Many soon to be cloth moms are anxious to put their soft and colorful cloth diapers on their newest arrivals from day one. A tiny newborn stash is great, but can be very expensive and many babies will outgrow their newborn diapers in either weight or absorbency in just a few weeks. However, most "one size" diapers are not only bulky but often too big and may leak on a newborn. What's a cloth mom to do? There are a few great options for moms (and dads) that are weary of investing in an entire newborn stash but still want to be able to use cloth on their baby from day one.

Thirsties Duo Diapers. Thirsties makes a great tried and true diaper cover called the duo wrap, it comes in two sizes with three rise settings each. Size one adjusts to fit babies 6 - 18lbs making it the perfect option for most newborns but lasting much longer than a typical newborn diaper. It pairs well with a cotton osocozy flat for a very affordable diapering system and the flat can be pad folded and used as a doubler later on.

Grovia makes wonderfully soft and absorbent bamboo prefold that comes in 4 sizes, many moms can skip the newborn and start with the infant size which can be wrapped around baby or padfoled and laid in the thristies cover. If folding and wraping and snappi-ing sounds like too much, thristies makes a duo insert - converting their awesome cover into an all-in-two system. Simply lay the insert into the cover, fasten around baby and go! If the diaper is just wet, toss the insert in the pail, wipe the cover, grab a new insert and go again! Thristies even has a duo fitted diaper for maximum nighttime absorbency for even the littlest heavy wetter.

Softbums Echo and Omni. Softbums makes an incredibly soft and trim diaper with adjustable leg elastic and fabulous aplix, making it a one size diaper that truly works well on a newborn. The Echo is another all-in-two system with stay dry or bamboo snap in inserts that come in both newborn and larger sizes. The Omni can also be used with their snap in inserts as an all-in-two, but has a pocket opening and a more generous cut so that it can also be used as a cover, making it a very versatile diaper!

Applecheeks is another two sized system, with size one fitting from 7-20 lbs it should last well into baby's first year. It's also versatile, with their bamboo inserts it can be used like an all-in-two, or you can stuff an insert into the envelop opening and use it as a pocket, with the added bonus of the insert agitating itself out in the wash, so no unstuffing dirty newborn diapers!

Fuzzibunz perfect size diapers in size small fit from 7 - 18 lbs, making this a great choice if you are looking for a pocket diaper.

Rumparooz one size covers have 4 adjustable rise settings instead of the typical 3 and start fitting around 6 lbs, but last all the way through potty training and come in a rainbow of adorable colors and prints.

Lastly, Blueberry Capri covers in size one fit from 6-16 lbs and when paired with their stay dry cotton Capri insert makes another great all-in-two option.

With the abundance of choices available to cloth diapering families, every mom (and dad) should be able to find a cloth option that will not only fit their newborn on day one and last well into - if not all the way through - their cloth diapering journey, but also fit their budget and diapering preferences.

Bio: Emily is a stay at home wife to Will, and mom to 11 month old Owen, living in Houston TX. She loves Jesus, cooking, cloth diapers, and learning to live a greener life in a big city. Maybe one day she will even blog about it?

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Cloth Diapering a Newborn Without a "Newborn Stash"

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AHHH!!! I’m pregnant!!! My husband and I are overjoyed to be expecting out 3rd child later this fall, but for now it’s our little secret. So, what’s a mama to do when she’s still in pregnancy secret mode? Obsess (some more) over her cloth diaper stash of course!

We have been using cloth diapers for over 3 years, since our first child turned 1. We bought all one size diapers and were happy with our choice. As he got bigger, he outgrew some of the one size diapers and we ended up purchasing a few larger sized diapers. When our second child arrived, we did a mix of cloth & disposables to start. I purchased a few newborn pockets, AIOs, fitteds, covers and prefolds. Since my oldest was still in diapers at the time and we were both working full time, we purchased a few more one size diapers to help us get by. Now that we are down to one in diapers, we have a pretty decent stash for one – but many of them have been used constantly for 3 years! Somehow, I have managed to not make any cloth diaper purchases (for my own children) for almost 2 years!

