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Super Grand Prize

Link to our new blog “The Cloth Diaper Whisperer” from your own personal blog, website, or anywhere else that is a legitimate, safe, family friendly website.

For every link you will be entered to win a 12 pk of Bumgenius One Size Pocket Diapers (you can even choose the new colors: Clementine, Ribbit,Moonbeam, and Zinnia)

To enter: YOU MUST OPEN UP A CUSTOMER SERVICE TICKET (email entries will NOT be accepted)

Subject line: Blog Grand Prize Drawing

In the body of the ticket include: Your full name, address, email, and phone number.

All the links that are heading to our new blog. We will verify every link. PLEASE, only family friendly links are allowed.

Only send 1 ticket with all your links. Due to the expected high demand we are unable to personally respond to the tickets. Winner to be announced on Wed., Oct 29th.


  1. Amy said...

    I sent in my ‘ticket’ and added your link to my blog! I am really enjoying your blog!

  2. The Eco Chic said...

    Oh terrific! Sending good vibes your way. The new BG colors are terrific BTW!

  3. brietta said...

    I’m so excited about this give-away! (I’m kind of nuts about the new zinnia and clementine colors!)

    I’m already really appreciating the blog, too. Thanks!

  4. The Eco Chic said...

    Hi Brietta,
    I really don’t like pink but when I first saw the Zinnia I absolutely fell in love with it. It looks like Raspberry Sherbet.
    I guess I will have to try again and get pg with a girl so I can put her in one. LOL
    Hubby just wouldn’t like to see Riley in it!

  5. Amanda said...

    I sent mine in!

  6. Allison Says said...

    How wonderful! I completed my ticket 🙂

  7. Jen said...

    I’m sending mine in as I’m writing this…Well, multi-taskingly, at least 🙂

    I love the colors, and I’m very excited about this!

    Love your blog too. Funny, and lots of info!

  8. Ashli said...

    Omg I sent my ticket…I would SO LOVE to win this!! I have twins and am wanting to build a stash of BGs, but only have 4 so far!!

  9. I screwed it up. I didn’t add any links to it..can i do it again?

  10. Alinga B said...

    I sent in my ticket! I love the new colors and can’t wait for my LO to arrive!!

  11. The Eco Chic said...

    Yes, the colors are so bright and yummy looking.
    Keep checking back as we will be having weekly giveaways.

  12. The Eco Chic said...

    Hi Derek and Elisabeth,
    All you need to do is just submit another ticket thru our customer service ticket system at

  13. Tash said...

    I added you to my blog, and my Due date club in a forum I visit. How fun! Thanks for doing this!

  14. Melissa said...

    I think I did all right! I sent in my ticket, added your link, and now I’m going to peruse your blog! Thanks so much!


  15. Megan said...

    I sent in my ticket and added your link to my blog- fun! This was a great impetus to get my blog going- that has been brewing for a while!

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