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FuzziBunz featured on Sundance Channel’s Big Ideas for a Small Planet

FuzziBunz again is leading the charge in promoting eco-friendly cloth diapers. In the Sundance Channel’s hit show, “Big Ideas for a Small Planet,” FuzziBunz cloth diapers were featured in episode 13, titled, “Babies.” The show aired on October 27, 2009 and featured an interview with FuzziBunz CEO, Tereson Dupuy.

Dupuy was seen showing off the new FuzziBunz Eco Diaper (under current development), which is made from 100% sustainable fibers. She says all the materials in the new diaper are derived from vegetable, corn, and soy fibers. “This means the whole diaper is compostable,” says Dupuy as she shows off how to diaper a baby in her patented diapers.

Other leading green baby companies featured in the episode included Liane Weintraub and Shannan Swanson of Tasty Baby, journalist Katrina Heron, Simran Sethi, author of “Raising Baby Green” Dr. Alan Greene, model/entrepreneur Cindy Crawford, and Paige Goldberg Tomach and Soleil Moon Frye of Little Seed.

You can see a clip from the segment online at or read more about the segment at


  1. Big Mama said...

    that is so cool.. I LOVE that cloth diapering is becoming better known…. I wish breastfeeding would get some more "press" as well

  2. Megan Beckham said...

    This is awesome!!! I try so hard to explain the benefits of cloth to others! Maybe they'll start listening, instead of thinking that I just can't afford disposables!

  3. Megan said...

    I wonder how much the new Fuzzi Bunz will cost? They sound expensive$$$$

  4. congratulations! that is so cool! Way to spread the love!

  5. Shelly said...

    Interesting! I'm excited to see this new diaper…:-)

  6. Attila & Tamara said...

    Really interesting. The EcoDiaper sounds crazy interesting. Amazing that you could diaper your baby with it for 3 years and then compost it! Seriously??!?!?

  7. Arizona Girl said...

    I've never heard of the Sundance channel. I love hearing about cloth diapering in the media.

  8. Shelly said...

    I know…it makes you wonder how it will how up for 2-3 years and then be compostable… I'm surprised that cloth diapering is in the media at all, considering the looks of shock and horror I recieve everytime we tell people we're cloth diaper our baby when she arrives!

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