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Product Review: bumGenius Gone WILD!

bumGenius cloth diapers have invaded the cloth diapering world with a BANG! Now, with all the various options available from bumGenius, you may find yourself asking, “What are the differences and which one is best?”

Honestly, I love all the bumGenius cloth diapers. However, there are differences between each and I’m here to evaluate all of them for you in a side-by-side comparison!

bumGenius One Size 3.0 Pocket Diaper

First up to bat first is the tried-and-true, well loved bumGenius One Size 3.0 Pocket Diaper. These are the most versatile of the bumGenius diaper line-up. Each diaper comes with 2 super thirsty micro-terry inserts.

For the early days, you can reduce the bulk by using the newborn/doubler sized insert. However, since this is a smaller and less absorbent insert you will need to change more frequently to prevent any potential leaks. The one-size micro-terry insert snaps to fit each size setting of the diaper – small through large. However, keep in mind this will add a bit of bulk on the small and medium settings.

Pros: Allows you the flexibility to adjust the absorbency needs of your little one… additionally, you can opt to use other inserts such as prefolds, hemp, or bamboo if you’re not particularly fond of micro-terry.

Cons: Requires stuffing manually, a tad bulky with the one-size insert on the small and medium settings. A bit of wear and tear to the hook and loop over the course of time; may not last through subsequent children.

bumGenius One Size 3.0 Pocket with LIMITED EDITION FLEECE!

The limited edition Fleece bumGenius One Size 3.0 diaper is identical to the original, except the inside lining is made from fleece.

What’s so great about fleece?

Some prefer fleece to suede cloth… I, personally, have noticed suede cloth is more prone to staining, but others have stated they’ve had wonderful results with it. For others, their little ones are sensitive to suede cloth (contact allergy), however, find no reaction/sensitivity to fleece. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

bumGenius Deluxe All-in-One Diaper

Up next is the bumGenius Deluxe All-in-One diaper. The All-in-One diapers are convenient because instead of stuffing them, the absorbent micro-terry is sewn into the underside of the stay-dry lining. However, bumGenius utilizes the same nifty pocket opening at the back to allow you the ability to add inserts to customize your absorbency!

These are Sized diapers… now while you won’t be able to use these like from birth to potty training – this diaper is trimmer and reduces bulk! The x-small size provides a wonderful fit for most newborns too. There are no snaps on the front to adjust the rise (as with the One Size diaper) giving the diaper a nice, clean appearance! The bumGenius Deluxe All-in-One Diaper is as close to a disposable diaper as you can get!

Pros: Don’t require stuffing; although the pocket design still allows you the flexibility to adjust the absorbency needs of your little one. Best fit for a newborn. Will likely hold up for use with subsequent children.

Cons: Slightly long drying time. Must purchase each size as your child outgrows them.

bumGenius Organic One Size All-in-One Diaper

Lastly, we have the crème de la crème of the bumGenius lineup; the bumGenius Organic One Size All-in-One diaper. This diaper is fully lined with lovely organic cotton and the absorbent soaker is also sewn into the diaper on each end (front and back) while leaving the sides unstitched to facilitate easier laundering and slightly quicker drying time. Since this is a One Size design, you’re able to fold the excess fabric either up front for a boy or in the center/back for a girl on the smaller settings (on the medium setting I’ve found that you don’t even need to fold the excess fabric as it pretty much adjusts itself).

Organic cotton isn’t as absorbent as micro-terry; therefore, you will have to be more attentive to changing your little one regularly to avoid any leaks. However, organic cotton is a natural material and does a better job at allowing your little one’s skin to breathe.

Unlike the other bumGenius diapers, these require prepping. Just as any unbleached or organic cotton material, they need a minimum of 6 washes prior to use before they will even begin to absorb (the natural oils in the cotton must be thoroughly washed out otherwise the diaper will repel). Thereafter, you will notice the absorption increases with subsequent washes. With all that said, these will most likely not work for nap and night time unless you add some additional absorbency such as a newborn prefold, bamboo or hemp doubler.

