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Super Saturday Coupon

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Earth Day is April 22nd and we're celebrating with some of our favorite cloth diaper and babywearing friends.  

If you're reading this, chances are that you use cloth diapers (or considering it).  Cloth diapers are eco-friendly and save thousands of disposable diapers from a lifetime in a landfill.  What other ways have you changed your life, because of cloth diapers, to be more eco-friendly?  Have you started using cloth wipes? What about ditching disposable paper towels and switching to People Towels?  Have you switched from tampons to menstrual cups or cloth pads?  Did you know that there are toxic ingredients in many bath and body products; we carry an entire line of eco-friendly, non-toxic skin care products too.  

Share with us in the comments one way which you "Love Your Mother Earth!"

Giveaway:  Enter to win one of the 27 prizes in our week long Earth Day giveaway! Be sure to visit our sponsors who have donated the prizes for this giveaway and thank them! You can find all of these brands (and more) available for purchase at Kelly's Closet.  To enter, fill out the rafflecopter entry form below between now and April 23rd.  Winners will be announced on April 24th.  Good luck!!

Giveaway open to residents of the US Only, ages 18yrs+.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Would you like to be a contributor on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer? We're always looking for creative writers who would like to share their cloth diapering tips. To find out more Contact Us

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Love Your Mother Earth - Earth Day Giveaway with Kelly's Closet

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Wow! Thank you to everyone who entered our 14th Fluff-iversary Celebration Giveaway.  We were so happy to read all your comments and thank you for helping us celebrate.  With the help of Rafflecopter, we have selected the winners and they have all been emailed.  Was it you?

All of the winners have been emailed but if you're curious if YOU were one of them here is a list for you...

Rumparooz2 OS DiapersPaige Manson
Applecheeksmicroterry little bundleTiffany Rickelman
Balm Baby1 SUN! Sunscreen, 1 PITS! (scent of our choice), 1 PITS! Solid (Earl Gray Tea), 1 Spray that Bottom & 1 Juice those Wipes. $51 MSRPLeslie McOmber
Moraki & Logan/Lenora1 Moraki diaper valued $27 - Classic Wet Bag in print of winner's choiceSarah Crawford
Tidy Totstrial set - one cover, two No Folds, two boosters and 10 linersKylie May Hoffman
Tidy Totstrial set - one cover, two No Folds, two boosters and 10 linersAshley Gesell
Tidy Totstrial set - one cover, two No Folds, two boosters and 10 linersAndrea Cortese Price
Rockin Green & Imagine$25 GC to RnG - 2-pack of Imagine Pocket Diapers in winner's choice of color/closuresRachael Seibert-VanDyke
Geffen & a+a1 Fladdel - a+a teething toyNatalie Castellana
WolbyBugVelcro WolbyBug Cover (10.99 value) - winner's choice, or gender, whichever is easier for youDanielle OConnor
Sweet PeaBamboo AIO in Racoon and a Pail liner in Indigo.Shianne Mattox
Kissaluvsaccessory pack including a pail liner, lotion potion spray, and a 12 pack of terry wipesAmaranth
Funky Fluffstay dry diaperTessa Graham
Smart Bottoms - ThirstiesPail liner, winner's choice of color (Smart Bottoms) & Thirsties Wet BagBrittany Vandercook
Pink LemonadeSet of 2 Minky Pads with Fleece backs Bent
LillebabyOriginal Grey Carrier with PocketMichelle

Please check your email that you registered with and reply to Calley who emailed you.  All the information is in that email.  Questions? Didn't get an email?  Use the "Contact Us" feature on Kelly's Closet and we'll reply that way.

Thanks again to everyone who entered!! Oh...and you may want to come back here on Friday for our BIG - HUGE - Earth Day Bash!!!

Would you like to be a contributor on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer? We're always looking for creative writers who would like to share their cloth diapering tips. To find out more Contact Us

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Winners of our Fluff-iversary Celebration! Congratulations!!

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Modern cloth diapers are pretty easy to understand because they're so much like disposables, and with most of my generation having never seen an "old fashioned" cloth diaper on a baby growing up, disposables are what come to mind when we think of "diaper." When I started learning more about cloth diapers, "flats" were part of the cloth diapering vernacular I was unfamiliar with. Even when I learned what they were, I still had a hard time wrapping my head around how to use them (no pun intended). Flat diapers, being just one large square-ish single-layer piece of absorbent fabric, bear little resemblance to a straightforward grab 'n' go all-in-one style diaper.

