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Product Focus: Blueberry Diapers

Short description of Blueberry Diapers:
Best known for our Minky Diapers, Blueberry offers a line of high quality, fashion-forward diapers to give moms a viable alternative to today’s modern cloth diapers. Established in May 2007, it has grown to be one of the most sought-after brands among those who use cloth diapers. Having diapers made with minky in bold colors and prints, along with a wide selection of unique PUL prints and colors,top quality craftsmanship, anatomically-correct fit and reliable performance helps differentiate Blueberry Diapers from other cloth diapers in the market today.
Why choose Blueberry?
1. Reliability. If all we had were good-looking diapers that leaked, we would have gone nowhere. Beyond the fashionable aspect of our line, there is also a science to making the diapers work. You have to have the best quality materials. The microfleece we use virtually has no problems with any kind of repelling issues. No special detergents needed other than what you can buy from your local grocery store (of course as long as no fabric softener is added). Whether you have hard water or soft water, it’s not a problem. The inserts that come with our diapers are extremely absorbent. Where a lot of people have to buy extra hemp inserts or doublers to combine them with the microfiber terry inserts you typically get with pocket diapers, you don’t have to do such a thing with ours since we’ve already combined the hemp and microfiber for you. The minky fabric we use are all laminated. We are the only one in our industry that I know of that uses laminated minky. It is a long and expensive process to do it, but the reason we laminate the fabric directly is to eliminate extra bulk, especially for our one size diapers, and to prevent any wicking issues that may occur when you have an outer layer that is not laminated. So there’s your formula for making a diaper that works: a good waterproof outer layer, non-repelling inner layer, and and absorbent core = a very reliable diaper. Plus our diapers fit really really well.
2. Variety & Options. We make both snaps and hook & loop diapers in almost 40 different solid colors and prints (both minky & PUL). It would be so easy for us to just make 1 type of diaper in a handful of colors and only use white snaps. But where’s the fun in doing that? People want colors and prints and dots and animal prints and multi-colored-snaps! We cater to the “advanced” cloth diapering mom. We want to add excitement to changing diapers. Only cloth diapering moms look forward to changing diapers when they have something cute in their stash to use next. I don’t know many people that get excited about changing another white diaper, much less a disposable.
3. No human was harmed in the production of our diapers. The laminate used for our waterproof fabrics is a non-solvent based type. Other than the fact that it is more environmentally sound, it is also safer for people to work around it because there are no fumes. Even a pregnant woman can safely work in the factory that laminates our fabrics. Same thing with our prints. You don’t smell that oil-based ink smell in the factory where our prints are made since they are all water-based. But more importantly, the fact that the very fabric that touches the baby is made in the US also helps assure us that they are made with higher standards of quality.
A brief intro about Blueberry & Me
Making diapers was something I accidentally stumbled into. All my life I thought I was going to be in food service. I had my first food business in high school at age 16. After a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration, I went to go to culinary school in San Francisco to earn my “chef” degree. After working in the field and owning 2 restaurants later, I realized I did not want to cook for a living. Why? Because of all the dishes. I hate doing dishes. I don’t like cleaning up after I cook. And it bored me to tears to have to cook the same thing over and over again. I make the best Shrimp Scampi in the world…and Tiramisu. But I don’t want to have to do it 50..80..120 times a day. Yes there are cooks and staff that can do it for us, but when someone doesn’t come in for their shift, me and my husband ends up doing the work. I loved the people we met and the customers we had, but the thought of managing a staff of people that aren’t as passionate about the business as I am just gives me knots in my stomach.
I started making diapers shortly after my first son was born. We established Swaddlebees in April 2005, we still had a restaurant back then. But within just 2 years, Swaddlebees sales had already surpassed that of our restaurant with just 2 employees compared to the restuarant’s 25. That’s when we decided to shut down the restaurant and make diapers full time.
The concept of Blueberry Diapers came about as a way to fill a niche market in the world of cloth diapers. It’s all about having fun. It began as a personal project in late 2006 as simply a way to test different designs and fabrics just to see how people would respond to it. I never planned on wholesaling it. Production began in Feb. 2007 and the website was launched in May that year. I already knew there was a huge market for cloth diapers with our experience with Swaddlebees. And I also know that among the moms who are already using cloth diapers, there is that certain percentage that is always looking for something more, regardless of the cost and whether or not they even needed more diapers. Using the best materials possible, and being able to find a high quality US manufacturer meant we will be pushing way beyond the “normal” price limits of cloth diapers. But then again, I didn’t intend for it to be “normal”. Blueberry Diapers are supposed to be different…fun, fashionable & funky….something you don’t see everyday. It’s something you will want to pull your baby’s pants down to show people what they have underneath….or something you may even not want to cover up.
I’ve never been the type to try to convince people to use cloth diapers, much less try to push our products on parents. I blush when I have to do that because I feel like a used car salesman. The way I see it, people either get it or they don’t. There’s no judgment. But if they do get cloth and are looking for something more than what you see everywhere else and what everybody else has, that’s where Blueberry Diapers come in. 🙂
-Written by Margarita McClure-Inventor of Blueberry and Swaddlebees Diapers


  1. Denise said...

    I LOVE minky!!! The cost has kept me from trying these, but I do really want to!!!