Better yet, this gem of a diaper comes in two options, Hook and Loop (aka Velcro, or Aplix) and the new edition in Snaps.

bumGenius Organic One Size All-in-One diaper with Hook and Loop
Very convenient and a favorite for those interested in a super speedy diaper change! The laundry tabs are different from those on the One Size diapers, instead they utilize the same size and shape tab in the loop material in order to fasten the tabs for the laundry.

Pros: Organic cotton next to baby’s skin! No stuffing required and the organic cotton makes for easier laundering as it’s not as picky of a material to wash as micro-terry.

Cons: A bit of wear and tear to the hook and loop over the course of time; may not last through subsequent children. Long drying time.*

bumGenius Organic One Size All-in-One diaper with Snaps

My personal favorite! These are THE TRIMMEST diaper I’ve ever tried (and you all know I’ve tried a LOT). Surprisingly, they are even trimmer than the Hook and Loop version of the same exact diaper! I’ve got the photos to prove it! I put a pair of jeans on my little man and was amazed how the jeans fit; he had inches of room all over, versus no room with other diapers including the standard bumGenius One Size 3.0 pocket diaper.

Pros: Snaps allow the diapers to last for a longer period of time; will likely last through subsequent children.

Cons: Long drying time.*



3. Comparisson of size/bulk from one Diaper to the other:

One Size diapers fit most babies from birth to potty training… however, for the larger sized child these may not fit until potty training. However, their overall value is still great.

* I’ve developed a technique to speed up the drying time a bit. I put them in the sun for about an hour to help remove any stains – then I turn the soaker inside out and wrap it around the diaper to allow more sun exposure and air to circulate through the cotton. Leave out for an additional 30-60 minutes and then toss in the dryer to help fluffy up the cotton and finish drying.

– By Serena


  1. Upstatemomof3 said...

    Thanks for the comparison!! I would really love to try the OS AIO. Those looks awesome. But we have plenty of the 3.0 and we really love them. Easy changes and the fit is great!

  2. Amy said...

    very helpful article, thanx for the breakdown!

  3. Great post! I didn’t know that BG had a snap diaper. I think we are going to have to try it. I recently tried the AIO’s and decided that I do like them but was hesitate to purchase alot because they were sized those would be a great addition to our stash since they are OS.

  4. *~*a.l.s*~* said...

    how awesome was this review? The best part of it is definitely the pics of the jeans! I’m always curious about how these will fit so your post was soooo helpful! You guys are great! You even took the time to help out my twin with a diaper stink problem. Can’t recommend you enough!

  5. Katrina said...

    Great post! I recently bought my first Organic BG AIO and love love love it! I couldn’t believe how trim it was when I opened the package in the mail. It took me a week to prep it, washing and drying once a day, but once I added it to my rotation about two weeks ago I immediately wanted more. The original 3.0 pockets are still my favorite since they can be worn at nap and night time, but the Organic AIO is my new favorite for when I dress my little guy up for Church.

  6. Kelly said...

    I really like Bum Genius diapers. I have the one size 3.0 and they are my go to diapers. If we are just around the house, I will grab whatever during a diaper change. However for nap time, bed time, and going out, I always use a BG. I only have leaks if I go too long between changes, which is my fault, not the diapers. My only complaint is the aplix, after less than a year, is starting to curl. I have some newer BG 3.0 that have never been in the dryer, and I have no problem with the aplix on them. Now I just hang all the outer layers to dry while drying the inserts in the dryer. I guess another concern is that the diaper is already on the largest setting for my 22 pound 13 month old. Not sure if these will last to potty training. But overall, these diapers rock!

  7. Cin said...

    I’m liking the snaps!

  8. Angela said...

    I love my BG’s I have also noticed though as my daughter has started sitting and moving the hook and loop rubs against her skin and makes red marks.

  9. beetleofblue said...

    I LOVE BumGenius, too. I recently tried out the top ‘o the line organic AIO, one size. IT ROCKS! My little one is 13 months now and can even wear it at night since she has better bladder control than when she was little. The trimness is key now that she is walking. I am considering selling all of my 3.0s (the Toyota of diapers) to get the Organics (the Mercedes of diapers)!