As I have gained more experience cloth diapering, I have learned more about how easy and versatile flats can be, and I wish I had known more about them in the beginning. With some simple folding techniques, you can use the same diapers from birth to potty training by folding them to the right size and absorbency for your baby. Pair them with one-size waterproof covers and you have a very economical cloth diapering option that is very easy to clean. All it takes is a little folding when your flats come out of the dryer.

Here are four ways to use flat cloth diapers through your diapering days:

1) Simple square fake "prefold" for newborns. A prefold gets it's name from being a sized square of fabric with multiple layers for absorbency, which is the result of how you fold a flat. For little babies, simply fold the flat into quarters (in half and then in half again) and when you're ready to diaper your baby, fold down the back of the diaper until you have a square that will have the right rise in the front when you bring it through baby's legs. (You could fold it in the front if you have a boy and would like more absorbency there, but folding down in back is less bulky and might prevent blowouts up the back.) To bring it through baby's legs you have options, depending on what's easiest for you and most effective for your baby: you can fold the front of the diaper into thirds, roll each side into the middle to make a channel, or grab each front corner and twist the diaper 180 degrees ("bikini twist"). Kelly's Closet has a great illustration of each of these methods at the bottom of this page. Use a handy closure device like the Snappi to secure the diaper, put on a waterproof cover and you're done!

2) Super absorbent "prefolded" flat. I call this a "prefold" because it's rectangular and has extra layers of absorbency in the middle, just like a prefold, but unlike a true prefold, you're folding this diaper after it comes out of the dryer. First, lay out your flat. Then grab either a flat diaper (or flannel receiving blanket) folded into a long insert-sized strip or an insert or doubler of your choice and lay it in the middle of the diaper. Fold the bottom and top edges over, then fold in the sides until it's the right width for your baby. Fold the front into thirds to bring it between baby's legs and secure. You may need to fiddle with the length and width to get it right for your kiddo, but since you're folding all straight lines, it's a bit easier to make adjustments.

3) Super absorbent airplane fold--great for boys and toddlers! This fold is a little less straightforward, but since it has a ton of absorbency up front it's great for boys, and since you can use the entire width of the flat diaper to wrap around your baby, it's great for bigger babies and toddlers. (You can do this fold without adding an extra flat/doubler/insert in the middle, but I add one to show the option.) Lay out the flat diaper, then put a pad folded flat/receiving blanket or insert/doubler in the middle. Fold up the bottom edge. Bring each bottom corner into the middle to create a point. Fold the sides in again by pulling the left and right corners of the triangles you just created to the top of the diaper. You'll have two flaps that stick up from the back of the diaper, which you can either tuck under for smaller babies or pull out to the side to use the full width of the diaper for larger babies and toddlers. To store this diaper so it stays folded and ready for use, I like to fold the front up and tie the side flaps together in a big knot.

4) Simple pad fold. If you're wondering what people mean when they say "pad fold," this is it. It's simply folding the diaper in straight lines until it's the correct size rectangle to fit into a diaper cover. To get the perfect size for your diaper cover, lay out your diaper cover at the end of your flat diaper, then fold the left and right sides of the diaper toward center until it's about as long as your cover. From there, simply fold end-over-end about the width of the cover. Ta da! You've go a perfectly sized diaper to lay in your cover and put on your baby! This is a great way to fold receiving blankets you're using as flats, since fasteners like Snappis don't stick well to receiving blankets.

There are many, many other ways to fold flat diapers, which is one of the benefits of using this tried-and-true diaper style. With such a low price point, there's no reason not to grab a receiving blanket and cover and give it a shot. Have fun folding!

Bio: Amber Elbon is a stay-at-home mom who lives in the Seattle area with her husband, almost two-year-old boy and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her son and dog give her daily lessons in psychology and behavior modification.

Would you like to be a contributor on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer? We're always looking for creative writers who would like to share their cloth diapering tips. To find out more Contact Us

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Four Folds for Flats from Birth to Potty Training

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