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Against the Grain

You know I’ve always been the weird one in our family when it comes to doing certain things. I tend to go against the grain I suppose because sometimes it feels so good. My dream was to be a wife and mother (I know to some it seemed ridiculous because what would I do with the rest of my time?), I would rather sew something for half the price it would cost me to buy it, I decided to breastfeed (why wouldn’t I just bottle feed?), I just am starting to home-school (what am I doing to my poor child?) and now I cloth diaper?!?!

One day when I was opening registries for my baby shower I came across disposable liners for cloth diapers and got me thinking. I started reading and reading and reading and boldly told my husband I would give it a shot, I don’t think he was optimistic. All I we heard about cloth was negative and I had even been told that babies get more rashes with cloth! I sat there thinking about how for 3 years we had just thrown money away over and over with each diaper change just because its what you do, you just buy disposable diapers for your baby. I was flabbergasted when I read that to diaper one child from birth to potty trained can cost between $1500 to $3000 and it made me determined to try.

Shortly after my son was born I ordered some really inexpensive prefolds and diaper covers. They were thin and leaked if I didn’t change it quickly but I liked it for some reason. I didn’t seem like the burden everyone claimed it to be. I started doing more research on diaper quality and couldn’t believe the variety there is and at the same time the prices of some of the diapers! For budget purposes I decided to go with Chinese prefolds and Wonderwrap one size covers. I bought my snappis and some Kushie disposable liners and was set! I haven’t had a leak or rash with the cloth except for the time I put him back in sposies for an outing. I like to do the newspaper fold and the snappi makes it easy to clip securely, then I just put the cover over it and no leaks ever! I’ve since also gotten 3 one size BumGenius that we use at night and a thirsties cover that is wonderful because its so thin and roomy over the prefolds. The best part is that since my stash consists of premium size prefolds and one size covers and BGs my almost 2 year old can use them too.

Since I was on a roll with the diapers I thought about the wipes too and made myself a few dozen out of our older towels and receiving blankets and they work so much better than the disposable wipes especially with the aloe and caress soap mixture I use. They get so clean and are so fresh and their bottoms never dry out. It makes me feel like a super mom, lol.

It really makes me proud to be a part of a group of families that have decided that its important to be informed and do what is best for our children and ourselves. I just love holding my little son in his cloth diped bum. For right under $200 I got everything I would need to diaper him and my middle daughter until they learn to use the potty. There are so many other diapers I want to try but if I don’t get a chance it still feels so good to say that I’m not taking thousands of dollars and putting them in the trash anymore.

My advice for anyone who thinks its terrible would be to try it for 2 days, you won’t go back!

– by Tani

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  1. Brena said...

    Can we get recipe for the wipes solution?

  2. Senior Family said...

    great post !! i agree i love my lo’s cd bum !!

  3. Upstatemomof3 said...

    Oh my!! You sound like me. I always wanted to be a wife and mom too. And I get flack from my family for all the same things you do :)

  4. alison said...

    I would love to know what your wipe solution is!

  5. Anonymous said...

    That cool I feel the same way!!!
    Most of my fam. looks at me like I am crazy too!!

  6. Kristen said...

    I’d also love to know how you make your wipes solution!

    And, by the way, I get crap from my family because I have a master’s degree and a pretty darn good job… and a woman is supposed to stay home and focus on being a wife and a mother!

  7. Sara said...

    I started cloth diapering & have kindda let it go by the wayside…your post has reinspired me to start it up again! We use the gerber prefolds & covers with snappis: cheap & easy! I wish I could find some cute, old fashioned covers (not the fancy, new, expensives ones all over the 'net today). Do you know of any sources? I'm talking cute, ruffle butt type?

  8. Serena said...

    Brena and Alison:

    We have a post about wipes/wipe solutions here:

    I would be very cautious about using wipe solutions with soap because the residue from the soap can redeposit itself onto the cloth diapers in the wash (especially pocket diapers and all-in-ones because those are much “pickier” materials to launder as opposed to prefolds which usually withstand quite a bit).

  9. AScott said...

    “I sat there thinking about how for 3 years we had just thrown money away over and over with each diaper change just because its what you do”

    I hate this too!! I hate that this is always viewed as the norm, like there is no other option out there and if you say there is it’s crazy talk. I could rant on and on about this!

