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Weekend Super Saver Coupon! Dec. 20th & 21st!

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Im happy to announce this week's winner as she is one of our faithful readers and commenters!!!!!!!


Katrina has the cutest video of one of her kids for their daddy...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Contact us ASAP so we can mail you out your new lot!
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Fluff Friday Winner from Week 7!!!!!

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In the hustle and bustle of my busy life I had an unbelievable day yesterday. It wasn't planned on my end. (Oh how I love to plan!) I do know that my higher power designed for my day yesterday to be exactly what it was- perfect!

I usually have a crazy day with my 3 great kids, running a business, taking care of a household, a shop, etc. Yesterday it snowed. The simple, purest, whitest, fluffiest snow. The kids didn't have school and I thought long and hard about trying to go down our back road to the shop that had not been plowed and said, " Ya know, I just need to spend the entire day with the kids and just enjoy the Christmas season."

I never take a week-day to "play" with the kids. We made Christmas cards, wrapped Christmas gifts, watched a movie, laughed, and just had a wonderful time.

I admit I did get on the computer tonight to do some emails and them remembered I needed to post to the blog. I wasn't sure what to write when it hit me-keep it simple.

Sometimes the most simplest of things in life is right before us. I love my kids so much and am grateful for this day. It was truly special.

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Enjoying the simple blessings of the season

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Many customers email me to ask what other items they need to have to cloth diaper. For the bare essentials obviously the diapers and my next suggestion is a wet bag. A wet bag is truly a lifesaver when cloth diapering. It can honestly make or break the success of cloth diapering.

For those of you that don't know what a wet bag is it essentially is a fabric bag that is laminated on the inside with fabric on the outside and holds dirty cloth diapers. It is a must for any diaper bag.

I do get the question, " Do I really, really need a wet bag to cloth diaper?" The black and white answer would be no but I tell people that if you store a dirty diaper in your regular diaper bag with all of baby's items it could get fecal matter and urine all over everything. That just wouldn't be good. Especially if you spouse or partner went into the diaper bag to find the soiled diaper contents all over the adorable outfit he or she purchase while baby was in utero!

The wet bag at our house is multi-purpose for us. In the summer time we also use it for wet swim suits. We do have a couple large wet bags so we can put wet towels,etc inside. I am especially loving the Planet Wise Wet Bags. They are the only wet bag on the market that has a 100% waterproof wet bag and has designed a patent pending method of even sealing the seams.
I definitely say a wet bag is a necessity when cloth diapering.
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The Whisperer Answers : Do I really need a wet bag when cloth diapering?

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My darling hubby Scott has been so busy fixing up our 1794 farm house that he hasn't been able to install the diaper sprayer. I think I posted something about me hoping that he would install the diaper sprayer soon. (It's not done yet-LOL!)
So I am down at my shop- which by the way used to be my previous home before we purchased the farmhouse we call "Big Red".

Riley hadn't "ya know" in three days so he was due....for a big one (LOL!). He finally went and it was just as I expected. I was about to put his diaper in our Planet Wise wet bag when it dawned on me. The bathroom on the 2nd floor has a diaper sprayer hooked to it. Now without going into great detail two years ago my hubby grabbed one of the diaper sprayers and wanted to have it hooked up so it could be used like a bidet. (Side note- why do men spend 30 minutes in the bathroom doing "you know what"?)

So....I used the diaper sprayer for the first time on Riley's very soiled diaper. It was awesome. I love it. Now I have to get hubby to install the one at the house. I have placed the sprayer by the sink in hopes he will install it. (I think he might get the hint- what do you think?) I probably could do it but hate following directions!
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Oh How I Love Thee...Mr./Mrs.Diaper Sprayer!

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How it all got started:

It all started with our third baby Keagan's persistent diaper rash. Trips back and forth the pediatrician and the pharmacy fail to lick the problem completely. Out of sheer frustration, I turned to the Net hoping for some super (and permanent !) cure for his diaper rash.

One thing leads to another and I found out about cloth diapering and how it's supposed to help baby with bad diaper rash. My first reaction was "Yucks ! Who wants to cloth diaper these days? Certainly not me!!" I still had not-so-wonderful memories of trying to pin a nappy on my squirmy first-born 3 years before that and of trying to wash off the breastfed baby poo off the nappies (and not succeeding very well). All our good intentions of wanting to cloth diaper our son and save the earth (and our pockets) flew out the window in less than two weeks.