  2. Megan said...

    I have seen Blueberry diapers mentioned in several posts previously and in several Kelly’s Closet giveaways, but knew nothing about them! Thanks for this!

  3. Thanks for highlighting Blueberry Diapers. I can’t wait until I have enough extra cash around to spurge on a Blueberry Diaper. 🙂

  4. I have yet to try to blueberry diapers but definitely want to. How are they different from bumgenius?

  5. the momma said...

    What an interesting story! I love the US connection with the fabric… my next purchase from Kelly’s closet might just have to be a one sixe blueberry! (I love buying USA products… and esp. love buying them from a Maine based company! Gotta support the state economy!)

  6. Angela said...

    I want to try these so bad, thanks for the back round, makes me want to try them even more… I might have to pick one up:)

  7. Katie said...

    I have a few of the one size snaps and I love them!! They fit so well. They fit both my 2 1/2 yr old son and my 7 month old son really well. Plus, the inserts are great . . . they are the best diapers at night for my “super soaker” toddler.

  8. Katie said...

    In response to how are they different from BG . . .
    I can only speak to the one size ones, but they seem to fit better (they fit my boys better). I like the snap better than the aplix because they last longer and my 2 yr old cannot get them off!!! Also, the inserts are awesome. I like the hemp layer because it is more absorbant at night. They tend not to hold the ammonia smell as much either. Plus, I like the fact that the inserts are not made in China.

    If I could afford more, I would have all blueberry or swaddlebee ecconappis!!!

  9. Katie said...

    I just bought one of the minky diapers – it is so stinking cute and seems to work great! I love how soft it is on my little lady’s skin.

  10. The Eco Chic said...

    The fit is different than the bg. We have a minky os in snaps and it works great a night doubled with a bg os insert. The fit is more generous than the bg.
    I love that Margarita has all of the fabric sourced in the usa and the product is made in the usa!

  11. Thanks to those who compared the bb to bg for me. If they are sized a little larger they might fit my larger twin boy better. He is REALLY tall (off the charts for his age) and we have a hard time with the rise. Once I beef up my diaper budget again maybe we will have to try a bb os diaper.

  12. Montana Momma said...

    Thanks for spotlighting different diapers… it really helps when you are trying to decide if a new style is worth trying!

    And how cute are the minky animal prints… I know that my mother-in-law would just die, but I can’t wait to put a jaguar print diaper on my little girl! Talk about sassy!!

  13. Kelly said...

    I love the product focus posts the best! I am a prefold CDing mom. But I desperately want to expand my diaper stash. I just received my 1st BG and new FB and love them. And one day, when I have a little extra to spend I would love to try a BB. (Or maybe win one in a Fluff Friday give away) 🙂

  14. Kelly said...

    I will definitely be purchasing one of these in my next round of diaper shopping. I haven’t tried one yet, but I really want to expand and try some new brands.

  15. Serena said...

    These are some beautiful and soft (minky) diapers! And for those looking to buy USA made only items – these are for you! I prefer the BG’s over these due to cost – but I absolutely love the Blueberry color and fabric selections more!

  16. Diapers with minky. I bet they are soft. I want to try these.

  17. EdenSky said...

    I always thought they were adorable, but I was worried they might be all style and no substance. This helps to put my fears to rest and I might just have to splurge!

  18. Katrina said...

    I purchased my first Blueberry Minky diapers just before Christmas and absolutely love them!! I was always turned away by the price, so when I saw them on sale on Kelly’s Closet at the end of the year I just couldn’t pass them up. I bought the jaguar and fire opal prints and these are now my favorite diapers. The are extremely absorbent, fit great and are downright adorable. Last week while at a friends house (she is planning on CDing her twins once they have the money to invest in a stash) and I did pull down my son Brendan’s pants to show off the diaper. It’s just to stinkin cute to keep covered up!

    I’m glad that I was able to look back to these earlier posts to read about the history of the diaper. I had no idea that it was such a “new” product. I will definitely be buying more Blueberry Minky’s in the future.

  19. Sally Hilton said...

    Minky is the best!! Thanks for reviewing blueberrydiapers, they are my favorite!

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