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Fluff Friday Winner from Week 6!!!!!

Here is our winner from this week!!! She is the mom of two beautiful girls CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let’s all say congratulations to her!!! Dont be shy!!


  1. KayStarGoesRawr said...

    Congrats!!!! (: Yay for you!

  2. Serena said...

    CONGRATS Christy! Your girls are gorgeous! =)

  3. That is so exciting. It made my morning when I saw that I won! Thanks.

  4. Congrats Christy! Lucky you!

  5. Angela said...

    congrats! What a great gift to you right before the Holidays.

  6. The Eco Chic said...

    Congrats! Be sure to contact us thru our kc site so we can ship out your winnings!!

  7. mommasboys said...

    Congratulations! Enjoy your new fluff!

  8. I filled out a form on your kc site but it was later Friday afternoon. If you need more info my email is pipandsqueak at gmail dot com

  9. Jennifer M. said...

    Congrats!!!! I am jealous!!!

  10. Girls: Thank you for being so nice… Stay tuned for tomorrow’s new giveaway!!!!

    Christy: Kelly will contact you as soon as she gets a chance (if she havent already). =)

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