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Remember that this promotion is ONLY valid this weekend: November 15th and 16th.

-Coupon code cannot be applied when you order detergent, prefolds, or flat diapers only.
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Weekend Super Saver Coupon!

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What a fun week!!!! It has been lots of fun to read all your comments, and we are glad that you guys took the time to write them and share those special moments with us.

We have our winner and her story was:
Our neighbor (a 6 year old boy) asked why my 2 year old son wasn't wearing a "real" diaper. At the time, my son was wearing a Fuzzi Bunz snap diaper and I guess the neighbor, never having seen anything like it, didn't think it looked like a "real" diaper!

We are thrilled to announce the winner of our second Fluff Friday... She is:

She has a Master in Counseling, and now is a very busy stay-at-home mom to her two little boys: Dylan (2 years old) and Tucker (1 month old). She started cloth diapering her oldest boy this past June and has been doing great since then!

Carrie: Please, contact us ASAP with your mailing address so we can mail you your Wahmies and wet bag. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And don't forget to send us a picture of of both of your boys using the diaper!!!
For those that didn't win, stay tune for tomorrow's coupon and for the new giveaway starting this Sunday!!
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Fluff Friday Winner from Week 2!!!!!

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There are many reasons to cloth diaper. Most people start cloth diapering either for environmental, economic, or philosophical reasons. The past few years cloth diapering has become not only functional but super fashion-forward.

Are you a cloth diaper addict? What makes a cloth diaper addict? Do you spend endless hours on Diaper Swappers chatting it up with others about what type of "fluff" purchases you just made. I have pondered many times..."At what point is cloth diapering an addiction?"

There are many trends with cloth diaper and one is the Good Mama One Size Fitted Diaper. For example- this past summer Good Mama and Sweetie Bums joined together to make some exciting combinations. How much do you think was the highest amount paid for a diaper at one of the auctions?......$296.00! WOW!
I know when Kelly's Closet added Good Mama Diapers to the store we had over 500 customers on the site at once. It was crazy and 100 diapers went in minutes.
You might be a cloth diaper addict if you:
-Spend half your day chatting about cloth.
-Have multiple packages arriving weekly of "fluff".
-You have to "sneak" your cloth diaper purchases into the house so your spouse or partner doesn't see you as you went over budget.
-You start selling things around the house on eBay or similar sites so you can purchase more diapers.
-You have posted at least 1000 posts at Diaper Pin or Diaper Swappers
-You have other people "stalk" for you when a company is having a "stocking" and you can't be around the computer.
If you are shopping for cloth diapers for the first time just don't be scared away by the average pocket or all in one diaper at $17.95. Believe can spend a lot more than that! Once you start purchasing you just might get addicted and can't stop.
Yes! Cloth diapering is FUN!
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Are you a cloth diaper addict?

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Ok, it's time to go get your green on. Do you feel like you're constantly spending money on diapers, like every five minutes? Yeah, we used to feel that way too. With Lizzie, we made a conscious decision to go cloth, after finding that she got lots of rashes with disposables. We settled on the bumGenius one size cloth diapers. What's this one size stuff about? Your garden variety, traditional cloth diaper involves a big wad of cloth, shoved inside a cover that keeps all the junk inside, lots of moving parts, not very user-friendly. A one size diaper, like the bumGenius, goes on like your average disposable. Inside, there's a pocket that holds the various absorbent pads.

The one size diapers are very easy to use. My wife refers to them as "Husband-Friendly". Even the nursery workers at church can handle these things. They're adjustable, and fit kids that are between 7 and 35 pounds. What's the down side of these diapers? They're not cheap. Up-front costs are pretty high. The bumGenius diapers cost about $18 each. The folks at Kelly's Closet sell larger quantities (12 or more) for a decent discount though (about $1 per diaper). Their "Starter Package" is right about $400, and includes 24 diapers. Based on prices for Pampers at Amazon, and Kelly's Closet, as of Nov 6, 2008, here's what I came up with. The primary assumption I made was that the child would wear diapers until they're 3 years old, and used an informal poll between a few random sources, including our own experiences with our 2 children to come up with how many diapers per day would be used.

Pampers CostsbumGenius Costs


Wow, that's quite a difference, eh? So, if you're willing to invest at least 7 months of time to devote to using cloth, you'll come out roughly even ($440.48 vs $450.60). If you continue down the cloth road, by the time your child is potty trained, you will have saved a bit more than $1500. What does this comparison fail to account for? The cost of washing the diapers vs. disposal of the disposable diapers. Most folks buy bins like the Playtex Diaper Genie, which means you're in for buying replacement cartridges, so more ongoing costs.

