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Making An Old Diaper Like New

Now that Brendan, my youngest son, is almost a year and a half old, I’ve noticed some of my diaper have began to show some wear. After all, my initial cloth diaper purchase of 24 bumGenius 3.0’s was heavily used the first 3-4 months while I was cloth diapering two children. Earlier this year I noticed that five of my bumGenius 3.0’s were experiencing lifting between the aplix/velcro and the diaper. It wasn’t completely separated, but it was well on it’s way. Knowing bumGenius offers a 1 year warranty on their diapers, I contacted their customer service and explained the problem. They happily exchanged the diapers for me. All I had to do is provide proof of purchase with the date (from Kelly’s Closet of course!), and ship the diapers to them in clean, unaltered condition. Within a week or so, five new bumGenius 3.0 diapers where in my mailbox. Yea for fluffy mail!!

As summer progressed, Brendan began to figure out how to take off diapers with aplix/velcro…a problem I never had with my older son. I quickly grew tired of extra changes due to him loosening the diaper and allowing his clothing to get wet. I heard of people converting their hook and loop diapers to snaps; so I began to look into that option to solve our new problem. I found quite a few people who sell this service, and chose one whom I “know” from an online forum. I chose to convert 7 diapers: five of my bumGenius 3.0‘s and two of my Blueberry Minky’s.

It is very important to note that by altering the diapers, you will void any warranty on them. This wasn’t a problem for me since I chose diapers that were past their warranty period. I sent off my diapers, and about two weeks later, I had 7 “new” diapers that my son can’t take off. They turned out looking great, and I am happy to say that our problem has been solved. I was so happy that I was able to salvage the diapers that I already had in my stash, and give them even longer life. Whereas I love buying new fluff, I enjoy adding to my stash, not replace diapers already in it.


  1. Jenney said...

    Wow, what a great way to keep your CDs going for a longer period of time!

  2. I love it. About a month ago I had about 30 of our BG 3.0 stash converted and couldn't be happier!

  3. Ritmeyer said...

    My son is already starting to do that and I just started cloth diapering. He did it with sposies too. I love my BumGenius, but the Fuzzi Bunz I have are horrible to get snapped with my "I hate diaper changes!" 8 month old. I am glad to know I could convert them, should the need arise. I really want these to last for more than one child.

  4. J said...

    I'm very interested in converting some of my older BGs. Could you email me the information for someone who can do this?

    seenallthisbefore at gmail dot com

  5. Lauren G. said...

    Wow that's awesome! That's good to know for the future!

  6. Ashley said...

    I don't own any bumgenius 3.0 diapers and waver back and forth between buying them and not buying them. It sounds like the warranty is really great though, and the conversion option is awesome! Is it expensive to convert to snaps?

  7. Megan said...

    I'm interested in converting mine to snaps too. My son is constantly taking his diapers off. One reason I like Smartipants better. How much does it cost to convert?

  8. jes said...

    i would love to know more information about converting the velcro to snaps. could you email me with the information to someone who could do this for me? thanks so much!!

    jes (AT) beautyfromchaos (dot) com

  9. Anna said...

    It never even occurred to me to convert from velcro to snaps. What a great idea!

  10. Lori said...

    I would really love the info for someone who does the conversions- I've picked all of the aplex off, but just need someone to finish the job!!

  11. Katrina said...

    I paid $3.25 for aplix removal, choice of snap color, and two rows of 10 snaps – 2 per tab.

  12. hosiewosie said...

    Does Bumgenius cover leg elastic losing it's elasticity under their warranty?

  13. I would be very interested in converting my applix diapers to snaps also…what did you search? or could you tell me who you used? Thanks!

  14. ih0ney said...

    Aw that's so great that you were able to find a way to alter your diaper closures! We all know it's shame to "throw them away" Ahh! no!

  15. Heidi said...

    I never thought of converting to snaps before. My BG 3.0 aplix is wearing out and I've had them for just over a year – so I need to figure something out – snaps would be more durable. Maybe you could do a whole post on converting to snaps?

  16. Sonja said...

    I checked on etsy and found some SAHM who do this and I love to support the mamas, just type in:
    converting hook and loop diapers to snaps,
    and see what comes up!

  17. psalm34 said...

    Great to know about the warranty,
    I am having the same problem and had forgotten about this offer. Thanks for sharing!
    Also could you give an idea of how much it runs to convert dipes?

  18. The Eco Chic said...

    Hello ladies! Following is the bumGenius warranty according to their main website,

    Cotton Babies will stand behind the workmanship and materials in a properly cared for product for one year from the date of purchase. The Cotton Babies Guarantee covers all components of our products including the snaps, lining, hook & loop closures, elastic and waterproofing. The warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the products only. Proof of purchase is required.

    To make a warranty claim, product must be sent at customer's expense to their distributor (Cotton Babies is the U.S. distributor for bumGenius) for examination of workmanship and materials. Diapers must arrive unstained, clean, stink-free and dry. After reviewing your diapers, we may replace the diaper or provide you with simple instructions for resolving the problem you are having.

    Except when caused by manufacturing or component defect, this guarantee does not cover leaking, diaper odor or normal wear/tear. Warranty is void when:

    * The washing instructions have not been followed.
    * The diaper has been altered.
    * Any of the following has been used in conjunction with the use/care of the product:
    o Water temperatures exceeding 150F or 60C
    o A detergent containing additives (enzymes, brighteners, whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils) or natural soap
    o Fabric softeners
    o Any caustic substance
    o Diaper rash cream

  19. Tia said...

    Amazing that you can still save the diaper. I would like to know more about how to get my velcro changed into a snap, could you email me the info please?

  20. Tia said...

    That's Great! I am also interested in coverting my diapers as well.

  21. Tia said...

    Amazing that you can still save the diaper. I would like to know more about how to get my velcro changed into a snap, could you email me the info please?

  22. betsy stahlman said...

    hi! was wondering where i would go to get 3 blueberry minky diapers converted to snaps? i live in montana… my email is thank you!!

  23. Anonymous said...

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