Soon after getting that positive pregnancy test for baby #3, I found myself taking inventory of my newborn stash and checking out what else would need to be fixed or replaced for the new babe. I must have sold off some of my newborn AIOs and fitteds, but I do still have covers, a couple adorable AIOs I just couldn’t part with and some prefolds. I think my newborn purchases will consist of a few fitteds and prefolds as that is what worked best for us last time.

Next, I took a look through my current stash. The bumgenius pockets that have been in use for 3+ years are well loved. I have never replaced the elastic and while they work fine on my 2-year old, I don’t think they will hold up on a small baby anymore. After looking more closely, I noticed that the casing around the elastic is really thin, in some spots the elastic is showing & there are small holes and tears on other areas of the covers. At this point I’m not sure it’s worth replacing the elastic. I am not disappointed in the least. I got a great deal when I purchased them and if I had to guess, I would say they have been used probably 350-400 times, which brings the cost per wear to about $0.03…not bad at all! The PUL is in excellent shape & the snaps are still perfect.

I also have been looking at my inserts. The microfiber is holding up great but many of the hemp inserts I use as doublers are nearing the end of their life. I also have several flip organic inserts I use as inserts in pockets that are falling apart. But again, after 3 years of constant heavy use, I really can’t complain.

One of the minor changes I did make was putting away some of my “better condition” one size diapers and getting out the larger sized diapers that our son now fits into. Since he mastered aplix removal at an early age, I also have a few of them tucked away that will be perfect for the new baby.

After taking a look at what we have available, I started making a wish list. Did you know you can do that on Kelly’s Closet? If you didn’t, now you do. I hope to take advantage of sales coming up to snag a few items I will need to beef up my stash. I’ll need some Rockin Green soon, so I’ll be adding a few of my items from my list to complete my order & hopefully score a new *free* diaper as well.

Here are some items I’ve classified as a need for the new baby:
I also have some things I really want, even though I probably don’t need them. These would be easy gifts for Christmas since baby will still be itty bitty at that point. I am obsessed with the new Armadillo and Hummingbird colors bumGenius came out with. If this baby is a girl, I will likely also have a hard time saying no to Countess. And I’m sure there will be many more temptations (I’m looking at you Softbums…) between now and then!

There’s no need to hurry with these purchases, but it feels good to start being able to plan something. Finally, I’m this close to earning a gift certificate from Kelly’s Closet rewards program. Should I buy something useful like hemp inserts or should I put it towards that Onya carrier or something else that I want?

By: Anonymous mama expecting baby #3!

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Preparing for Baby #3

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Who doesn’t love Free Fluffy Mail??

This week The Cloth Diaper Whisperer is giving away 1 Blueberry Trainer - Winner may state Boy, Girl or Gender Neutral print/color (prints/colors are subject to stock levels at time of winning)

Would you like to be a contributor on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer? We're always looking for creative writers who would like to share their cloth diapering tips. To find out more Contact Us
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Fluff Friday 279

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Thank you so much to everyone who entered our Fluffiversary Giveaway this month.  We had amazing response to our giveaway and we're so excited to announce our winners!!  

If you see your name listed below, CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Once the Easter weekend is past us we will be contacting you using the email address you had entered in the Rafflecopter form to request additional information from you.  Please be patient as we do have a LOT of emails to send; it may be the end on Monday before we get them all sent out.  If you like to help save us a step; feel free to "Contact Us" at Kelly's Closet with your shipping information, gender preferences, closure preferences, etc.  We'll confirm your identity by email address.   

Want to see who won?  Want to know what you won?  
  • Kissaluvs prize: Bobbi Malchert
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Once you are contacted, you will have 48 hours to claim your prize.  We will forward all winners information to the sponsors so they can get your prize to you.  Please allow 7-14 days for prizes to arrive.

Thank you again for entering and congratulations to our winners!!  
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Fluffiversary Giveaway Winners Announced

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