like Kelly's Closet), I have found a wealth of valuable "green" information that I can use to improve our families lifestyle.

Not only have cloth diapers improved MY lifestyle but, also my daughters lifestyle. Oddly enough, while waiting for my first shipment of fluff mail to arrive, my daughter developed a UTI, which can be very common with disposable diapers. The doctors wanted to run all kinds of tests to rule out the possibility of the UTI being caused from something more serious, but I knew deep down it was because of the disposables. So we got the doctors to agree to hold off on any additional tests unless she had a re-occurrence. Since going cloth, back in August, there have been NO re-occurrence''s of a UTI. Also, prior to going cloth, my daughter seemed to have a rash 24/7. I tried several different creams/ointments to no avail. I could only use one brand of wipes that would not cause/worsen her rashes and it happened to be the expensive name brand wipes. Any other brand, then her delicate skin literally began to bleed. Once we started cloth, her rash quickly disappeared. Now, she rarely gets a rash and when she does it''s usually due to teething or a food allergy. But, I have found that using the Magic Stick ointment works wonders for both types of rashes.

So, as you can see, cloth diapering has changed our entire family''s lifestyle. I think the Change to Cloth Campaign is wonderful because I, myself am a convert and I am constantly trying to convince several of my friends to Change to Cloth as well. Even my husband excitedly tells other fathers about life w/ cloth diapering. Life is good with cloth!

-Amanda G.
Mom to Mikaela Faith, 15 Months Old
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Change to Cloth Campaign - WINNER + RUNNER-UP!

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PhotobucketWhen I began cloth diapering seven months ago, I had two little ones in diapers. My oldest son, Ian, was 26 months old, and my youngest, Brendan, was 3 months old. After much research into the world of cloth diapering, and the multitude of options I found, I chose to begin with a stash of 24 one size Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diapers. These diapers fit both boys, and easily stacked into my existing diaper stacker that hung on the wall of the nursery. After a few months had past, my two year old began to outgrow the bumGenius diapers. Refusing to go back to disposables, I added 6 Large Thirsties Fab Fitted diapers and 3 Thirsties Covers to my stash. Now that I had 24 diapers for my infant, and only six for my toddler, I found myself doing laundry every day, thus the need for more large diapers. I preferred the pocket stylePhotobucket diaper over the fitted diaper, so over the course of the next few weeks, I purchased 12 Large Fuzzi Bunz to get my toddler through potty training.

As you might imagine, I could no longer fit all the diapers into my diaper stacker. I found myself stashing diapers in any and every empty drawer I could find…not the best method of organization when I searching for a diaper with a wet, wiggly child on my hands. At about the same time, I ran across a fabulous idea for cloth diaper storage on a pregnancy and parenting forum that I regularly post on. This cloth diapering momma had purchased a toy storage unit with individual plastic bins, and instead of putting toys in the bins, she stored her diapers in it. I had the exact same storage unit in my son’s room, so I found new homes for his various toys, and moved it into the closet in the nursery. The diapers fit perfectly, and there is a bin for each diaper style, as well as accessories such as inserts, doublers and my cloth wipes.
To save time during diaper changes, I stuff all of my pocket diapers after washing them, and then separate the ones with overnight hemp inserts by using a specific color diaper. This makes it easy for anyone (my husband, babysitter, grandma etc.) to differentiate the different types of diapers without having to peak inside the pocket. Not only has this diaper organization worked well for us, but I also get to enjoy looking at all of the cute fluff each and every time I go into the nursery to change a diaper.

By: Katrina W.
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Mission Organization: Cloth Diaper Storage

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Growing up I was messy. My sister and I shared a room for the majority of our childhood and it always looked as though a hurricane threw up in it. Thankfully, however, I blossomed into a detail orientated neat freak. I even recall rearranging and reorganizing the entire student government office in college, by myself, after I was elected Vice President because it was a disaster zone. Even my kids playroom is tidy and organized; there’s a place of everything and everything has its place! Organizing my cloth diaper stash was no different.

I purchased an awesome changing table on Craigslist years ago for a great price. Equipped with a drawer, two shelves and baskets – this was ideal for organizing my cloth diapers. However, as my addiction with cloth diapers grew, so did my stash. Consequently, my changing table had absolutely no available space and I needed to find a solution!

