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Weekend Super Saver Coupon! Jan.10th & 11th!

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Our lucky winner has a gorgeous daughter who is (almost) 5 months old!!! Something very sad happened to her today and I hope this cheers her up!!!!

Sara: Please, contact us ASAP so we can get your diapers shipped ASAP!!!!
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Fluff Friday Winner from Week 10!!!!!

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WATERFORD - Selling cloth diapers was the last thing on Kelly Wels' mind, but that's where she has found prosperity.

"I owned an internet business selling boutique baby clothing and it wasn't a success. One of the clothing brands carried a cloth diaper line. A few potential customers e-mailed me to see if I could carry the cloth diapers. My initial reaction was that no one used cloth diapers anymore - this is a joke!"exclaims Wels. "However at that point, I had nothing to lose and purchased a small shipment." Within four days the diapers were sold out and the start of a new internet business was born.

You may be thinking "this is a joke," too, but these aren't your mother's cloth diapers. "When most people think of cloth diapers, they think of pins, prefolds and plastic pants," says Wels. "Today's modern cloth diapers look and work just like a disposable, if not better."

The most popular diaper has three components. It has a soft, fleece layer next to the babies skin that wicks the moisture away, keeping baby's skin dry. The outer layer, which can be made of many fabrics, is infused with a waterproof barrier.

These two layers act as a pocket for the absorbent insert which holds the moisture. There are no pins; fastening is made with Velcro or snaps. All three layers are machine washable. Most brands are adjustable, allowing customers to use them from birth through to potty training.

Moms can choose from many, outer-layer fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, hemp, fleece or a polyester blend depending on their personal preference. "Most customers tend to go with the quicker-drying and easy-to-care-for man made fibers, but we offer natural fibers for the customer who wants a more-green alternative," Wels say.
She explains that she has two types of customers. "The first customer is eco-conscious and lives a more-earthy lifestyle using natural products in their household. These customers will usually choose the natural fiber products such as hemp or bamboo," says Wels. "The second, is now looking at cloth diapering as a means to trim their family budget and typically purchases a one-size system."

Wels' seven-year-old business is run out of her home, which is nestled in the woods overlooking Keoka Lake. When walking into her cabin-like dwelling, there is a wrap around porch and many windows with beautiful views of the lake.

Wels, an energetic young mom holds her baby and plays with her daughter; there are no signs of a business on the main floor. Entering her basement is a different story. It is lined with floor-to-ceiling shelving units which hold 30,000 diapers, soaps and other baby supplies from 30 different vendors.

She finds her work challenging, yet flexible. "With three children, I don't work typical hours," says Wels. "I work a lot while the children are sleeping or at school. It especially works well because I can attend most of the kids school functions and keep my baby out of daycare, while still being able to contribute to the household income."

Although Wels is not tied down to a typical retail store, an internet business still demands a great deal of time to make it successful. Orders just don't roll in. "It takes aggressive marketing and unique knowledge of how the internet works to be successful. Without this knowledge it is very easy to have no orders at all," explains Wels.

"In 2004-2005, the competition on the internet was fierce and we had to re-invent the wheel, so to speak." In 2006, Wels changed the focus of her business and started adding multiple websites that specialized in specific product lines.

She has one employee who only works on search engine optimization, so that when the wording, cloth diapers is "googled" her site is on the first page, bringing her more internet hits. Wels also has someone who only works on the website, updating products, while keeping it inviting and user-friendly.

She has three additional employees who help with inventory, orders and bookkeeping. "Since 2006 our sales have increased greatly. So far in 2008 our gross sales have already exceeded 2007 sales. By the end of 2009 we project that sales will at least increase by another 25 percent," she adds.

Her four websites,,, and have served over 24,000 customers.

She believes that hard work and perseverance have been the key ingredient to her business and is well on her way to becoming the most trusted website for cloth diapers.. "I honestly credit this to the hard work of myself, my employees, my husband and the group of people I have taking care of the sites," she says. "I have seen similar internet businesses who sell the same product lines open and close within a year. It certainly isn't easy and I have been through a lot of bumps in the road to get where I am today."

Wels grew up in Bethel and attended Bethel Schools. She graduated from Telstar High in 1991 and received a horticulture degree from Southern Maine Technical College in 1995. She and her husband Scott have three children; Olivia, age 10; Hanz, age 8; and Riley, who is 12 weeks old. (now 7 months!)

