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Daddy on Cloth Diapers

When asked what his favorite cloth diaper is, my husband quipped, “A clean one!”

This coming from a man who is NOT afraid of dirty diaper – not even a dirty cloth diaper! In fact, he was the one who talked me into converting to cloth when our son, Haddon, was six months old.

Though I had debated ditching the disposables, I worried that start-up for cloth diapers would be expensive, care would be time-consuming, and others would not share my zeal. Leave daddy to the rescue! He not only crunched the numbers and showed me the financial practicality, but also gave me the needed courage to take the plunge!

For us, cloth diapering truly is a family effort. Despite the occasional squabble over who gets the pleasure of dunking the really messy dipes, we both love knowing that we have made a wise financial decision that benefits our child’s health as well as the environment.

Seriously, what is his real favorite?

He likes the Smartipants! He prefers the snap closures… but the real reason he loves them is because he doesn’t have to touch the soiled inserts. Even if the diapers get dirty at least his hands don’t have to!

By Cheyenne H.


  1. Big Mama said...

    I wish my husabnd was as much on board with cloth as yours! so cute pics!

  2. kim said...

    I applaud your husband's enthusiasm! Still waiting for my own husband to come around … he thinks CDing is a good idea, but when it comes time to change a diaper, he looks like a deer in headlights. 😉

  3. fancygrlnancy said...

    That picture is sweet. My husband is alright with the cloth and likes how soft some are, but sometimes would like to have disposables so we could just throw them out. He doesn't do the laundry and I would not let him touch diaper laundry. (he mixes jeans, colors, and whites when he does his laundry)

  4. Shelly said...

    It really is encouraging and helpful to have hubby's support:-) I'm grateful that my husband is on board and enthusiastic about it!

  5. Amy Matthews said...

    I am thinking that he is right about the smartipants. I an not a fan of pulling out soiled soakers either!

  6. Attila & Tamara said...

    Wow! That's really great that your husband was so excited about CDing–I have a friend just like that. In fact, he's actually more enthusiastic about it than she is!!! I'm thankful that my husband is supportive–although the really nasty diapers are MY job!

    PS. Funny–my mom's name is Cheyenne H.

  7. Tiffany said...

    My husband willing changes diapers. He "let" me cloth diaper to save money…but didn't care one way or the other. His favorite systems are Gro Baby and BumGenius, because he doesn't like to worry about covers and he prefers velcro.

  8. Megan said...

    You need a diaper sprayer and then neither of you have to dunk the diapers! Sounds like your husband is a great support. Thankfully, mine is pretty good too. He never did like poopy diapers even with disposables, but he's really not any worse with cloth.

  9. Sarah said...

    Good to know dads like smartipants. I was thinking about trying them.

  10. I love seeing daddies into cloth diapering!

  11. Justine M. said...

    It took a while for hubby to get on board with the diapers but once he saw how easy and quick it was he will change them, washing is another story and he doesnt' know what insert goes with what diaper.
    When I asked him he said his favorite is "The kind that doesn't leak" 😛

  12. Upstatemomof3 said...

    My husband really likes the BG AIOs – he says they are like cheating they are so easy. 🙂

  13. ♥ Joanna said...

    my fiance doesn't mind them too much, but i wish he were a bit more excited about it as i am!

  14. YAY for more daddys on diapers. LOVED this post. Think I might have to buy a Smartipants for my hubs!

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