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Fluff Friday Winner from Week 23!!!!!

The winner is the mom of a gorgeous baby and after reading her blog for a bit, I think she is a beautiful person herself… Go and check her out on her blog.

Please, contact us ASAP so we can ship your winnings…

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  1. Sara in Seattle said...

    Congratulations! I love seeing everyone’s babies :)

  2. Lauren said...

    Congratulations, Kelly!

  3. so i have a few questions about cloth diapering. due to recent health problems my 16 month old just started wearing cloth diapers, i am using prefolds and some from flannel that i made myself, i was wondering what is the best way to clean the flannel ones with out bleach , they are colored and printed and i dont want to lose the color, with his white prefolds i use bleach water, also i found i am expecting again and fully plan on using cloth with this baby(ies), when they are newborns do they still need a plastic cover? and how do you keep from having massive leaks at night? is there something i can line my homemade ones with that is super absorbant? my email is on my blog.thank you so much;;

  4. Brittany said...

    Congratulations! What an excellent giveaway to win! Enjoy all the fluff stuff!

  5. Amanda said...

    Congrats Kelly. What an awesome prize your getting.

  6. Talina said...

    Wow, congrats!

  7. AScott said...

    Gratz!! You’ll have to let us know how the products work out for you!

    Wasn’t the winner for the twitter contest supposed to be announced today as well?

  8. Kelly said...

    I am so excited to be the winner this week! I really can’t wait to try the Gro Baby diapers and all the great Northern Essences products =] Great way to start the weekend!!

  9. Upstatemomof3 said...

    Congrats!! And to momma2thestrainkids – if you are looking for a homemade covers you can make fleece soakers at home. Go here for a pattern – Good luck and congrats on the new babies.

  10. Serena said...

    Hi there!

    Typically, I don’t recommend using bleach except on micro-terry OR if your diapers have developed a horrible stink issue that doesn’t resolve with all other options (such as vinegar and baking soda, sunning, etc…).

    If you’re using bleach because you’re wanting to disinfect the diapers – then I can recommend using either vinegar or tea tree oil (just a couple drops should do the trick). Vinegar is the far more economical of the two and can be safely used on prefolds and flannel – so you could use roughly 1/2 cup with great success (I recommend no more than 1/4 cup vinegar on products with PUL).

    With regard to your leaking question – is this with relation for your 16 month old or a newborn? Usually, newborns are changed soooo often than leaking isn’t really a problem. However, for a 16 month old, overnight – leaking can occur if your little one is a heavy wetter and you’re not using a doubler. You can take a smaller prefold and stuff it inside your regular prefold to add absorbency for overnight. I also would strongly recommend using wool – as wool does a FANTASTIC job at preventing leaks (wool is super absorbent and allows the moisture to evaporate).

    It’s important to note, however, that flannel doesn’t absorb nearly as well as cotton twill (the material that prefolds are typically made from). So you may consider sticking to your flannel prefolds during the day and use your cotton prefolds for overnight.

    Newborn babies do require covers… especially if you want to put clothes on. My personal favorite cover for newborns are the Thirsties PUL covers… they work really well and have a notch/groove for the umbilical cord/navel area.

    Please let me know if you happen to have any additional questions or concerns!



  11. Kristin said...

    Congratulations! It’s fun to have so many winners :)

  12. mearat said...

    Congrats! I am starting to get a tad envious of everyones stashes.

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