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We discovered new cloth diapers in Vegas!

We are back from our exciting trip to Vegas attending the ABC kids show! Our trip was amazing! Not only did we see new “fluffy” products that will be coming to our stores soon but we were able to connect with manufacturers. It is so nice to put faces behind the products that we purchase.

This year I attended along with my shipping dept.manager, Karley, my husband Scott, and my 15 month old Riley. We left last Sunday, Sept. 13th. Riley traveled wonderful on the way out. We had 2 flights. One from Portland to JFK and the other from JFK to Vegas. I was amazed at how well Riley handled both flights. He certainly has earned his “travel wings”. He has flown 9 times since he was born.!

Congratulations to Sarahjenne the winner of our Vegas Giveaway. She will be receiving 6 free “fluffy” products in the next few weeks. Thank you to all of you who participated in our Vegas Giveaway.

I know many of you had fun guessing what Riley was wearing for cloth diapers each day. Yes- we cloth diapered in Vegas. We stayed at a Residence Inn so we had access to laundry facilities. The week before our trip I sent out a box via UPS of cloth diapers, wipes, and flushable liners. So what did Riley wear in Vegas? He wore Smartipants (our new fave),bumGenius sized aios, bumGenius one size 3.0’s, and FuzziBunz One Size. Honestly, we loved the Smartipants the best. What I liked is that I didn’t have to worry about pulling out an insert out of the diaper and they dried super, super quick.

Now you may ask- did I use disposables? Yes, I did. The night before we left I washed all of Riley’s diapers so that evening he was in a disposable. You know what? The disposable leaked- honestly! Another feather in the cap for cloth diapers!

I also have to put in a plug for a wonderful company I used in Las Vegas. I rented a few items (high chair,crib,toys,etc) from Las Vegas Baby Equipment Rentals. I ordered what I needed right on their website and received a confirmation within hours. When we arrived at the hotel the items we rented were waiting for us behind the front desk. I originally requested a crib through the hotel. Unfortunately they were all taken. (I didn’t realize that cribs weren’t guaranteed when you book a hotel reservation.) My husband called Raquel of LV Baby Rentals and within 1 hour a portable crib was delivered. I was so impressed especially as it was Sunday evening. All items were super clean. I would highly recommend using them if you are traveling to Las Vegas.

We stayed an extra day in Vegas to play a bit. My husband arranged for Karley and I to go on a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. He redeemed some reward points from hotel stays and we were able to go for free (a $600 savings-woo hoo). We had such a blast! The only thing is I wished our entire staff was there! I missed them all!

My husband Scott and I were able to go out to a nice dinner one evening while Karley watched Riley. It was a much needed date as we haven’t been out to dinner alone since Riley was born.

I have to also give a big thank you to the gals who “held down the fort” while we were away. Thank you so much Serena, Jill, Deedee, and Janet!

We look forward to bringing you all the new fluffy products that were launched at the ABC kids show!


  1. MommyCharland said...

    I am soo EXCITED for the new fluffy products, already on the wating list for the FO

  2. Sounds like a terrific trip! The baby gear rental is a great idea! Every city should have one!

  3. Ameya said...

    Glad you had a good time! And glad to hear you like the SmartiPants! I have a baby due in November and so far our stash is just the 6 Smartipants i asked the in laws for. Of course i have a ton more dipes to get, but because those were my first i am already fond of them & I haven't used them yet. Good to hear that I probably won't be dissapointed (once baby grows into them)!

  4. Katrina said...

    Sounds like you had a blast in Vegas. That's wonderful that you and your husband finally got a chance to get out just the two of you, no kids. Can't wait to hear about/see the new fluff you discovered. 🙂

  5. ih0ney said...

    Disposables leaked for my baby too because it doesn't have elastics on the waist! hehe, Vegas sounded like fun!!!

  6. Brena said...

    That sounds like so much fun!! I'm wildly jealous!

  7. The McDougles said...

    Sounds like a great trip and like you had a lot of fun!

  8. jennbergerbrown said...

    Wish the colors of Smartipants were not all pastel!

  9. Elizabeth James said...

    I can't wait to see the new products!!!

  10. hammergirl5 said...

    Yeah! New stuff to try soon! Glad you had agreat time in Vegas!!

    Lisa Hammer

  11. Anna said...

    Sounds like a great trip! I can't wait to see the new Fluff 🙂

  12. hosiewosie said...

    my first experience on twitter was following the ABC kids show, I enjoyed it!

  13. Julia said...

    Smartipants are my 'new' fave, too – and whenever I've had to put my boy in sposies, they have leaked too! Ick.

  14. I can't wait for the new products to come out

  15. Senior Family said...

    how exciting ! i really need to try smartipants out 🙂

  16. TeamOSM said...

    Smartipants are my new fave, too!! I still like the bumGenius for overnight, and for sitters. But the ease of use of the Smartipants and the great washing and quick drying…I love them so much!

  17. Yep, disposables ALWAYS leak for me…even during the day! I am spoiled by my BG's! (I am liking Smartipants for nighttime too!)

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