  10. MeghanT said...

    What great info on each bG! Its awesome to have the differences laid out for us. Thank you!

    I only have one 3.0 and it is what we use at night. I love it! No leaks and baby is dry in the morning. I really want to try the organic aio with snaps. I love snaps!

  11. Coupon Mama said...

    That’s a great little article about the BumGenius diapers. I wish that had been available when I first started cloth diapering back in February. I think my favorite BG diaper is the AIO’s sized or the Organic with the snaps. I especially like adding a Stay Dry Doubler to these diapers to increase the absorbency!

  12. We have tried all the different BGs except the organic. I snagged a couple really cheap that had applix issues and I just took it off all of them and converted them all to snaps myself. I’m proud of that job. I love the BGs!

  13. Ashley said...

    i love my bumgenius, but have yet to try anything other than the 3.0 one size. thanks for the info on other options!

  14. Brittany said...

    Great review! I might have to get a snaps organic AIO to try!

  15. Kimberly said...

    You know, it wasn’t until reading THIS post that I realize that I have been using the “newborn insert” as our day to day!! I thought the newborn one was the big one. Oops!! But hey, it is working for us. My super pooper is rarely in a diaper long enough to soak it!

  16. I’ve also had trouble with the BumGenius OS, my 5 month old can’t wear it at night anymore! It’s frustrating when he’s only 20+ pounds but can’t fit into a diaper that is suppose to last until he’s 35 pounds.

    We still do use them during the day and hope to use them again at night soon. They are very leak proof at fit well when they aren’t too small for your child.

    To me they seem to be the same size as a medium regular fuzzi bunz. I wonder if others will have trouble with them lasting to 35 pounds.

  17. Brinn said...

    Wow! That is the most helpful comparison of the BumGenius line I’ve ever seen! I never would have suspected the snaps to make such a difference in the trimness of the dipe!

  18. Suzy said...

    Thank you for all the information, I would have never known all the differences.

  19. Tanya said...

    We love BG diapers! The fleece are my new favorite. Wish I had more of them.

  20. wifeandmom said...

    This has been a really helpful post. I only have 3 bum genius
    3.0’s for nights but have considered having a few more for outings, sitters and grandma. 🙂 It’s nice to know the differences between them all.

  21. Liz said...

    I love my BG’s! Although I have only tried the one-size! For me, DD is probably going to be our last so its hard for me to justify the sized AIOs. But the organic AIO are REALLY tempting.

    Personally, I would order it in the snaps but that would defeat my purpose as I could justify buying a few for the church nursery. I have 2 Mother’s Touch OS AIOs in snaps that I usually bring (and I just change DD).But one nursery worker didn’t realize I cloth diaper and she seemed really overwhelmed by the diaper! Although I think the BG design is less confusing…are the snaps really easy to use? I love Bum Genius sooo much but how many can a LO really need?!?!

  22. mearat said...

    Wow you just solved a ton of confusion I was having. Thanks a TON. This really helps me decide what to finally buy. (once the funds are in)

  23. hosiewosie said...

    Yikes, what a great comparison! I never really thought there’d be so many differences. Good to know.

  24. Sarah said...

    I only have one organic one size snaps and this makes me want to get more!

  25. M*G*M said...

    Awesome review! You left no stone unturned 🙂

  26. Emily said...

    Thanks for the review! I loved it. Do the snaps closure ones use the same stretchy material that the velcro closure ones do? I was wondering because I really want to remove the velcro off some of my BG dipes and replace with snaps from my snap press but I was worried about the stretchy material not taking the snaps so well. Any particular review on how the snaps work with the material? I love snaps the best! (but gotta keep some velcro around for my husband. ;o) hehe)


  27. Lauren said...

    I only have 2 bg diapers: an all in one and a OS pocket. I like the pocket dipe more than I thought I would. The microterry insert is very absorbent!

