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Product Focus : Bumwear Diapers

How it all got started:

It all started with our third baby Keagan’s persistent diaper rash. Trips back and forth the pediatrician and the pharmacy fail to lick the problem completely. Out of sheer frustration, I turned to the Net hoping for some super (and permanent !) cure for his diaper rash.

One thing leads to another and I found out about cloth diapering and how it’s supposed to help baby with bad diaper rash. My first reaction was “Yucks ! Who wants to cloth diaper these days? Certainly not me!!” I still had not-so-wonderful memories of trying to pin a nappy on my squirmy first-born 3 years before that and of trying to wash off the breastfed baby poo off the nappies (and not succeeding very well). All our good intentions of wanting to cloth diaper our son and save the earth (and our pockets) flew out the window in less than two weeks.

However, my eyes were caught by some of the very cute cloth diapers I saw on the Internet. Wow, those are really cool cloth diapers, I thought ! I ordered a couple from the States and tried them on my diaper-rash-prone baby. He loved them so much he cried when I have to take them off.

I decided that a one size diaper would be more economical, so I made a few prototypes and tried them on my son. Some worked well and some not so well. I passed a few of the one size diapers to my friends to try with their babies and the response was very encouraging and in early 2002, Bumwear one size diaper was launched to the delight of moms in Singapore who prefer to cloth diaper their babies. Up till today, Bumwear remains the best selling diapers in Singapore and the rest of Asia and we have a healthily expanding network in USA, Europe and Australia.

Why choose Bumwear ?
Having had babies with extremely sensitive skin, we know that we have to source for materials that are nothing but the best. Our fabrics are sourced from USA. We chose to laminate our diapers with the more expensive breathable film just so that babies wearing our diapers would have a cooler bottom. Our fleece is among the softest in the diapering world.

But that’s not all β€” we have the cutest diapers around with a mind-boggling choice of almost 40 colours and prints. Once in a while, we will make limited editions of Bumwear diapers with really special prints and colours, which will be inevitably be sold out in a short time. The irresistible combination of cuteness and functionality is what keeps Bumwear growing strength to strength ever since our debut in 2002.

Besides the best selling one size diapers, we also have petite diapers for newborns and cloth training pants for toilet training purposes. Recently, due to many request, we have expanded the sizing of our training pants to XL which fit 7-8 year children who still need some protection against bed wetting incidents at night.

Something about Rita
Never in her wildest dream did I ever imagine that I would be in the baby poo business πŸ™‚ I was a straight-A, first class honours student who later on worked in big American banks such as JP Morgan and Credit Suisse First Boston. I quit after giving birth to Keagan, the third of my five children. Because of his nappy rashes, Bumwear was born.

Would ever I go back to corporate life again ? I don’t think so. After experiencing the joys of motherhood and the exhilaration of running a small business, nothing would entice me to go back to the 9-to-5 work life again. I love being home for my kids and selling products that I have personally used and tested on my kids to other moms. I have been truly blessed to be able to do what I love doing and make a living of it πŸ™‚

-Written by Rita- Founder and Inventor of Bumwear Diapers


  1. Serena said...

    I really enjoy reading the stories of how these successful and cute diaper “brands” have come to be who they are today.

    It’s interesting to note how people in/from other countries, where cloth diapering is more prevalent, typically look down on it. As Rita points out when she read about cloth diapering being a great solution to diaper rash issues, “Who wants to cloth diaper these days?”

    Many of my friends who’ve immigrated from countries all over the world have the mindset that the “modern/western way must be better than the old-fashioned/old country way.”

    The ironic thing is the majority of cloth diapering options today are VERY MODERN!

    I’ve been wanting to write my own little article/blog about this issue for weeks now – this just reminds me how I need to get that finished!

  2. Angela said...

    I have used the cloth training pants and they are great!

  3. Katie said...

    I love this story! I had not heard of bumwear before today, but I will be sure to get some with my next order. It is so encouraging to hear about moms who have created something new while staying at home with their babies.

  4. gibsonfam said...

    I love hearing how motherhood changes even the most driven of people. I think about my degrees and I don’t miss the work world for a second. Kudos to Rita for making a difference in her childrens’ lives and the lives of those of us who would love her product!

  5. Megan said...

    That’s a great story. I am amazed at how cloth diapering has become a business for moms who perceive a need.

  6. Kelly said...

    I have never tried these, but I love all the cute diapers. Perhaps these will be next when I need more diapers!

  7. Katrina said...

    What a neat story. Puts a different spin on how having a baby can change your life. πŸ™‚ It’s amazing how in Asia, and so much of the rest of the world cloth diapering is the norm. Whereas, here in the US, most people look at you funny when you mention the fact that you cloth diaper.

  8. the momma said...

    Haven’t tried these yet, but I hope to investigate their cloth trainers as our 21 mo old starts going on the toilet more consistently!

  9. I have yet to try bumwear but hope to branch out from my bumgenius soon. Don’t get me wrong I love them but I am sure there are other diapers out there that I will like just as well if not better.

  10. Montana Momma said...

    Great story! I love hearing about how all of these moms started their own businesses out of necessity! I’m checking out the patterns on the Bumwear next!

  11. Sara in Seattle said...

    I love to hear the stories of the women behind the brands. Keep them coming!

  12. Shari & Andrew said...

    I like how her diapers are made of the more breathable PUL–we are looking for something that has more air flow for our son right now–I think I’m going to have to try these out! Also love the pretty prints–the turtle prints are too cute! Reminds me of Hawaii where my family is from!

  13. Katie said...

    I’m so inspired by all these mamas that made their own diapers and are now so successful!!
    Maybe I’ll try someday – but for now, I’m just trying to keep up with my 10 month old and being pregnant again!!

  14. The Eco Chic said...

    Yes, I love hearing about how the “inventors” got started making their product. It is so nice to put a face behind the product and to know a bit of history about the product before making a purchase.

  15. Kristin said...

    I almost bought some Bumwear when I first started cloth diapering, but my husband just wanted me to pick one type and go… and I chose a different one. But now after reading about their efforts against rashes, I may have to try them! My baby has rashes ALL THE TIME, but cloth totally helps. Being in cloth helps more than zinc oxide cream in a disposable. Those Bumwear are so cute. I need to convince DH πŸ™‚

  16. Kelly, Your contact the whisperer button does not work. It just links to the photo. Is there another way?

  17. Senior Family said...

    I loved the bumwear dipes i had in the past πŸ™‚ i love the color choices and prints .. i may need to try one again !
    i too also love the stories behind the diapers πŸ™‚ so fun !!

  18. EdenSky said...

    wow, I’d never even heard of Bumware before, but these are super cute!

  19. Tanya said...

    They are quite pretty.

  20. The Eco Chic said...

    Hi Jon, Lindsey, Alex, and Ben ,
    Thanks for letting me know. I will have Anelys look into it.

  21. Kelly said...

    There are so many different types of diapers out there, it is nice to hear the story behind the diaper and give me another reason to try a different kind now that I am being adventerous πŸ™‚

  22. I really want to try a one size cloth diaper. I really think that would save tons of money.

  23. Lindsey: I took care of it yesterday! Thanks for letting us know!! =)

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