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If I Had To Do it Over….

If I had to do it all over again, I would probably do things a little differently than when I began cloth diapering a year and a half ago. After trying the bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diaper sample pack from Kelly’s Closet, I jumped right in and bought a 24 pack of bumGenius One Size 3.0 diapers. Initially, I choose this diaper because I loved the ease of pocket diapers, and I was able to use the same diaper on both of my boys. (At the time, they were 3 months and 26 months.) My stash remained the same for a while, until I added a dozen large FuzziBunz when my oldest son outgrew the bumGenius diapers.

It wasn’t until earlier this year when I began adding prefolds, flats and fitted diapers to my stash. I had been hesitant to try anything other than a pocket diaper, mostly because they just worked so well, and were so easy to use. The main reason I began to look into the other options is because I wanted to add some fun prints to my stash; the Kiwi Pie fitted diapers fit the bill perfectly. Although I still love my bumGenius diapers for on-the-go and at night, I am really enjoying the variety in my cloth diaper stash.

If my stash were to disappear and I had to buy a new stash I would want to start over with the following diapers: (Of course, I only have one child in diapers now instead of two, and I know my husband would never let me replace every diaper I currently own since he thinks I have too many already.)

  • 3 bumGenius 3.0 – The only diaper I trust for overnight.
  • 6 Smartipants – For on-the-go, and when others are caring for my sons – I just love the snaps!
  • 2 Bamboo Blueberry Minkys – I just love how soft and cute they are and every cloth diapering momma deserves to splurge every once in a while!
  • 1 dozen flat diapers – For the economical cloth diapering momma in me.
  • 1 dozen pre fold diapers – Again, for the economical cloth diapering momma in me.
  • 4 Kiwi Pie fitted diapers – I just love the cute prints!
  • 3 Large Fuzzi Bunz – For when the my little guy outgrows the bumGenius 3.0’s for nighttime use.
  • 6 Diaper covers – Mostly Thirsties and Blueberry Coveralls because they fit my little guy so perfectly.
  • 3 Superdo inserts – I haven’t found anything better for overnight protection from leaks.
  • 6 Hemp inserts – For added absorbency when needed.
  • 2 Snappis – I’m afraid of traditional diaper pins.
  • 2 dozen cloth wipes – Why throw away disposable wipes when I can wash cloth wipes along with the diapers?

We just moved across the county last week and most my fluff was packed up in the moving truck for a few days. If something would have happened to it, I would have been sad, but at the same time excited about going on a major fluff shopping spree. It all arrived at our new house safely, so I guess I won’t get the opportunity to start all over with my new “ideal” stash.

— By Katrina W.


  1. Tamara said...

    I think your ideal stash sounds fabulous!

  2. Missy said...

    Thanks for this post. I am on my 3rd child, but this is my first time CDing and I have only done prefolds and covers so far. I have been wanting to expand my stash and change it up a bit, but didn't know where to start.

  3. Megan said...

    I haven't branched out from pocket diapers yet. I keep thinking about other things I could try, but right now I can't justify spending more on diapers. Once baby #3 ia on the way, I'll have fun shopping for new fluff.

  4. Upstatemomof3 said...

    Isn't it funny how no matter what we started with we manage to find a bunch of new things that we would make a stash out of if we were starting over? I have never tried the minky – I cannot warrant the cost. 🙁

  5. Lil Mouse said...

    This is hilarious! We have said repeatedly that our cloth diapers were officially the most expensive thing to replace if anything happened to our current place.

  6. Hmmm think cloth diapers are insurable?!?! I could do some serious daydreaming about what I would buy if I was starting over… and then there's the dream list with no price limit!!

  7. Coupon Mama said...

    I agree… I love variety! My husband on the other hand thinks it is too confusing!

  8. Jenney said...

    I look at my diapers every day and think "I love these" and "I wish I hadn't gotten these" and "man I wish I could get…" Thanks for the post, it really shows how much you love your diapers!

  9. Crystal said...

    It's cool to hear what someone else would choose. I tried a bunch of different things to start out with, and I'm so glad I did. I just found out I'm expecting #2 and will be diapering 2 at once, so I get to buy my ideal diaper stash! I'm so excited (about having a baby and about buying more fluff!)
    aboverubies15 at yahoo dot com

  10. Kristin said...

    I have a variety of diapers as well, but I find that I use mostly my pockets and fitteds…mostly because I have heard that you should wash prefolds separately from pockets so you don't wear out the stay-dry liner of the pockets. I don't want another load of diapers most days – do you wash separately? Is it really necessary?

  11. Yara said...

    I love variety in cloth diapers.
    I thought I'd reuse most of my diapers from my second daughter, but when we found out our third was a boy, my husband told me to start making boy diapers for him. I happily agreed : )

  12. Thanks for sharing this! It will help me so much, since I'll be starting cloth diapering with our next baby! It's always nice to get real reviews!

  13. AC said...

    I am totally with you–I started with 24 BG 3.0's (mostly because I was afraid of prefolds and covers and fitteds and stuff-seemed too complicated for me). I LOVE the BG but have since added a dozen prefolds and 2 Thirsties covers, and I love them! They are so much easier than I had thought before I started cloth diapering. If I had it to do over I would have tried a greater variety. That's what I tell all my friends who are just getting into CD'ing. Thanks for this post!

  14. Kelly said...

    I wish I also had a more well rounded stash. I started with tons of prefolds & wraps, then move on to some pockets, mainly FB and BGs. I like what I have but just wish I had less of each and more variety in others. But doesn't everyone???

  15. Shelly said...

    Thanks for this! A great list to start with…. We're working on beginning a stash for little one sue this Spring:-)

  16. Arizona Girl said...

    That is quite a stash. Mine is no where that big- but we're working on it. We started with the flat folds because they were the cheapest to get into with.

  17. rachel said...

    This helps me a lot! I'm trying to figure out how to buy a stash for my baby due this march – and feel like I'm totally starting from scratch. I had a friend who exclusively recommends fb's, and said that it was too hard to get the smell out of the bg's. But so many people recommend bg 3.0 that I'm still considering them. Thanks for the list!

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