  28. Serena said...

    Day to Day Tripper:

    Hi there! “One Size” is a relative term, and while it will fit most babies from birth to potty training (roughly 35 pounds) it certainly doesn’t apply to all babies.

    Some kids are just big and need a higher rise diaper… you are correct, when measured against a medium Fuzzi Bunz the bumGenius is very close if not the same size rise. However, many children can potty train directly from a medium sized FB.

    Of the One Size diaper options available, bumGenius is an average size. A more ample cut One Size would be the Happy Heiny’s.

    Now, with all that said… some babies who are chunk-a-monk babies do ultimately thin out a little once they start becoming more active so a diaper that once seemed almost impossible for wear may eventually fit even better in the toddler period (roughly 18 months+).

    I hope this helps!

  29. Tiffani Cluff said...

    Thank you so much for this post. I am new to cloth diapering and am still in the researching stage. I have a 22 month old and a 3 month old. I have read so much about different brands and it gets overwhelming, but you have layed it all out and been the most helpful! I am now a true follower.
    thanks again

  30. AScott said...

    I have one or two of all of those except for the organic all in one’s. I didn’t realize they came in snaps! Now you’ve convince me I really want to try one!

  31. Amy said...

    am I just seeing things, or are the photos you have with the bumGenius Deluxe All-in-One Diaper, not actually the AIO ?

  32. Kristin said...

    Thank you so much for the comparison – very helpful as I continue to fill my stash!

  33. Jen said...

    Thanks for your post. I have a few of the original BG OS pockets that are great for absorbency and I often use them at night. I can’t wait to try the bumGenius Organic One Size All-in-One diaper with Snaps. I need a trimmer diaper for during the day and I have yet to try an AIO. Thanks so much for the information. 🙂

  34. Denise said...

    Thanks for the great break down of the differences between them. I’ve never really considered trying the bumGenius one sizes or sized diapers because I’m not fond of velcro, but when I head about the organic cotton one size with the snaps I added them to my list of diapers I have GOT to try.

  35. Serena said...

    Emily: YES – the snap closure diapers still utilize the wonderful stretchy tabs that are unique to the bumGenius diapers.

    They work great – and actually make getting a good solid fit great (because you can stretch the tabs a little to get the next sized setting if you’re between snap settings).

    I do know a couple local mamas who have recently altered their own bumGenius diapers to have snaps now.

    However, with that said, please note that once you alter the diaper bumGenius/Cotton Babies will no longer honor the warranty for the diapers.

  36. frskulls said...

    Wow, that’s big difference on the trim with BG products! I’ll like to try AIO. 🙂

  37. Serena said...

    Liz: The snaps take a little getting used to, especially if you’re already accustomed to the velcro closures of the bumGenius. The stretchy tabs are smaller than the “wings” on most other other diapers so it does take slightly longer to fasten the bumGenius Organic All-in-One with snaps. However, once you get the hang of it – it’s a breeze!

    Amy: The butternut colored diaper is a medium sized Deluxe All-in-One… I *just* noticed because there were SOOOO many photos that a couple were misplaced in the lineup. We’ll be update it shortly. Thanks for catching that! =)

    A breakdown of the colors:

    Twilight – Organic All-in-One One Size w/SNAPS

    Grasshopper – Organic All-in-One One Size w/Hook and Loop

    Butternut – Medium Deluxe All-in-One (sized AIO)

    Clementine – One Size 3.0 Pocket w/limited edition FLEECE

    Moonbeam – One Size 3.0 Pocket (standard)

  38. Serena said...

    Angela (and anyone else with a similar problem): If the hook and loop is rubbing against your little one’s skin usually I recommend trying to fasten the velcro/tabs lower down and make sure they’re really snug. If the diaper isn’t snug around the middle then usually it will fold over on itself.

    Another option would be to try and fold down the front “insert stopper” (that 1″ section at the top which is meant to prevent the insert from going too far and leaking/wicking).

    If you fold this over – this can also act as a buffer to prevent the loop from rubbing your little one’s tummy!