Wels was recently given a Congressional Award by Senator Olympia Snowe. She was recognized as a woman in business, providing her customers a environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable diapers.

by Jackie Rybeck Special to the Advertiser Democrat
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Saving the Planet, one baby at a time....

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This question was posted by Shannon on January 4th. (Shannon: You get one EXTRA entry on the giveaway cause your question got chosen).

We just purchased an High Efficiency (HE) washer machine last summer. I honestly thought I would NEVER purchase an HE machine. We had been needing to purchase a new machine for months. We didn't purchase a new machine until the old machine literally died in the middle of washing cloth diapers. Yes, really!

So, the hunt for a washing machine was on. We currently had a stack able washer/dryer as the space was super small. Being that Riley was just a newborn we decided to go on-line when Sears was having a big sale. My husband insisted that we purchase a HE machine- I was dead set against it. Why you ask? I have heard HORROR stories of people who used cloth and would always had odor problems. I also had this image of diapers not completely cleaned- still having traces of bm (number 2)! Much to my husband's disappointment we purchased a stack able thru Sears on-line.

Well- to make a long story short the transaction was a nightmare! We arranged to have the old machine hauled away and the other one completely installed. Three guys showed up and they informed me that they couldn't install as the valves weren't easily shut off?? So, they left the machine on our deck and it proceeded to rain...for 2 days. Normally I would have covered the machine but I just had Riley and I even asked them if it was Ok to leave uncovered and they said YES. Hubby was traveling and when I told him what happened he was so upset that he called up Sears to have it taken back. Essentially the machine was ruined as it was exposed to the elements.

Fast forward- we decided to purchase local and the sales person assured us that an HE machine would work just fine. Also, I didn't realize that the dryer could stack on top of the machine. The transaction and installation went perfect. Now, the inaugural load. These were done by my 11 year old and Scott (hubby). They were so excited to try the new machine out that they proceeded to get a huge mound of laundry done. (This excitement has unfortunately ended and I am doing all the laundry- except for my son Hanz who folds/snaps/stuffs all the diapers!)

So it was my first time to do Riley's diapers and I was bracing myself for a disaster of icks when the load was done. I set it to a regular load with a pre-rinse and an extra rinse cycle and added Charlie's Soap. At the end of the cycle I opened the door and inspected EVERY diaper/insert. PERFECTLY clean. No odors, no traces of bm. Hurray!

We use the Charlie's Soap powder for our entire clothing and cloth diaper laundry and have never had an problems with odor or build-up. I do every week and half or so wash the inserts and wipes (not diapers) in hot water and add half cup of bleach. (I know the dreaded B-word.) I know many prefer not to use bleach so you can wash with bac-out stain/odor remover.
Now if you reading about Charlie's Soap on-line there are a few people who say that baby has received a diaper rash from using Charlie's. The rash is actually not caused by the Charlie's itself but can be caused from 2 things:

1) By using other detergents in the washing machine- We HIGHLY recommend to use one detergent for your clothing and cloth diaper laundry. You don't necessarily need to use Charlie's but once you find a detergent that works great for cleaning your diapers make sure to convert your entire laundry. By switching back and forth with detergents you are essentially creating a scientific experiment with the both detergents.

2) We HIGHLY encourage disinfecting inserts, etc every 10 days or so. Bacteria build-up (usually lurks in inserts) will cause diaper rash. As Charlies isn't a disinfectant it is recommended to disinfect every 10 days or so with bleach or bac-out.

Here is a list of HE safe detergents recommended:
Charlie's Soap
Allen's Naturally-For high efficiency washers use ¼ of the recommended amount."
Country Save

If your baby develops any rash when using a detergent please discontinue using and evaluate your washing procedure before continuing using the product. (Kelly's Closet,Inc,,The Cloth Diaper Whisper cannot be reasonable for any occurrences when using a detergent product.)

A statement from Charlie's Soap:
Manufacturers Note: "We have found that by following proper procedures with our detergents... we have remedied nearly all the problems. We know there can be a problem with hard water with our detergents" -Charlie Sutherland

(Cloth Diaper Whisperer Note: If you do have hard water and use Charlie's Soap adding a small amount of Calgon water softener should eliminate any problems.)

For more information on how he machines work visit the following link and download this PDF document.
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The Cloth Diaper Whisperer Answers: Any detergent advice for someone using an HE washer?

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I received my first blog award and I'm very happy. Looks like my blog is FABULOUS!

