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Winter Swimming in Maine? Oh YES!

After I read Anelys post “and then there was sand and sun” it inspired me to write a post about a fun time at the pool we had a few weeks ago. We decided to throw a combined birthday pool party for Olivia and Hanz the last week of February. Olivia was born on Christmas Eve so we just had a family birthday party at the house but didn’t have a “friends” party yet so I asked the both of them if we could do a combined party . They were all for it. We thought what a great way to “pretend” we are someplace tropical (like where Anelys lives!) then to go to the pool.

As a parent I love birthday parties that are held somewhere else than my house. Now granted, I love to celebrate the kids parties with a bunch of kids but it is SO nice when you don’t have to do a huge clean up after. After working 60-70 hours a week the last thing I want to do is clean. I do it for 5 people but couldn’t imagine for an additional 15! (LOL)

About 14 kids showed up and they all had a blast. Olivia is such a good swimmer and has loved the water ever since her first bath. Hanz enjoyed hanging around with his friends but also kept coming over to Riley and Scott. Don’t you just love picture of my 3 boys together? I just love it. Oh- and by the way- Riley is wearing a Imse Vimse Swim Diaper in Black Lizard print. It looked SO cute on him. I put a large on him but I think he really could have used a medium.(Swim diapers should be fairly snug.)

Now you won’t see a picture of me swimming. I have a hard time with heated indoor pools and the strong smell of chlorine. Now the ocean is just fine and my friend Anelys has invited us to come down and visit her and her family so maybe someday we could do a post of “blog crew” down in the “sunny place”! Needless to say everyone had a great time swimming, eating pizza, and devouring the chocolate cake and ice-cream.

So- I had to sneak in a super cute picture of Riley in his “sun” diaper. Can anyone guess what brand of diaper this is? I had this custom made years ago and I sold them on Kelly’s Closet about 4 years ago. I saved one and now Riley can finally wear it.

During the summer the kids and Scott have a blast swimming at the lake. “Keoka Lake” is literally right across the road from the shop and we own 420′ of shoreline. Last year we purchased a large dock and had it installed so it is a great place just to hang out (see pic on the right) and cool off. Believe or not we do get a few (now I mean 6 or 7 out of the whole year) days we get over 90 degrees.

We are all looking forward to spring in Maine and for all of you who live down south send us some heat waves!


  1. the momma said...

    I’m feeling the spring bug too… especially since on Tuesday it neared 40+ degrees and I even snapped a few pictures of beginning buds on my lilacs… then Wednesday I woke up to snow! Eck!

  2. Upstatemomof3 said...

    So, I am guessing from the post that the swim diapers really work? I have seen them and they always look so thin I figured they wouldn’t. But I didn’t use cloth back then. Do you recommend the Imse Vimse – it is time to get Baby Sister in the pool! 🙂

  3. Angela said...

    ooo… I could use some heatwaves in South Dakota, too. It is -10 here right now and that is not add in the wind chill, burrrr.

  4. We really need a swim diaper. It’s going on my wish list right now.

    We’ve only had a few nice days down here but I’ll be thinking warm weather thoughts for you.

  5. The Eco Chic said...

    Hi Upstatemomof3
    Yes, the swim diapers do work nice. I do have to say that I need to use a size medium on Riley the next go around (we used a size large and it was big). He weighed 19lb 2oz @ his 9 month well child visit.The key with swim diapers is that they fit super, super snug. Upon first glance of the Imse Vimse swim diapers they look SO small but you want them to be that way.

  6. Maggie said...

    That looks like it was a really fun party! I can’t wait for spring too. I can’t wait until we can ride our bikes.

  7. Brena said...

    I’m so jealous of the sun diaper. My last name is Sun and so I love all things sun. We couldn’t survive without our swim diapers though. They are a necessity for us!!

  8. Katrina said...

    We’re ready for spring here in WI too. I have the IV swim diaper too and it worked great for my 1 year old. I need to buy one for my 3 year old for swim lessons this summer. Looks like it was a fun birthday party for the kids.

  9. Erika said...

    I’d love a post about swim diapers and how to actually use them-since they don’t absorb urine, is anyone else embarrassed by puddles on the sand or deck? Do you switch back to another type immediately after swimming is done?

  10. Kelly said...

    You have to love indoor pools when you live up North. Growing up in MA, I swam all winter long at our local YMCA for the swim team there. One of my favorite things to do was to walk outside with my hair still wet and see if it would freeze from the front door to the waiting car 🙂

    Now that we live in the South we still enjoy our indoor pool at the local YMCA. And my boys love to be able to swim all year round. And swim diapers are a must!

  11. Suzy said...

    I love the idea of a pool party especially in winter, pretend there is warm weather. I can’t wait for spring, and when it gets hot here I will try to send it to you.

  12. Jess said...

    we feel the same way utah sucks we have snow forever then when summer hits its 100+ ugh! What a fun party though!

  13. Amanda said...

    Heated indoor pools rock! And you guys may still have the cold and snow but since it’s been in the 80’s for almost a week now we have the pollen and allergy’s to go with it. LOL

  14. Liz said...

    Thanks for the pool pics! Even though we moved from RI to GA, all of the pools here are outside and only open from May-Sept (?) So actually my girls swam much more in the NE!
    I would like some more info on swim diapers, also. We are going to be at the beach a lot this summer and I was just going to put DD in a regular CD (as she will only be 6 months). But for the pool, definately a swim diaper!

  15. Brittany said...

    I am definitely getting spring fever as well! The pool looks so refreshing!

  16. Serena said...

    Your family looks soooo happy! I love the pictures of the kids and especially with you holding Riley!

    (I’m sure you’re a lot like me and HATE having your picture taken – LOL)

    Can’t wait for the spring/summer time down here in Southern CA – the weather may still be gorgeous but the water is freezing cold!

  17. its funny to read about people swimming in indoor pools, I don’t know of a hotel in town with an indoor pool. Yuma Arizona is generally HOT for about 8 months of the year! I’ll be thinking of you in this 120 degree heat this summer.

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