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An update from our tenth winner!

We are so thrilled with our week 10 Fluff Friday winner package, the bumGenius assortment pack. Before winning the contest, I had only tried bumGenius’s 3.0 pocket diaper. We loved those for nighttime, but since I hadn’t heard much about their all-in-one diapers, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I ended up being a bumGenius all-in-one convert! We love the organic one-size diaper for overnight, and since it’s lined with organic cotton, it’s a great option for those who are hoping to avoid suedecloth or synthetics. We’ve bought a few of those, and I hope we can continue to use them as she grows. Also, if you haven’t seen the new bright shades from bumGenius yet, you must check them out! We love the “ribbit” color.

The contest package also included a regular bumGenius all-in-one sized diaper, and we can’t believe how trim these are! They’ve become our diaper of choice for outings, and for whenever we want a trimmer look. Grace’s grandparents now request these instead of our usual fitteds and call them the “good diapers.” In addition, the 3.0 all-in-ones now include a pocket, so they’re stuffable too if you need a bit of extra absorbency.

Even though bumGenius’s pocket diaper gets all the attention, I am really loving the all-in-ones best now. As a busy mom running our home business, it’s nice to be able to skip the step of stuffing the pockets, and these have the same great quality, colors, and fit that we’ve all come to expect of bumGenius diapers.

Thanks, Kelly’s Closet!

Sara & Grace A.


  1. Kelly said...

    My goodness, those are adorable pictures of the wee one in that “ribbit” diaper! They made me smile! 🙂

  2. Amanda said...

    That’s awesome!!! What a cutie you have. 🙂 So far I have only tried the OS 3.0’s but a friend of mine has the AIO’s by BG and she said that’s the one they always grab for first too.

  3. Katrina said...

    Your daughter is adorable 🙂 I’ve never tried the BG AIO’s…all of my BG’s are the pockets. Do they take longer to dry on wash day? That’s always been my concern, and reason for not trying them…

  4. Jess said...

    Oh I LOVE the ribbit color too! I love all my stuff from BG but will now look into the AIO! 😉 TY for your story!

  5. Aisha said...

    We swear by the BG’s AIOs…Hands down it’s my fav go-to diaper. Really trim fitting. The only drawback is that it takes a long time to dry. I usually run it one cycle in the dryer and then hang them on my collapsible drying rack overnight to finish the process. (We have a regular dryer not the HE one).

    With the AIO 3.0 versions (with the pockets), after I take them out of the dryer, I turn them inside out before hanging them to dry and that speeds it up a bit.

  6. Sara in Seattle said...

    They do take a little while to dry. Like Aisha, I either hang them up to finish them off, or after a full cycle I hit my machine’s “touch up” (extra 20 minute) feature if I’m in a hurry. For me, though, they take about the same as my fitted diapers, so it’s not like it’s ridiculously long or anything like that.

  7. Serena said...

    Absolutely GORGEOUS baby!!!

    I’m looking forward to trying out the BG AIO soon!

  8. Neat! I didn’t even know they had an AIO!

  9. Dani said...

    What a doll! I’m tempted to give BG another try.

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