The rules are that I have to mention 5 things that I'm addicted to and also nominate 5 other blogs. Here are my 5 addictions:
1) Stampin' cards- With the help of "Stampin' Up" consultants I love to make cards. I hate to spend $3-4 for a greeting card. Handmade ones are SO much better.
2) Scrap booking- LOVE it! Working on Riley's 1st year book now. The other kiddos books were about 75 pages for the 1st year.
3) Facebook - I have just discovered Facebook and probably spend WAY too many hours on it. I don't get out much so this is my new social outlet.
4) Whoopie Pies- my total comfort food! Read more about this New England desert here.
5) Babies- I LOVE babies (and my big kids too!). If my health permitted it (hasn't been great in the past 5 years) I would keep getting pregnant! Hubby does want at least one more.

And here are the 5 blogs that I'm nominating:

1) Anelys: Her personal and her business blog.
2) Linda at The Green Diaper Lady
3) The directory of Stampin' up blogs. Great ideas for creative card making.
4) My charming kids - An inspiring mom of many and a fighter
5) My days as a mom - One of ours readers, and actually one of the Fluff Friday's winners.
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My first blog award!

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No one enjoys pooh-pourrie! However, when your little one hasn’t had a bowel movement and the malodorous smells emanating from the diaper singe your nose hairs – clearly you have a problem with the funk!

Before discussing how to solve this stinky dilemma it’s important to understand the source of the problem. The two main culprits causing stinky diapers are detergent and/or hard water residue and bacteria.

Detergent residues can build-up and lead to stinky diapers in addition to repellency, leaking and wicking issues. For those with [untreated] hard water, detergent and minerals are being deposited onto your diapers, causing some of the more offensive smells. Stripping is the only way to correct stink problems caused by residue and/or hard water.

There are numerous recommendations for stripping diapers. This is a topic that could provide days worth of posts. Ask a number of people how to strip – and you’ll get a number of responses. However, it’s very important to consider what type of cloth diaper(s) you will be stripping as some processes are not good or safe for all cloth diapers. All in one’s and pocket diapers require a bit more care and caution as to not cause damage to the PUL and elastic. Flats, prefolds, and most inserts are easier to strip as the cotton and/or hemp fibers can tolerate alternative methods such as boiling water. Ultimately the best advice is to keep it simple!

With that in mind – the simplest and usually safest way to strip detergent residue from nearly all diapers is to wash your diapers in hot water (with no detergent); followed by a cold rinse (warm rinses, if an option on your machine do work best at residue removal). Continue the hot wash and cold rinse cycles until no bubbles or cloudy water remain. (I would post alternative methods but this post would be much longer than it already is!)

For those with hard water and mineral buildup, you will need to add a non-precipitating water softener (such as Calgon or Spring Rain) to the initial hot wash and to the initial cold rinse. Non-precipitating water softeners work to suspend the residues and mineral deposits in the water and prevent them from being re-deposited until they are rinsed away. (Note: Non-precipitating softeners also work relatively well for those with iron deposits in their water supply.)

Maintenance/Prevention: Add an additional rinse after your wash. If you notice your detergent not rinsing thoroughly after the additional rinse then you may consider adding vinegar to your rinse cycle. Vinegar serves a number of purposes; it works to restore the pH balance to your fabrics washed in highly basic/alkaline water, aids in removing residue deposits from detergents as well as mineral deposits, and naturally softens fabric and alleviates static cling. A little vinegar goes a long way, so a ¼ cup should work well.

Some diaper manufacturers do not recommend the use of additional vinegar or baking soda. I personally believe they discourage the use of additives altogether because most people are unaware of the appropriate amounts to use and using too much can be damaging to your diapers or even compound stink issues. However, I could be wrong.

Bacteria is the second most common culprit. Wet and soiled diapers are a natural breading ground for mold and bacteria. This is why it is especially important to wash your diapers frequently and use the hottest temperature possible. While most detergents are capable of thoroughly cleaning your diapers, some are not strong enough to rid your diapers of any residual bacteria. In all fairness, it’s not the detergents fault. Most, if not all, detergents were designed for laundering typical household laundry not heavily soiled diapers.

If bacterial residue is causing your stinky diapers you will need to disinfect them. This process seems simple but is a bit tricky as the methods for disinfecting will vary greatly depending on what type(s) of diaper(s) you have. The more acceptable cloth diaper friendly disinfectants are oxygen bleach, vinegar, tea tree oil, and grapefruit seed extract. Lastly there’s the B word: bleach. [I can hear some of your gasps!]