I already had an idea what I wanted/needed, however, one afternoon I walked into my local Wal-Mart and it was my organizing destiny – the perfect solution was not only on display, but on sale! Ah, love at first sight! A simple, white and see-through plastic storage chest with 3 drawers. This was the exact size and shape I had imagined and I knew exactly where I would put it! Needless to say I was very excited to get home and begin reorganizing.

Here are my pictures and a breakdown of how I have organized/stored my cloth diapering stash.
Introducing my lovely changing table!


On top: I have my handy dandy wipe warmer box. I have a waterproof pad and prefold on top for diaper changes.

Drawer: I keep a half dozen doublers, washable liners, a dozen prefolds, my Thirsties Covers, my Snappi's and diaper pins.

I keep these items in the drawer since I use them most throughout the day. For the last three months I was predominantly using prefolds/covers during the day and pockets for trips outside and at night. However, just recently I’ve been enjoying my pocket diapers more and more – depending on my “diapering mood.”


First shelf is home to our baby toys and dolls.

Second Shelf: I keep my pocket diapers in baskets. Originally, I started with a hearty stash of bumGenius One Size diapers so I had a dedicated “BG” basket – but I branched out and incorporated other brands/types of diapers so I now organize according to color. The first basket features shades of green and blue diapers. The second basket features my yellow, orange, and red diapers as well as a few prints and brown diapers. I usually keep at least two of each color stuffed and ready to go with the extra diapers folded and placed in the bottom of the baskets.

On laundry day, the clean ones usually get folded and placed beneath the newly stuffed-and-stocked diapers (unless there aren’t any extra of that particular color stuffed and ready to go). This process has helped me evenly rotate through my stash and also saves me time as I don’t have to stuff all my diapers at once.

PhotobucketNext to my changing table I keep two diaper pails; one large pail and one small pail. I store all the soiled prefolds, inserts, and washable liners in the larger pail and I store soiled covers, pockets, and wipes in the smaller pail (although I’m probably going to upgrade to another large pail). I know it may sound silly, but even with my diapers I like to sort/wash the whites separately from the colors (which is predominantly why I have the two pails).

Only a few feet away is a closet where I have conveniently fit the plastic storage dresser which I lovingly call my “fluff cart.” This is where I store all my extra prefolds, dPhotobucketoublers, extra inserts, liners, clean wipes, extra diaper pail liner, waterproof changing pads, etc…

On top of my fluff cart I have 3 organizer bins; the larger bin contains my son’s nighttime diapers, and the two smaller bins are used for storing my daughters’ nighttime diapers/trainers. Each drawer serves a specific purpose; – the items I am likely to need more often are stored in the first two drawers (inserts, washable liners, wipes, and prefolds) while the less needed items are stored in the bottom drawer (larger sized prefolds and covers).

I know I have more than enough cloth diapers and supplies to cover multiple babies – but I am seriously in love with all the different types and styles of cloth diapers. Also, Kelly is constantly offering such amazing deals at Kelly’s Closet I truly can’t resist – seriously, I order something every other week (I’ve given myself a monthly diaper allowance)! At least now I have a wonderful way to store and organize it all!

- By Serena
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Everything Has Its Place…

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We contacted Tashi again and she agreed to share a picture with all of you of their NEW KISSALUVS ONE SIZE FITTED DIAPER with FUN PRINTS!!! The winner of this week's giveaway will get one like it or just with another print.

The diaper will have snaps even though this one in the picture doesn’t have yet. It would fit from 10 to 35 pounds.
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New one size fitted diaper!

Read the full story here...

Once upon a time, there was a dining room.
The room was in a house in Houston, Texas. At a table in the dining room, a family often ate wonderful meals. Something else wonderful happened at that table, too. When no one was around, a mom sewed diapers for her little baby girl. The baby girl was named Kissa. Kissa’s mother loved her a heartful. She wanted her little girl’s soft bottom to be cradled in the finest diapers on the planet. So she made the diapers herself with special fabric and with extra love. She named the diapers “Kissaluvs” because each one wrapped her darling daughter in the most comfortable diaper anywhere. Kissa’s mother made pink and green and blue diapers. As her little girl grew, she made bigger diapers with strong plastic snaps that Kissa couldn’t undo. When they were wet or dirty, she tossed them into the washer. She used them again and again. Kissa loved her soft cloth diapers! There were no sharp pins to stick her. She never got a diaper rash. She wore them day and night.

