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Get Ready! Get Set! Gro Baby!

You’ve been asking us for weeks: “When will the Gro baby diapers be in stock?”

We are delighted to finally be able to say – they are on their way! That’s right folks, the wait is nearly over! In a matter of days the lovely and much anticipated Gro baby cloth diapering system will be here and ready to fly off our shelves and straight to your doorsteps!

Who doesn’t love Fluffy Mail?

We’ve been organizing and clearing up space to accommodate our mammoth sized shipment of the new Gro baby diapers!

“WOW! That’s a LOT of boxes,” we hear you say? That’s right – and believe it or not, it’s only a picture of our partial shipment!

We’ve also set up a couple packages to simplify your Gro baby order:

Try our Gro baby Sample Kit which includes:

2 GroBaby Shells with snap-in soaker and booster
1 additional Snap-In Soak Pad 2pk

Or our Gro baby Complete Diapering kit which includes:

10 GroBaby Shells with snap-in soaker and booster
1 Basic Wet Bag
1 Basic Pail Liner
7 Snap-In Soaker Pad 2pk
2 Boosters 2pk

Sign up for our Waiting List to be notified the moment they are available!

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  1. Denise said...

    I can’t wait to try one of the sample packs!!!

  2. Lauren said...

    I can’t wait to try themout! I love new diapers!

  3. Katrina said...

    Wow, you must be up to your eyeballs in diapers! I would love to try one, but really don’t “need” another diapering system. I’m anxious to hear how people like them.

  4. MeghanT said...

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!

  5. Upstatemomof3 said...

    They look so cool!!! Although I am totally laughing at myself for being this exited about a diaper. :)

  6. Katie said...

    I’ve seen them in person – they’re super cute!!

  7. hosiewosie said...

    Oh it looks so great. Kinda steep for my budget but maybe some day…

  8. Brittany said...

    I am so excited for these to be available! I am glad to see the shipment is so huge. Hopefully everyone who wants one will get one!

  9. Jess said...

    Its about time & holy crap I saw that pic on twitter! That's your shipment? WOOHOO

  10. Wow, Those are cute diapers! I’m gonna have to check those out!

  11. Liz said...

    I just wanted to make sure, the gro-baby sample pack is for four diaper changes? (2 covers with inserts and another 2 inserts?) Seems pretty cool!

  12. Kristin said...

    They look neat. Maybe someday I can try them out… DH might kill me if I bought some more diapers right now 😉

    BTW… are you all aware that all your links are broken? They didn’t use to be, but lately all the links in the posts don’t work. I don’t think it’s just my computer, so I thought I’d let you know :)

  13. Hope to try at least one of these soon. A mommy can dream right? DH says we don’t need any more diapers right now. We only have 33. Maybe I can win a gift certificate or get some extra money in soon.

  14. AScott said...

    That’s alot of diapers!! Good to know there is ample supply!

  15. Kelly said...

    Wow. that’s a lot of boxes! I am sure it is amazing to see them all come in and then all go out almost as fast.

  16. austins mom said...

    I am so excited to try these diapers!!

  17. A Psych Mommy said...

    Wow, that is a lot of boxes! Isn’t it wonderful though that there are that many parents who cloth diaper?

  18. TheOGMamaBear said...

    I love the colors!

  19. Kristin: Thanks for letting us know… Blogger is playing a bad joke with us, because every link I add, the put a in front of it which results in a broken link… It is happening on my personal blog too… But, I noticed that if I edited several times, it eventualy goes away… Thanks anyway for letting me know! =)

  20. The Eco Chic said...

    Hi Liz,
    The sample pack includes:
    2 shells
    4 snap in soakers
    2 boosters

    Its a great deal!

  21. Aisha said...

    Ohh I’m excited but I’ll have to wait a bit before trying these out. I can’t wait to hear feedback from others who are ordering them.

  22. MACKYDOO said...

    I’m totally buying some!! WOOHOO! Do you know when the snap version will be out?

  23. mearat said...

    I would really like to try these. They seem like a great starter diaper, but at 25$ each, no way can I even try one. I cant even afford the 17$ diap :(

  24. The Eco Chic said...

    Hi MackyDoo
    There are plans for a snap version and hopefully will be available sometime in the summer.

  25. Amanda said...

    Wow!!!! I would love to try their diaper out eventually. I love their Magic Stick ointment!

    Amanda G.

  26. Rhone Family said...

    This can be so addictive- I want to buy so bad….

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