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Take Time to Stop and Appreciate the Hemp!

Since starting out over 9 years ago, BabyKicks has always used Hemp for its inserts due to its countless benefits. However, until now we have only been able to read about how the materials we use every day are being grown and processed, primarily because it’s currently illegal to grow industrial hemp in the US for fear that its visual similarity with non-industrial hemp might be a burden to authorities.

Thankfully, this all changed in the Spring as I undertook the long, long journey to a small town in north-eastern China – where most of the world’s industrial hemp is being grown – to personally meet our newest fabric supplier and the team of incredibly skilled seamstresses who produce our wonderful new fitteds and pocket diapers. Our new manufacturer and fabric supplier is an entrepreneur, just like me; he started his company nearly 10 years ago, produces IMO certified organic fabrics and has even patented his own unique hemp-knitting technique that allows him to produce superb high-quality fabric.

The three days I spent in China – for which our new manufacturer had thankfully hired an interpreter – was an incredible learning experience which provided me the chance to visit actual industrial hemp fields (yes, these are legitimate hemp fields) to see how the hemp fabric we use every-day is actually created – step by step. Most importantly, this trip allowed me to finally put a face and name to all the wonderful people that will provide us with fabric and will be making our fitteds and pocket diaper products; a project we have been working on for over a year.

By the way, did you know that the Chinese word for hemp is “ma?” Hemp is also recognized as one of the most valuable resources on Earth, out of which over 25,000 different products ranging from paper to foodstuffs can be created! With that in mind there are endless possibilities for new BabyKicks products in the future!



  1. Upstatemomof3 said...

    Wow!! That wounds like an awesome trip!!!

  2. Kelly and Nate said...

    How neat to see that! I haven't used hemp yet, maybe next time I will.

  3. Crissy said...

    I LOVE our hemp inserts..they are my favorite and they're SO absorbent!!

  4. I too love hemp products! Did you know hemp is even more eco-friendly than Bamboo?! Do some research of your own and you will discover its true!
    I have one BabyKicks insert and I love it! I have some WAHM made hemp inserts and they are wonderful too! I also have an organic hemp Hotsling and I use it everyday! It is so sturdy and beautiful!
    I'm sold on hemp!
    (I love the photo caption! lol!)

  5. Tiffany said...

    Sounds like a great trip! I just got my first hemp inserts and I'm loving them. Thanks for the post. Great picture! 😉

  6. Anonymous said...

    Without hemp inserts my BumGenius would be useless! Love them.

    Laura C


  7. I just today got some joey-bunz (large) hemp inserts in the mail… can't wait till they're washed a few times and ready to try!

  8. Becky said...

    Everyone keeps saying how wonderful hemp is, I have been cding for over 14 months now and think it's time to try! Thanks for the info.

  9. Mr.Squirmy said...

    Most of our inserts and doublers are hemp. There the best for my big wetter. I have been wanting to try inserts from Babykicks but can't find anywhere to get them in Canada

  10. Jenna said...

    Hemp is great! It might be a bit pricier than regular microfiber, but it. is. WORTH IT!

  11. I really want to try some hemp diapering products! I really love hemp in lotion!

  12. Elizabeth James said...

    I need to try hemp in our diapers!

  13. Arizona Girl said...

    Hemp inserts are really good. Visiting and seeing the process would be super interesting.

  14. Jessica Barr said...

    Wow! Thanks for sharing! I just started using my first hemp insert. I LOVE THEM!

  15. mummasinJH said...

    I haven't really put that much thought into hemp inserts but now I really want to try some!! I think this picture is hilarious too by the way!

  16. Senior Family said...

    great post ! how awesome that you could visit the place where the hemp is grown ! TFS this info with us 🙂

  17. I love my hemp inserts..especially at night. Fun trip.

  18. TeamOSM said...

    I think hemp inserts are great! They are super trim, and super absorbent. Hemp is a great product, even though there might be a stigma attached to it, but hemp is not the same as marijuana. Don't hesitate to try these great inserts!! I got four BabyKicks cheap off a friend, and LOVE them!

  19. dotcomkari said...

    The photo just brought a smile to my face.. *L*

    And I love hemp in is sooo awesome to assorb everything my kid gives it.. and only gets more and more assorbant with each wash! gotta love that! and so eco-friendly too!

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