    I honestly don’t know if I’m saving alot of money though. I keep buying new ones to try and I have a ton of pockets.

  10. Amanda said...

    Great story! We are planing on homeschooling too! :) Because many of my friends plan on doing the same thing and also breastfeed and a couple also do or want to do cloth…I don’t feel like I’m going against the grain quite as much. But there are a few people that try to put a damper on our decisions…like my FIL…he is a teacher so he is not for the homeschooling idea AT all. But it’s our choice to make, plain and simple. :)

  11. Kim said...

    I’m the weird one too. I am the eccentric with cloth diapering and homeschooling. Good for you doing what is best for your family!

  12. Im another that would love to know your wipes solution! Glad you did what you felt was for you even if it meant being different. We here all know that you arent THAT different 😉

  13. *~*a.l.s*~* said...

    Yay for homeschooling! I’m impressed with all you are as a mother–definitely inspiring so thanks for sharing!

  14. Nikki said...

    Right on! I started out with chinese prefolds and bummis and thirsties covers too. I now have a more eclectic stash, but I still love the basics! I am also in love with my homemade flannel/terry wipes. They are awesome! I use a chamomile/baby wash/lavender solution which is so gentle on bottoms.

  15. i have been using mainly prefolds with those plastic potty training pants for covers and a few diapers i sewed my self.. i have a questions about how to get the stains out with out using bleach, i tried oxy clean with no success.also we are still using disposables at night since he soaks a cloth.. i love cloth diapers and will use them all my future children.

  16. coconuts said...

    I am in the club wondering on what your wipe solution is?

  17. Brittany said...

    I have been fortunate enough so far to have mostly support from my family. DH’s family is a little skeptical of CDing, but just because they think I should be using prefolds rather than the new style.

    I would also love to get the recipe for your wipes solution!

  18. Jackie said...

    Great post!! It reminded me of myself : ) I also do prefolds and covers (a few BG for nights) and made my own wipes. And I agree w/ your endind advice – just try for a few days – that’s what I did and it is so much easier than I originally thought : )

  19. KayStarGoesRawr said...

    (: It’s always nice to hear from people who are not completely unlike yourself. Thanks! My family was offended because for Christmas I asked them to buy my son diapering stuff(he was 3 months old!!) and they all thought he needed toys. ):

    Anyways…Thanks for sharing, lady!

  20. Love this! And as the dissenter in my family, (and ESPECIALLY my husband’s family), it’s fun to read success stories of other moms who do the same things I do :)

  21. Nikki said...

    I can relate! All of my friends thought it was odd that I was going to CD but I love it! We currently use a diaper service but I have been researching to make the switch… I haven’t yet switched to my own cloth wipes yet though – the solution is what has me baffled :)) Please share!

  22. Kris said...

    I still take flak from my mom about the cloth diapers, but IMO she’s never actually dealt with them enough to have an informed opinion.

    Oh, and I’d love the wipe solution recipe too! :)

  23. Pat said...

    I have always wanted to try cloth diapers but never knew where to start

  24. Serena said...

    Sara: Most of the ruffle bum diaper covers aren’t actual waterproof diaper covers at all – but what people often refer to as baby bloomers. However, there are some people who make a waterproof variety… mostly available through Hyena Cart or Etsy although Drybees makes a lace ruffle bum diaper cover as well (we don’t have them in our stores though – but they’re called Lacies).

    Hope this helps!

  25. Brena said...

    For everyone wondering about the wipes solution: Serena has a great recipe for a wipes solution at “” I have switched the oil with aloe and it seems to be working well.

  26. Hi mamas, so sorry I hadn’t been online for a while. My wipes solution for those that want to know is 1 chamomile tea bag steeped in a cup of boiling water, 2 TBS Aloe vera juice, and a pea size drop of caress bodywash. Since Serena mentioned the depositing factor on other dipes I may run them under hot water before putting them in my pail from now on :)
    Thanks for all the encouragement, its good to hear from mamas that deal with the same stuff, blessings!

  27. Oh and for the stains on my dipes, I just discovered the magic of sunning! I didn’t have a clothes line so I bought a little portable wood expandable thing (folding clothes dryer, I think) and it does the job perfectly!!!

  28. Heather M said...

    I know what you mean! I thought Cloth was Gross as well. But I won one of them and I've decided to make the switch! I love it! It's a great feeling.

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