Maybe cloth isn't for you. There's certainly a larger commitment involved - you'll be doing a load of diapers every day. You could stretch this to every 2 days once the child is a bit older, or if you get another 12 diapers, which would add another 50% to the cost. That means your time period to recoup your investment is closer to a year. Still, you're ahead by about 2/3 in that case as well. For us, it's totally worth it. And guess what? Lizzie doesn't get rashes from cloth diapers, ever.

Financial and comfort issues aside, consider the potential environmental impact from using cloth diapers, vs. disposables. How often do you empty a diaper genie that's full of diapers, resulting in a pile the size of your leg? Think about how large a pile of disposable diapers that is over the first few years of a child's life. Go back up above, and multiply it all out, using the disposable numbers -- that's over 7,000 diapers. That's a pretty large pile of diapers that will spend dozens or in some cases, up to hundreds of years in landfills (for the non-cotton components in the diaper). With a cloth diaper solution, what are you introducing into the environment, apart from the bio-waste? Water and detergent, just like washing clothes. However, with diapers, you use less detergent, and can always use a more naturally formulated detergent, further minimizing environmental impact.

-Written by Jason C.- Blog Contributor
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The Whisperer Answers: How much can you really save using BumGenius?

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What is a Wahmies one size, when was it invented, and the types of materials it is made of:

Wahmies opened its doors in 2003 selling cloth diapering accessories but in early 2007 began developing their very first and revolutionary One Size fits all pocket diaper. The first thing that was decided was that the inner fabric would be a 100% polyester velour fabric. It was a fabric that Wahmies has always wanted to put into a diaper since it stays so soft, keeps the baby feeling dry and is available in a variety of colors. This fabric isn't as widely used in the cloth diaper industry but they felt certain that mom's would appreciate this super soft - pill free fabric. All of the Wahmies outer fabrics are 100% polyester which reduces wicking associated with cotton prints.

Finally, hook closures were used to create the most adjustable fitting diaper on the market today. You may look at the diaper and think that it would be impossible to put on a wiggly toddler. This is simply not true. Once you know what hook you are going for it is actually much easier to put on a child that is standing, crawling or trying to run away. Additionally, in the larger setting many mom's use them as pull ups and you will see they even look like trainers. The diaper loops soften with use and easily come out with just a tilt of the hooks.

Now, despite Wahmies promises that this is an easy diaper, they have listen to parent's request and have just released an all snapping version of the Wahmies One Size. Now there are two great diapers on the market. Wahmies still feels that the hook version is the most versatile but it's little all snapping sister is sure to be a hit as well. (coming soon to Diaper Shops!)

Why choose Wahmies one size?

Wahmies One Size is TRULY a one size fits all diaper. Wahmies feels that other one size diapers can sometimes be a highly adjustable "medium sized" diaper. Because of its revolutionary hook closures you can easily fit tiny to big.

A brief intro about Wahmies and about the inventor:

Wahmies products are made in the USA by mom's such as yourself. The owner is Lisa Adkins who lives in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia with her husband and two children. Lisa, who started her career as a speech pathologist, now devotes most of her time catering to moms, babies and grandmothers to promote cloth diapering as an "every day" choice.
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Product Focus: Wahmies One Size Diaper

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What would you win? The winner will get a Wahmies One Size Diaper with FREE One Size Insert AND a Planet Wise Wet Bag!!!!!! A $27+ value!

What to do? Simply leave a comment telling us a worth-telling story of something that happened to you while cloth diapering. Don’t forget to leave a way for us to contact you if you're the winner. You don’t need to have a blog to win, but be sure to leave your email address if you don’t have one.

When? You should leave your comment before Thursday 13th at 9pm EST.

What else to know? You can make only ONE comment during this giveaway. If you add yourself as one of our Followers, you will be allowed to leave a second comment letting us know that you are a follower, which will increase your chances of winning.

How? We will draw one winner randomly with an "Online Number Generator" and will make a post with the winner on Friday 14th, and will notify the winner by blog or email that they've won.

Who can participate? US Residents and Canadians are welcome!

Good luck, and don’t forget to tell all your family and friends about the giveaway!
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Fluff Fridays - Week 2

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