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This week The Cloth Diaper Whisperer is giving away 2 Bags of Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent

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Fluff Friday 302

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This week's fluff friday winner is: Erin Worline Biler

She will receive the following:
1 Thirsties Bundle: 1 Wet Bag, 1 Duo Wrap, and 1 Hemp Prefold

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Please, contact us here ASAP so we can get your winnings out to you!!!

Would you like to be a contributor on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer? We're always looking for creative writers who would like to share their cloth diapering tips. To find out more Contact Us
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Fluff Friday 301 WINNER!

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I secretly cringe whenever I see the "If you could only have one brand of diapers what would it be?" posts on Facebook. Not that I don't enjoy a sort of stranded-on-a-desert-island type question, but why do we have to choose? The cloth diaper industry makes it easy for us to customize our stashes to accommodate a variety of scenarios. During my time cloth diapering over the past three years, I would have answered the question differently at each stage.

When my oldest was born, I was not only figuring out the cloth diapering scene but also the mothering one, and at that time I was so thankful for my Tots Bots Easy Fits. They were trim and so, so easy to use; though I had bumGenius 4.0s that I liked, I was smitten with my Tots Bots. After a few months, though, I would say that I loved the BGs and Tots the same, and yet I had a new crush. . . Oh Katy! I loved Oh Katys' colors and that the pocket opened in the front and that the pocket was so big that I could quadruple stuff that bad boy creating the only night time diaper that would keep my baby dry. Then, as noted in a previous blog post, the Oh Katys no longer held up for night time, and I soon sang the praises of my s'bish OBFs and wool. My baby was once again dry all night.

Yet, on a cross-country road trip, I fell in love with my Blueberry flats and Flip covers because they made laundry easier and there were less diapers (because I could reuse the covers) in my wet bag. Then, after my oldest turned one, then I, oh baby, I fell in love with my Blueberry One Size Simplex diapers. I could use them as is or stuff them with more protection. I could have cotton or stay dry against his bum depending on what I wanted at the time. For a long while the Blueberry diapers stuffed with Joey Bunz Premium inserts were the only diaper I could trust not to leak. I was ready to sell everything else and just buy stock in Blueberry. . . until, I got a free GroVia AIO in one of my Kelly's Closet orders and then it was all over. . .my heart was only for GroVia. Those diapers didn't need any other inserts to keep in the massive waterfalls my now toddler son was capable of unleashing. I would gush when I talked about those gems. That was until my HE washer combined with my super hard water made it virtually impossible to keep them clean. I was heartbroken...until I rediscovered my Blueberry flats and my Flip Organic inserts and my Flip covers, and then I was in love again.

And that, my fellow cloth diapering mamas, was only the roller-coaster ride of diaper love for my oldest son. My youngest son and I would have a different story to tell, one that begins with Kissaluv size 0 fitteds and Rumparooz pockets. Who knows how his diaper love story will progress, but I can guarantee that the real heros of the story -- my Thirsties inserts won't get the same Facebook post air time that the flashy pockets and all-in-ones will get. If truth be told, those inserts have filled every one of the diapers I have mentioned above from covers to pockets to AIOs -- there isn't a diaper I haven't boosted with a Thirsties insert, and so, though it isn't flashy or fashionable or really even fun, I must honestly say that I would be lost without those (now) ridiculously ratty, unbelievably tough, super absorbent inserts that have ushered me through three years of diapering and are expected to guide me through the years to come.

Bio: Emily Robbins currently lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband and two sons: Harper (2 years) and Caedmon (9 months). She has been cloth diapering since Harper fit into OS at about four weeks old. She teaches World Literature at the University of the Incarnate Word and hangs out with her fluffy bottomed boys.

Would you like to be a contributor on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer? We're always looking for creative writers who would like to share their cloth diapering tips. To find out more Contact Us
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Brand Loyalty: An Ever-Changing and Unexpected Love Affair

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"Oh, you were a happy baby. You just wanted to be held all the time."

When my parents talked about what I was like as a baby, of course I thought how cute and appropriate it was that I was a cuddler from the start. It really wasn’t that bad being my parents, because who doesn’t love a snuggly little baby? Sheesh, they had it easy.

Then I gave birth to that cuddly little baby I had dreamed of, and I had to learn how to live life like a marsupial without a pouch.

From the beginning, because of latch issues, he regularly nursed for over an hour, took a rest, and then wanted to take another crack at it. When we learned he had something called tongue tie and it could be easily fixed, I was relieved. I thought maybe I could take a shower and not hear him screaming for me as soon as I got out. Or I could get outside the house for thirty minutes without having to nurse him while I was out. I hoped for some kind of rhythm to our day that allowed me to be unattached to him long enough to feel just a little in control and like I was more than a milk source.

​​My son’s tongue tie has been fixed for a long time now. He is over a year old and still a voracious nurser. He’s learning baby sign language and for a while he thought my name was “milk.”

The amount of physical touch my son demands can be exhausting. It doesn’t end when we’re out and about. Often I have hefted and wrangled the stroller and infant carrier out of the car, only to have him demand to be held once we got into the store.

Babywearing was not a trend or a philosophy or anything more than a practical necessity for me in the beginning. Once I learned how to comfortably carry my son in the stretchy wrap, I was able to leave the house. I could nurse him while pushing the stroller and walking through the zoo--all without flashing anyone. I could go to the store and not worry about not having enough hands to hold all my stuff and pay the cashier and open the car door. Although my son was once again attached to me, I felt a sense of joy and relief when he was strapped to my body, because doing things and caring for his needs were no longer at odds with one another.

Once he weighed about 18 pounds, I felt the wrap putting an unhealthy strain on my back and shoulders, and I started to look into a soft structured carrier that could serve my koala bear boy’s needs into toddlerhood. After reading many reviews and side-by-side comparisons, I purchased the standard Tula. I was won over by their fun and beautiful print options and the fact that it’s good for tall babies like my son.

The Tula is one of the best investments I have made in baby gear. Not only does it allow me to quickly run stress-free errands with my son, but it has enabled many unexpected tender moments.

One day I was scheduling my next appointment at the doctor’s office while wearing my son in the Tula. The receptionist said to me, “That was a really sweet moment you just shared.” I had already moved on to thinking about the calendar when her remark called me back to the previous seconds, when my son had leaned back in the Tula to look me in the eye and try to reach his little lips to my face. I smiled and kissed him on the forehead and we both went on to look at other things. I was so thankful that she had pointed out that moment to me. It made me stop and think about the incredibly tender bond I was fostering with my boy by finding a way to give him the closeness that he craves.

My boy is sensitive and affectionate. I worry that one day, when he’s older and more independent, he will be told that he needs to toughen up, and his kisses will no longer be given to me so freely. For now, I’m able to enjoy the blessing of having a snuggle baby. I keep the Tula in the car, ready to go, and I look forward to when I pop into the store and get to steal kisses from my cuddly curly-haired toddler between the aisles.

Bio: Amber Elbon lives in the Seattle area with her creative husband, curly-haired one-year-old boy, and sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. ​​

Would you like to be a contributor on The Cloth Diaper Whisperer? We're always looking for creative writers who would like to share their cloth diapering tips. To find out more Contact Us
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Surviving a Clingy Baby: Babywearing in the Tula

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