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Fluff Friday Winner from Week 12!!!!!

Today’s winner has SIX kids and ONE grandchild!!! Looks like her younger daughter is the same age as her granddaughter: how sweet is that!!! Meet her on her blog. She sure have a full nest!!!! She also commented that she is still using disposables (gasp! LOL), so I hope this is her time to switch!!!



  1. the momma said...

    That certainly is a full nest- but our family’s motto is “more babies, more fun!” Congrats on winning!

  2. Serena said...

    CONGRATS! I’m so glad you won (well, in all honesty I’m glad with each person who wins) – it sounds like you will really be putting all these things to work!

    You know – when I first got married I wanted to have 6 kids… my husband came from a family with 10 kids and I came from a family with 4 kids – and I loved the idea of having a large family….

    After our first daughter was born, she was a very challenging baby and I thought “There’s no way I’m having six babies if they’re all going to be this hard.” Shortly after I was pregnant again *SURPRISE* – and after the birth of my second I had to take a break (both mentally and physically).

    Now, after having my third I have this incredible itch to have another one!!! My husband keeps telling me to calm down – LOL!

    Anyhow – again, CONGRATS!

  3. Amanda said...

    Wow!!! That really is a full nest. Congratulations!!!

  4. Angela said...

    Congrats! You can even use these wipe with disposable or as wash cloths.

  5. Kelly said...

    Congrats Denise! I checked out your blog and love your sock idea. Right now I have two boys so I too only have white socks but #3 is due in four short months so if it happens to be a girl I will definitely have to keep this idea in mind. Congrats again on winning this week’s giveaway.

  6. Katrina said...

    Congrats on winning Fluff Friday! I checked out your blog – it’s terrific. How fun for the kids to have a snow day. We’re up in WI and we only get a maybe two or so a year, but lately it’s been due to cold instead of snow. 🙁 Sounds like you got a nice snowfall. It snowed a bit at my mom’s place in Townsend, TN, but not nearly as much as you got. Congrats again!

  7. Denise said...

    Wow, I'm so excited! I've never won anything online before. I can't wait to get the wipes & finish the conversion to cloth!

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