PhotobucketSoon, all the moms who saw Kissa’s diapers wanted them for their children. And they said, “These are cute and soft and easy to use. We will tell all our friends!” And they did. Kissa’s mother asked a few moms who were very good at sewing to help her make the special diapers. They made diapers every day. And the small business grew and grew. One day a mommy named Tashi discovered Kissaluvs. She knew they were the best cloth diapers in the world. She knew that mommies liked to save money. She thought that children all over the world should have them. So Tashi worked on making that happen and Kissa’s mom handed over the reins to her.

Tashi had lots of big ideas. She would find ways to make lots more diapers. She could play cheerful music while the moms sewed. She could give them a big sunny place to work. After lunch, they could go home to be with their own children. And that is what she did. Soon mothers all over America and in Spain and Scotland and France and Finland, too, wanted these wonderful diapers. All of the helpers worked hard to make Kissaluvs. Tashi looked carefully at every single diaper to be sure it was perfect. After all, the children who would wear them were just as precious as her own little babies. Tashi sold Kissaluvs to stores around the world. Moms and dads bought them and washed them and snapped them snugly on their little ones. The babies were comfy and beautiful and handsome, too. Moms and dads saved lots of money. There were no trash bags filled with dirty diapers to pollute the environment. Everyone was happy!

Tashi was happy, too, but she still kept thinking of ways to make the diapers even better. One idea was to make diapers of organic cotton and hemp, which make Kissaluvs even more absorbent, longer lasting and better fitting. Tashi also started making organic knit wipes for gently washing babies. And a Lotion Potion diaper spray that’s fragrant like the great outdoors and makes changing babies more fun.

Every day, Tashi thinks about loving babies, helping families and respecting Mother Earth. So she’ll probably never stop having new ideas. Yea for her! Tashi lives in Houston, Texas and is the mother of two young boys. Kissaluvs are made two miles from her home. Growing up in India, Tashi learned that recycling saves money and is good for the earth. And that’s still the philosophy she Kissaluvs runs on!

Kissaluvs products:
The number one goal for Kissaluvs is consistent quality. Kissaluvs' designs are tested and proven. Their production crew is experienced and the products are closely inspected before shipping. Their standards are high. Made from either super cushy cotton fleece or a mix of Organic cotton and naturally durable and anti-bacterial Hemp, their diapers take green and sustainability seriously.

Why choose Kissa's? Because of their…
*Superb fabric that brings the goodness of organic cotton and the durability of Hemp fibers
*Super trim design that is still very absorbent
*Elasticized leg and back openings
*Sturdy plastic snap closures- easy for parents, not-so-easy for curious toddlers!
*Overlapping wings that ensure a good fit for skinny and chubby babies alike

PhotobucketKissa's Fitted Cotton Fleece Diaper : With Kissa’s Fitted Cloth Diapers, pins are a thing of the past. Three easy-fasten snaps adjust to fit babies of all sizes. Extra-soft cotton fleece keeps the baby comfortable and gentle elastic around the waist and leg ensure leak protection – something the whole family is sure to appreciate. One of the few- if not the only diaper- that will fit a 5lb baby in Size0. Newborn size comes with a useful umbilical snap down that helps keep the cord dry during the initial days.

PhotobucketKissa's Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper: Quite possibly the highest-quality "nappies" on earth, Kissa’s Organic Fitted Diapers share the same features of their Fitted Diapers, with the addition of an intelligent snap-in soaker which snaps at two points and doesn’t crumple up inside the diaper like other diapers. Organic cotton and natural hemp make the diapers ultra-absorbent, anti-bacterial and super-soft. Mother Earth approved!

PhotobucketKissa's Contour Cloth Diaper: Designed to snuggle babies big and small, Kissa's Contour Cloth diapers are easy-to-use and provide an economical alternatives to fitted diapers. To adjust the rise, simply fold down or tuck in the front. Add a good diaper Cover. And count on the sewn-in, quick-dry doubler.

Kissa's Booster Doublers: Make any diaper even more absorbent with a Kissa's Booster. One layer of unblePhotobucketached knit terry is stitched to a layer of soft cotton fleece and tapered for a comfortable fit. Fits most newborn diapers, including our Size 0.

Kissa's Super Soaker Doublers: Diaper doubler royalty ... thick, absorbent, soft. They feature two layers of unbleached knit terry and a layer of cotton fleece, for twice the absorbency of our Boosters. Tapered, cozy and ideal for our size 1 and 2 diapers.


