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You may be wondering what makes me "The Cloth Diaper Whisperer." Well, after almost eight years of selling cloth diapers to moms around the world and as a cloth diapering momma myself, I have become uniquely qualified to answer just about any question related to cloth diapering --from "What do you do with the poop?" to "Can I really get my husband to change a cloth diaper?"

In future blog postings, I will help you understand cloth diapering better. My goal is to offer you tips, help you figure out if cloth diapering is for you, and most of all, offer you support, guidance and a little reassurance that your efforts are meaningful to your baby and our planet.

Check back often - and don't forget to send me messages, tips, questions or just about anything you want to tell me about cloth diapering. I just may publish your comments or questions on my blog ;-)

And of course, please feel free to visit any of my online diapering boutiques for additional information. I will offer special coupon codes and secret promotions to my blog readers only - so keep reading!
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Welcome to The Cloth Diaper Whisperer Blog!

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