Again, keep it simple! It would be best to consult with your diaper and/or laundry detergent manufacturer for their recommendations regarding disinfecting. Disinfecting all in ones and pockets are more challenging than prefolds because special care must be made for the PUL.

Oxygen bleach does an excellent job at disinfecting when combined with very hot water and a bit of time to allow the compound to properly kill bacteria. Vinegar is also another option to disinfecting diapers; however since a larger amount is required to be effective (usually around 1 cup) it may not be the best option for all in one and pocket diapers. For effective disinfecting you would need to add it to your regular wash cycle (not the rinse cycle as previously recommended for detergent residue problems).

Tea tree oil is a natural essential oil with antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties; therefore it also works great for diapers with yeast and mold problems. Although some will not recommend using this for all in one and pocket diapers you may still use this option so long as you use it sparingly (a few drops should suffice) and implement a very hot wash (or two) and an extra rinse to ensure the oil residues are thoroughly rinsing out.

I’ve also discovered grapefruit seed extract. It has antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal properties. It’s excellent for laundering because, unlike tea tree oil, you do not have to worry about the oil residue. This option is also ideal for use during and after a nasty viral infection, such as Rotavirus.

Bleach is often recommended as the last stitch effort when all else has failed or when you want an immediate solution. I know, I know – bleach is typically considered the mother of all evils in the cloth diapering world but ultimately, it does get the job done when nothing else works. bumGenius is the only cloth diaper manufacturer I know of who approves of the occasional use of bleach, even for their all in one and pocket diapers with PUL! Of course 1 or 2 tablespoons is more than enough to be effective. I would personally recommend using the largest volume of water your machine can accommodate and allow the bleach to dilute in the water before adding the diapers. Since it is best to err on the side of caution, follow up with a hot water wash (no detergent) and an extra rinse.

Post contributed By Serena

[Disclaimer: Every caution has been taken to provide the readers with the most accurate and safe information as possible. Please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog. The author and/or blog owner will not be held liable if you suffer any loss or damage as a result of using the information provided in this blog.]

- Thanks French Toast Girl for giving us permission to post her "smelly diaper" image.
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What's that Smell?

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From Milk Crate to Warehouse
Jenn and Jimmy Labit started Cotton Babies, Inc. in 2002. The company and store are located in St. Louis, Missouri. Starting from a modest beginning in the basement on their home, Cotton Babies, Inc. has grown into a worldwide producer and wholesaler for a full-line of cloth diapering products. As of this date, they have designed to make cloth diapering easy for the modern family. bumGenius has grown to be the most requested product line in the cloth diapering industry. A full line of cloth diapering accessories compliments their best selling reusable diapers.

“More families are choosing to pamper their babies with cloth diapers because new materials feel more luxurious than disposable and innovative construction means they don’t have to sacrifice convenience or a snug fit”, said Jenn Labit, who created the bumGenius brand. “In addition to cloth diapers being more environmentally responsible and much more economical than disposables, they now are designed with features that fit today’s busy lifestyles. Our broad product base is designed to enable any family to easily cloth diaper their child”.

bumGenius - One size: Our Best selling Reusable diaper
bumGenius© one-size cloth diaper feature industry leading stretch-to-fit tabs and 3x3 snap down for adjustability. Our one-size design fits from birth to potty training. The comfortable fit and simple design male cloth diapering as easy as using disposables. This simplicity makes the bumGenius one size cloth diaper perfect for care provider who might be resistant to cloth diapering.

Cloth Diapering has never been so easy
The soft, waterproof outer fabric keeps the diaper just as trim on a newborn setting as it is on a toddler. Soft sueded inner fabric wicks moisture away from your baby’s skin. Super stretchy, ultra gentle leg and back elastic with rolled out castings keep the yuck in a helps keep red marks away. Our unique covered pocket opening keeps wetness completely off your baby. After the diaper has been used, you can even void messes in your wet bag by rolling the diaper up and fastening the tabs before storage!

Available in 9 colors & one-size (approx. 7 - 35lbs)


bumGenius One Size Organic: Modern Diaper Design with Organic Cotton!
bumGenius© Organic cloth diaper feature a unique inner design with organic cotton plus industry leading stretch-to-fit tabs and 3x3 for adjustability. The comfortable fit and simple design make cloth diapering with natural fibers as easy as using disposables.

