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The Cloth Diaper Whisperer’s Husband Loves Ebay

Ladies and gents, I really like (LOVE) ebay.

What started as an online trading site for PEZ Dispenser collectors has in a very short time evolved into what can best be described as the world’s largest garage sale!

Got a gift that you don’t want to regift…put it on ebay. Looking for Rudy the Robot from 1969, check out ebay. Want to comparison shop for an item, and see the range of prices others are paying for an item you saw in the department store…research it on ebay.

As a cheapskate at heart I go on to look for bargains on things that I can’t find at a traditional brick and mortar store. Recently, my wife Kelly mentioned the need to replace her favorite jeans. These were not just any jePhotobucketan, they were a discontinued levis low slouch, type 1 button fly, buckle back jean in size :). I gave some thought to my search terms, and ventured off on my ebay safari. Low and behold, within a week I had 3 pairs headed our way!

We live in a 18th century farm house. As such, I insist that all the furnishings must be comensurate with the period of the home +-40 years. Where do you turn to find a 1700’s writing chair? ebay! In the case if the chair, I wound up winning the auction paying 1/10th of what the chair would normally cost. The bad news, I had to shlep from Maine, to Long island, NY taking backroads, and a hairy Ferry ride to pick it up! But I got it boy!

I have seen nooks and crannies of the northeast, and New England in particular, that I never knew existed. I’ve met some great, folks, and a few colorful characters. I’ve gotten stares from folks on the road as I motor passed with my latest quarry lashed to the roof of my car. Each and every adventure is different, but they all culminate in that sense of excitement when the item you ordered arrives in the mail (like cloth diapers!!), or you drive to pick up an item, and it exceeds your expectations.

Like the stock exchange, the auction at ebay provides the widest assortment of items imaginable, at prices set by what we the market will bear.

Happy ebay,



  1. Kelly said...

    I (heart) eBay too! Most of my daughter’s wardrobe is USED from eBay and second-hand shops! It is awesome. Why pay full price for a toddler shirt or baby clothes when the kids will outgrow them in a couple of months anyway? I’ve bought my daughter’s winter coat and snow boots on eBay for two years in a row. That reminds me…time to start checking out summer clothes on eBay! Hee hee hee. 🙂

  2. Denise said...

    I was totally addicted to buying vintage clothing for my oldest daughter from e-bay for soooo long. When she was 6 months old, she had so many fancy dresses she couldn't wear them all & her closet had dresses that wouldn't even fit her until she was 7.

    I now try to restrict myself to only buying vintage gymboree for my two youngest daughters….of course they also have all of their sisters fancy dresses waiting in the closet for them too.

  3. brietta said...

    I purchased a gently-used wooden kitchen set on ebay for a grand total of $90, including S&H right to my home. What a deal!

  4. the momma said...

    I am an ebay fan too! I grew up in Ohio, where malls and commercial areas seem to be every 100 ft… but now live in Maine, where the closest shopping area is 30 miles away and either of the state’s 2 malls is an hour+ away. So, internet shopping- and ebay especially- has been my shopping method of choice! I love red shoes for little girls, and local stores never seem to have any…but ebay does!!! And for wicked cheap, too!

  5. Amanda said...

    I also love Ebay! I was able to acquire some barbies NIB that I had played with as a child. Now I will be able to show my DD when she is older the types of things I played with.

    I never even thought of looking up CD’s on there. I just did and there are a few good deals on Bum Genius (particularly the bids) but there are some that actually cost more than if you just go through Kelly’s Closet. I saw a “Buy it Now” 6 pack advertised for $109.99 + $15.99 shipping….Kellys Closet sells the 6 pack for $104.70 and free shipping. So when buying current items…know your prices to ensure getting the best deal.

  6. Katrina said...

    My husband has an e-bay (and craigslist) obsession too. His prize being Legos. I swear he’s as excited when he receives new blocks and sets as I am when I get fluffy mail. When it comes to searching for specific items, what would we do without ebay these days?!

  7. Maegan said...

    That is spot on! I love Ebay and I always compare prices there when I am on the market for something!

  8. Angela said...

    My mom was looking for some old blocks that she had for her daycare and she wanted more of them, I check out e-bay as my last ditch effort and well they were there. She was excited and she got what she wanted.

  9. Jut and Chris said...

    My hubby loves ebay…I’m a craigslist addict. Its hopeless around our house! 😉

  10. Katie said...

    I am an ebay junkie too!! I buy and sell on there a bunch. It is s good place to get baby and children stuff. I have gotten most of my nursing clothes off of there.

  11. Erika said...

    I know what you mean about ebay……it's so awesome! Although I don't buy (too) much there, I love looking to see if they have random toys and things. Where else can you get a Speak & Spell….remember that???

  12. I enjoy eBay too! I like to buy books, dvd's, and stuff like that on eBay for my daughter. I have bought scrapbooking stuff and all kinds of things too! I like craigslist and too. Etsy is wear you can buy hand made items. I love garage sales (I look for brand new items or close to brand new for my daughter, toys & clothing), I just love finding bargains! I actually go to these websites to buy brand new items, but if I find something that is gently use, I might try it out too.

  13. Juicer Girl said...

    I like ebay too. I don’t sell … only buy. I didn’t know thats how ebay started. Pretty cool.

  14. I love ebay as well! Right now I am currently loving (a branch of ebay). As a college student, I bought all of my books from it and paid a fraction of the price. Now I am re-selling all of the books that I am done with and making a decent amount. What a great way to save/make money AND REUSE…a plus for the environment!

  15. Serena said...

    WOW – you two look AMAZING in that picture!

    I love eBay for comparison shopping or when looking for something I can’t find elsewhere. eBay is especially great for buyers, but not so much for sellers!

    They raised their sellers fees, oh, wait, they claim to have *lowered* them… but when I calculated the total/final value fees for selling one of my expensive designer purses it was nearly double what the fees would have been on their old pay scale.
    NOT FAIR! =(

    I’ve since become a Craigslist junkie! My family and friends all refer to me as the “Queen of Craigslist.”

  16. Serena: Ebay’s fees for sellers are just ridiculous!!! People keep telling me that I should sell my photo cards, and stuff in Ebay and I dont think I ever will… I thought about Etsy and even open a store, but my own website brings enough people, so I just cant image.

    As for cloth and stuff, Im now using Ebay and actually bidding as I use to get everything buy now, and I have gotten a few awesome deals (like a bedrail for 1 buck)…. Also, I even found a cover from my old Graco Carseat because Im just giving it away to my brother (not for the car as it is old, but to put on top of the stroller for walks)… It is just cool how my 5 year old carseat, who was already used by 3 girls, will now look like new!!!!!!!!!! Im soo excited!!! =)

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