Monday, November 10, 2008

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Product Focus: Wahmies One Size Diaper

What is a Wahmies one size, when was it invented, and the types of materials it is made of:

Wahmies opened its doors in 2003 selling cloth diapering accessories but in early 2007 began developing their very first and revolutionary One Size fits all pocket diaper. The first thing that was decided was that the inner fabric would be a 100% polyester velour fabric. It was a fabric that Wahmies has always wanted to put into a diaper since it stays so soft, keeps the baby feeling dry and is available in a variety of colors. This fabric isn't as widely used in the cloth diaper industry but they felt certain that mom's would appreciate this super soft - pill free fabric. All of the Wahmies outer fabrics are 100% polyester which reduces wicking associated with cotton prints.

Finally, hook closures were used to create the most adjustable fitting diaper on the market today. You may look at the diaper and think that it would be impossible to put on a wiggly toddler. This is simply not true. Once you know what hook you are going for it is actually much easier to put on a child that is standing, crawling or trying to run away. Additionally, in the larger setting many mom's use them as pull ups and you will see they even look like trainers. The diaper loops soften with use and easily come out with just a tilt of the hooks.

Now, despite Wahmies promises that this is an easy diaper, they have listen to parent's request and have just released an all snapping version of the Wahmies One Size. Now there are two great diapers on the market. Wahmies still feels that the hook version is the most versatile but it's little all snapping sister is sure to be a hit as well. (coming soon to Diaper Shops!)

Why choose Wahmies one size?

Wahmies One Size is TRULY a one size fits all diaper. Wahmies feels that other one size diapers can sometimes be a highly adjustable "medium sized" diaper. Because of its revolutionary hook closures you can easily fit tiny to big.

A brief intro about Wahmies and about the inventor:

Wahmies products are made in the USA by mom's such as yourself. The owner is Lisa Adkins who lives in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia with her husband and two children. Lisa, who started her career as a speech pathologist, now devotes most of her time catering to moms, babies and grandmothers to promote cloth diapering as an "every day" choice.


Andrea said...

LOve the wahmies!! =)

utahmomma said...

I LOVE my WAHMIES diapers! They're so soft I want to rub them on my face after they're washed :)! The owner is also wonderful to work with if there's ever an issue with one of her diapers. I encourage everyone I know to try one at least! They're awesome!

Kelly Wels said...

Wahmies is a terrific company! I love working with Lisa and look forward to seeing the snap version of her one size!