Only the best for your baby
Six layers of luxuriously soft organic cotton our unique loop design provide incredible absorbency wet dries quickly. The soft, waterproof outer fabrics keep the diaper just as trim on a newborn setting as it is on a toddler. Super stretchy, ultra gentle leg and back elastic with rolled in casings prevents leaks. After the diaper has been used, you can even void messes in your wet bag by rolling the diaper up and fastening the tabs before storage!
Also available in the same 9 colors and one-size

bumGenius All in One: New Stuffable ALL-in-One!
bumGenius© All-in-One cloth diaper are now better than ever! Featuring industry leading stretch-to –fit tabs and a trim design for perfect fit, we made better by adding our covered slot design. With our new stuffable design, this product dries faster and extra absorbency can be added for naptime or overnight. The simple one-step system of your all-in-ones ia an ideal solution for families with a child in a day-care or family members resistant to cloth diapers! It really is as easy to use as a disposable diaper. Put it on your baby, wash, dry and re[use. No extra steps. No cover required.

Only the Best for your baby
Soft, sueded inner fabric wicks moisture away from your baby’s skin. The soft, waterproof outer fabric keeps the diaper incredible trim. Super stretchy, ultra gentle leg and back elastic with rolled in casings prevents leaks. After the diaper has been used, you can even void messes in your wet bag by rolling the diaper up and fastening the tabs before storage!
Also available in the same 9 colors and four sizes: XS, S, M and L.

bumGenius Bamboo Fitted: Super Soft, Super Absorbent, Incredibly Trim!
The luxury of bamboo combined with the reliability of our exclusive microfiber teryy soaker work together to make this diaper soft, trim, quick drying and ultra/absorbent. Our proprietary elastic at the leg and waist forms natural gussets to gently hug your baby’s body. Hook & Loop closures ensure a perfect fit every time. bumGenius© bamboo fitted diapers require a waterproof cover.

More About bamboo
Bamboo grows quickly and easily, without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo is biodegradable, the fiber has a silky soft texture and absorbs an incredible amount of moisture. Bamboo fibers also have natural antibacterial elements that may help fight bacteria growth.

Available in Natural Color and 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L.

Baby Legs (Legs warmers)
They are fun accesories for every baby's wardrobe. Designed to coordinate with our diapers, and protects little crawling knees and makes diaper changes a breeze. Soft and stretchy designs fits most babies up to age two.

Adorable collection of baby wear designed to complement the diaper colors and babylegs. Available in short and long sleeve. Onesies are NB, 6mo, 12mo, 18mo and T-Shirts are 2T and 3T.

Flannel Baby Wipes
These are the go-to wipes for everyday messes. Soft enough for dirty bums and practical replacement for paper towels and napkins. Conveniently fit in wipes warmers too. Sold on packs of 12. Available in Natural color.

Bamboo Baby Wipes
Baby wipes that are made for little faces, dirty bums and for wiping runny noses. Made from extraordinary soft bamboo terry, also fit in wipe warmers. Sold in Pack of 8. Also in Natural color.

Bottom Cleaner
Gently cleans baby’s bum with the first wipe. Our proprietary formula is natural, paraben free, phthalate free and contains no tee tree or lavender oil. The light Clementine scent helps to reduce odors during diaper changes. Bergaptene free for those with sensitive skin.

Odor Remover
Quickly eliminates the source of odor-causing bacteria. Designed to eliminate the odors in diapers and diaper pails, it also works great on pet urine, trash cans and more. It is non-toxic and is completely free of chemicals, oils, detergents, perfumes and solvents.

Diaper Sprayer
Fresh new way to clean soiled cloth diapers. Its high pressure spray rinses clean the messiest diapers. The yuck goes where it is suppose to go – and your hands stay clean. Great for potty training too, the sprayer is perfect for rinsing potty chairs. The adjustable spray is gentle enough to be used for personal hygiene after childbirth.

Traveler Small Diaper Tote
Was designed to hide in your diaper bag, just in case you need it. Measuring a compact 5” x 3 ½” but expands to 15” x 12”. Enough to accommodate 5-6 diapers or other wet clothing.

Pail Liner – Large Diaper Tote
Save the hassle of washing out messy diaper pails. It is just 6” x 5” in its integrated storage bag and expands to fit in just about any diaper pail. Expanded measurements are 59” x 27” x 12”.

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Product Focus: bumGenius

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