Kissa's Awesome Knit Terry Wipes:
Thicker than flannel wipes, but lighter than regular washcloths, the unbleached Knit Terry Wipes are affordable and convenient. Fold them in half to fit standard-sized wipe containers. The looped terry side tackles nasty messes, while the smooth side is ready for quick clean-ups. Even use them as boosters or doublers for newborns.

PhotobucketKissa's Soft Organic Wipes: Made from certified organic cotton and natural Hemp, these new Wipes from Kissaluvs are softer, super absorbent and anti-bacterial. Use as: Wash cloths; Burp cloths; tuck at neck for an instant bib; excellent as travelling towels; use to clean up eating messes, drooling mouths, and almost anything else you can think of!

PhotobucketKissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion Spray & Concentrate: Soothe minor rashes and moisturize baby's bottom with Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion. Just spray on; no messy creams or ointments. The all-natural formula also refreshes diaper pails and musty rooms. Mom and dad can also use it as a bug-bite spray, face hydrator and after-shave mist.

PhotobucketSoothing Baby Organic Cotton Burpy: The absorbent, versatile Burpy is big enough to catch all drools and spills, and it can double as a lap cloth for mom! Baby feels only soft, 100% certified organic, super-soft American cotton. Free of chemicals, dyes and superfluous trim. Machine washable. Kissaluvs donates 50% of their profit from the Soothing Baby Organic line to Save The Children charity which works with underprivileged children around the world.

PhotobucketSoothing Baby Organic Cotton Blanket: Wrap up baby as Mother Nature intended – pure and simple. The lightweight Soothing Baby Blanket is handmade in the U.S.A. of 100% Certified Organic American Cotton. Free of chemicals, dyes and superfluous trim. Machine washable. As cozy as baby can be! Kissaluvs donates 50% of their profit from the Soothing Baby Organic line to Save The Children charity which works with underprivileged children around the world.

To learn more about Kissaluvs or their existing and upcoming products visit or call 1-866-KISSALUVS.
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Product Focus: Kissaluvs

Read the full story here...

We would love to see and share on our blog how you organize your diapers... Please, stop by our Photo Submission Form and send us a photo of how you organize and store your diapers...

If we choose your photo to be posted, you will get FIVE EXTRA ENTRIES to the giveaway!! For the rest of the participants, you would still get TWO EXTRA ENTRIES for taking the time to submit!!

To participate, photos must be received by January 27th at 8pm EST. I will notify the participants how many entries they get after the 27th!

What are you waiting for?? Go ahead and send us your photo(s)!!!!!!!!!!!
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Want extra comments for this week's Fluff Friday??

Read the full story here...

Welcome to this week's giveaway!!!!

What would you win? The winner will get:
1- Kissaluvs Soothing Baby Blanket
1- Kissaluvs One Size Fitted Diaper in a cute print NEW! Hasn't been released yet.
1- SURPRISE product from Kissaluvs
(above given by Kissaluvs !)


What to do? Simply leave a comment telling us how do you store your diapers? Do you like the system you use? Don’t forget to leave a way for us to contact you if you're the winner. You don’t need to have a blog to win, but be sure to leave your email address if you don’t have one.

When? You should leave your comment before Thursday, January 29th at 8pm EST.
What else to know? You can make ONE comment PER DAY. If you want to get more comments there are several ways to do it:

1 - Being or becoming one of our followers gives you one extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are a follower.
2 - Being a subscriber of our blog or subscribing to our blog, gives you one extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are a follower.

3 - Commenting in other posts during the week will give you ONE EXTRA comment PER EACH comment that you make. Simply post a comment on this one saying the title of the post where you wrote your comment. So, what are you waiting for?? Participating on other posts pays off!!!

4 - Advertising the giveaway in a forum or other blog gives you ONE extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are a advertising and where.
5 - Using our button on your blog (or starting to) gives you one extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are using it and where.
6 - Being a fan of our Facebook group gives you one extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you our fan.
Still confused?? Visit our FAQ's.

How? We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post with the winner on Friday, January 30th, and will notify the winner by blog or email that they've won.

Who can participate? US Residents and Canadians are welcome!

Important note about the winner: If we havent hear from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will be choosing another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner. We promise to do our best to get in contact with the winners. Canadians winners will be responsable for shipping costs.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! In case that you dont win, what a better person to win that a friend of yours!!
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Fluff Fridays - Week 13 **** CLOSED ****

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