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Detergent residue is honestly the #1 reason why cloth diapers will leak. I can't stress enough that using the correct detergent is the absolute key to cloth diapering success.

So what is this term- detergent residue? Detergent residue is a film left behind from certain detergents and additives. You cannot see this residue and you won't notice anything until you start having problems with leaks.

The major cause of detergent residue is the use of free and clear detergents. Free and clear detergents are the WORST detergents to use on cloth diapers. What? Are you serious, you ask! Over time (usually a few weeks) using a free and clear detergent on cloth diapers will leave a waxy coating on the diapers. Pocket diapers are especially vulnerable to this as the residue actually "clogs" the pores of the fleece or suede cloth (the part the wicks moisture away) and make the diapers leak. Customers have emailed me in a panic thinking it is a defect in the diapers when actually it is a detergent problem.

Now if you have used a free and clear detergent, don't panic. First of all discontinue using it. This includes discontinue using it for your clothing AND cloth diapers. We HIGHLY recommend using one type of detergent for your regular laundry and cloth diaper laundry. If you switch back and forth you are literally creating a "scientific experiment" in your washing machine. Residues from the previous detergent will react with the next detergent and then deposit on your diapers.

Next, you need to "strip" your diapers. I know this sounds harsh but it is really quite simple. Wash your diapers in hot water with no detergent and add Oxiclean Versatile Powder (the regular version). You may need to do this routine 2-3 times, drying in between cycles.

Finally, choose a detergent that is suitable for cloth diaper laundry AND clothing laundry. We highly recommend Charlie's Soap, Allen's Naturally, or Fuzzi Bunz Detergent by Vaska.

Now my husband was a big Tide with bleach user. When I wanted to try out Charlie's Soap he said to me , "There is no way that natural stuff is going to clean like Tide." I asked him that we should try it for a week. We have never turned back. The Charlie's Soap gets all our clothes clean (and better than Tide) and we have never once had any problems with my son's cloth diapers!

Don't use vinegars, essential oils, sodas, or laundry boosters in your wash load. We believe and know that using less is so much better. Occasionally you can use regular bleach on inserts (not on pocket diapers, covers, or similiar product).

Stay tuned as next week we will fill you in on the #2 reason why cloth diapers will leak.

-Picture courtesy of Diaper Jungle . A complete resource of cloth diapering fun!
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What is detergent residue?

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Changing dirty diapers is a daunting – and sometimes dreaded – task for new dads. So, when Mohammad Suleiman’s wife, Ahna, suggested that they use cloth diapers for their newborn daughter, he was less than thrilled with the idea.

“My initial reaction was ‘heck no." I thought that we would be wrapping our child in the equivalent of a dish towel,” he confesses. “I could not visualize where the waste would go and I thought changing her would be an absolute mess.”

But Mohammad’s wife was persistent and thought that a trial period could put her husband’s mind at ease. “I suggested we try cloth for awhile and if it was a disaster, we agreed we would re-evaluate,” Ahna says. “I selected FuzziBunz diapers, which I read were the most dad-friendly option.”

Kelly Wels, a cloth diapering expert and owner of the online cloth diapering boutique Fuzzi Bunz Online, says that offering a test of the diapers is the best way to get dads on board. This is why she offers a 30-day risk-free trial period.

“It’s understandable that dads are reluctant about cloth diapers. However, once dads have the opportunity to trial the diapers and see for themselves just how easy modern cloth diapering can be, they are often quite amicable to using cloth diapers for the long-haul,” says Wels.

Mohammad says seeing is believing. “When I first saw the pocket diapers I realized that modern day cloth diapers are much different than I expected. I could see that they were form-fitting, that they came in fun colors and that they were indeed very easy to use.”

Amaya Giauque, whose son is 10-months old, agrees that trying out the diapers was how she was able to get her husband, Greg, on board.

“I wanted to give it a test run and if it didn't work out, for any reason, I told my husband that we would switch [to disposables],” she says.

Amaya says that her husband has come around to the idea of using cloth diapers. Wels says most dads are fine with wet diapers, but that dirty diapers are one of the hardest things for a reluctant dad to get over. However, most dads – including her husband – often quickly realize that the benefits of cloth outweigh such minor inconveniences.

“I’ve come around to the idea that cloth diapers are just a better for our son and better for the planet. These two major benefits make it more than worth the minor inconvenience that comes with changing a dirty cloth diaper,” says Scott Wels, who says he has enjoyed using the one-size bumGenius brand diaper available at One Size Diaper Store.

While Mohammad agrees that mess disposal is not his favorite task, he, too, says that there are so many benefits to modern cloth diapers that make it worthwhile, including the benefits to the environment, significant cost-savings and lower incidence of his daughter’s diaper rash.

Dads are more often than not able to overlook the gross-out factor when they realize how cloth diapers are easy on the wallet too, says Wels.

Cloth diapers typically save a family at least $1,500 over the course of three years. The savings are much greater if a family reuses the same diapers for their future children,” she adds.

Mohammad agrees that cloth diapering is helping his family be more frugal, but also says that cloth diapering means they are being less wasteful too.

“We are very intentional about limiting our carbon footprint and feel that cloth diapering is a great way to walk our talk,” he says.

Greg concurs, “My wife and I are always looking for ways to help the environment and for ways to give our son the best. Cloth diapers help us do both and so much more.”

-Jenny L.,-Blog Contributor
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Skeptical Dads Give Cloth Diapers A Chance

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Super Grand Prize

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It took me seven years to finally come around to cloth diapering. I kept hearing about it from various friends and relatives, but it just sounded too weird. I was fine using disposables until my fourth baby arrived. At that point both my two oldest were still wetting the bed every night and my toddler wasn't ready to potty train, so I was buying disposables for four children.

One day after buying disposable diapers at the store and mentally adding up how much it was costing me each month, I got really fed up. Something had to change. I couldn't make my boys stop wetting the bed and I didn't want my frustration at having to spend a ton on pull-ups make them feel guilty for something that was beyond their control. Suddenly, it dawned on me: what if there were cloth pull-ups? And if I had to run a wash with those every morning I might as well run a wash for all the kids diapers. This thought filled me with a tremendous rush of glee. I would NEVER have to buy another disposable diaper ever again!

I remember the first time I took a batch of clean cloth diapers out of the dryer. It sounds silly, but after all those years of throwing stinky stuff in the trash it totally blew me away that these things had been totally gross but now they were clean and I could use them again! So began my love-affair with cloth diapers. Yes, it is more work, and with four small children it's no easy feat. But it just feels good. I love putting a batch of clean diapers back in the changing table each day. It more than makes up for the extra effort.

-Sarah E., Blog Contributor
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I have finally come around to cloth diapering!

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