However, my eyes were caught by some of the very cute cloth diapers I saw on the Internet. Wow, those are really cool cloth diapers, I thought ! I ordered a couple from the States and tried them on my diaper-rash-prone baby. He loved them so much he cried when I have to take them off.

I decided that a one size diaper would be more economical, so I made a few prototypes and tried them on my son. Some worked well and some not so well. I passed a few of the one size diapers to my friends to try with their babies and the response was very encouraging and in early 2002, Bumwear one size diaper was launched to the delight of moms in Singapore who prefer to cloth diaper their babies. Up till today, Bumwear remains the best selling diapers in Singapore and the rest of Asia and we have a healthily expanding network in USA, Europe and Australia.

Why choose Bumwear ?
Having had babies with extremely sensitive skin, we know that we have to source for materials that are nothing but the best. Our fabrics are sourced from USA. We chose to laminate our diapers with the more expensive breathable film just so that babies wearing our diapers would have a cooler bottom. Our fleece is among the softest in the diapering world.

But that’s not all — we have the cutest diapers around with a mind-boggling choice of almost 40 colours and prints. Once in a while, we will make limited editions of Bumwear diapers with really special prints and colours, which will be inevitably be sold out in a short time. The irresistible combination of cuteness and functionality is what keeps Bumwear growing strength to strength ever since our debut in 2002.

Besides the best selling one size diapers, we also have petite diapers for newborns and cloth training pants for toilet training purposes. Recently, due to many request, we have expanded the sizing of our training pants to XL which fit 7-8 year children who still need some protection against bed wetting incidents at night.

Something about Rita
Never in her wildest dream did I ever imagine that I would be in the baby poo business :-) I was a straight-A, first class honours student who later on worked in big American banks such as JP Morgan and Credit Suisse First Boston. I quit after giving birth to Keagan, the third of my five children. Because of his nappy rashes, Bumwear was born.

Would ever I go back to corporate life again ? I don’t think so. After experiencing the joys of motherhood and the exhilaration of running a small business, nothing would entice me to go back to the 9-to-5 work life again. I love being home for my kids and selling products that I have personally used and tested on my kids to other moms. I have been truly blessed to be able to do what I love doing and make a living of it :-)

-Written by Rita- Founder and Inventor of Bumwear Diapers
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Product Focus : Bumwear Diapers

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* The FIRST THREE moms (or dads) leaving a comment will have an EXTRA comment EACH for being fast. They are:
- Kirsten (4themfamily at gmail dot com)
- Shari & Andrew

* The following people will one ONE extra comment EACH just because they were nice enough to comment on the Winner's post, even though they were not getting points for an extra comment on the giveaway.... They are:
- KayStarGoesRawr
- Serena
- Katrina
- The McKitterick Family
- Jon, Lindsey, Alex, and Ben
- Angela
- mommasboys
- Jennifer M.
When you guys post your extra comment just write why you are leaving that extra comment!!! Congrats!!!!
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More EXTRA comments for the Fluff Friday from Week 7!

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What would you win? The winner will get TWO Bumwear Handprinted Batik One Size Pocket Cloth Diapers, TWO bumGenius One-Size Microfiber Inserts and TWO JamTots' Zippered Wet Bag.... A $63+ value!!!!


What to do? Simply leave a comment telling us how many people (if any) have you converted to cloth diapers. Don’t forget to leave a way for us to contact you if you're the winner. You don’t need to have a blog to win, but be sure to leave your email address if you don’t have one.

When? You should leave your comment before Thursday, December 18th at 8pm EST.
What else to know? You can make ONE comment PER DAY. If you want to get more comments there are several ways to do it:
1 - Being or becoming one of our followers (gives you one extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are a follower.
2 - Being a subscriber of our blog or subscribing to our blog, gives you one extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are a follower.
3 - Commenting in other posts during the week will give you ONE EXTRA comment PER EACH comment that you make. Simply post a comment on this one saying the title of the post where you wrote your comment. So, what are you waiting for?? Participating on other posts pays off!!!
4 - Advertising the giveaway in a forum or other blog gives you ONE extra comment PER GIVEAWAY, NOT PER DAY. Simply post a comment saying that you are a follower.

How? We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post with the winner on Friday, December 19th, and will notify the winner by blog or email that they've won.

Who can participate? US Residents and Canadians are welcome!

Important note about the winner: If we havent hear from the winner by the closing time of next week's giveaway, we will be choosing another winner that will be published TOGETHER with next week's winner. We promise to do our best to get in contact with the winners.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway! It will if somebody that you knows get to win, in case you dont win yourself!!!
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Fluff Fridays - Week 7 *** CLOSED ***

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