  39. Emily said...

    Thanks Serena for the update to my snap question! I’m super excited to try it out. I actually had purchased several BG 3.0’s from the Clearance section as non-returnable seconds with issues. None of mine had issues except the velcro rolling and also not closing on itself for washing. I’ve been using them that way, but the velcro needed replacing and I just wanted to take it off and add snaps! I’m super excited to do this now. THANKS! :o)

  40. Sara said...

    THANKS for all of the info!!!! VERY helpful!

  41. Sara in Seattle said...

    I love the organic AIOs best. I need to try some of the snap ones now that my little one has figured out how to undo velcro.

  42. Outnumbered said...

    Thanks for the helpful comparison! I love my BG’s but I would love for the 3.0’s to be offered with snaps.

  43. Kacey said...

    This is a great review. I love the picture of the bulk comparisons.


  44. MrsStunner said...

    I’d love to try these. Never even considered it before. I’ve been strictly FuzziBunz and home-made diapers. This post was packed with useful info. Thanks

  45. I love it! Thanks for all the info, now I want to try them all!!!

  46. mommybird said...

    I LOVE my 3.0 bumGenius diapers. I use them for my 20 month old and my 2 month old and they are great. i think i may have to try the AIO OS, I wanted to try the others but don’t like sized diapers. Thanks for the info.

  47. Jackie said...

    This was very informative – thanks!

  48. Amanda said...

    I previously had the BG 3.0’s and while they were great DD developed a contact allergy so we switched her to the BG Organic w/ snaps and….OMG!!! I must agree they are indeed fabulous!!!

    Not only do I no longer have to stuff diapers but, I have actually found these to be more absorbent than the 3.0’s. Really! Oh and I’m so glad I finally joined all of the other “snap” mama’s. Now I know why everyone was raving about the snaps.

    Amanda G.

  49. Aisha said...


    I really appreciate the comparisons…I really didn’t understand the fleece-limited edition rush. I am surprised that the sized AIO would be bigger than the organic version…interesting. I swear by the sized AIO (my daycare provider loves them)

  50. A Psych Mommy said...

    Thanks for the side by side comparison! I always like “seeing” the bulk factor before I buy!

  51. saygeronimo said...

    I love love love the OS pockets, but I haven’t tried any of the others yet. I think one of the organic AIOs will be my next purchase!

  52. Crystal said...

    I’ve tried several of these and my favorite is the sized all-in-one. I wasn’t a fan of the organic one-size; I felt like the insert was weird and hard to position.

  53. queenoftheclick said...

    I love your review on these because I wasn’t sure what was the difference with the Bum Genius diapers. The pics with the baby jeans on was helpful.

  54. TheReddyFamily said...

    Wonderful Post!! I am so grateful for your thorough comparisons and thoughts! Keep it comin' 🙂

  55. springmeus said...

    Great post. We have mostly BG 3.0 One-size and we really like them, but they only last about a year for us before the laundry tabs quit working. I wish I'd know that this was a potential problem with APLIX and laundry tabs of all kinds back when I was first buying diapers; I would've bought more snaps.

  56. Darcy Taylor said...

    Thank you sooooo much for this post! I wish there were more photo comparisons of cloth diaper products. Since most diapers are not available in local stores, and most cloth diaper stores carry limited types, I never get to see products side by side to compare trimness, etc. Because of this post, I just went out and bought one of these diapers, and I am so impressed. I tried the diaper on my kids and he actually fit in his jeans with this diaper! I have a bumware extreme size large, and the bumgenius organic is seriously just as trim, if not more so! Awesome!
    Thanks again.

  57. Talina said...

    I have a few BG 3.0 that are starting to have velcro curl too!

    I've only ever line dried them and occasionally they were washed together with a cotton insert or two but I am bummed that they are loosing their stickiness.

    Any tips?

  58. Attila & Tamara said...

    This post was a lifesaver! Thank you! I just got a bumGenius Organic One Size All-in-One diaper with Snaps and I had so many questions about prepping, drying, etc. Thanks so much for the helpful info–off to prep my new fluff!!!!!

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