When we decided that we wanted to cloth diaper our first child, we were living in a 2nd story apartment with no laundry facilities. Every other week I would cart baskets of laundry down a flight of steps to the car and then drive across town to the laundromat then cart them the whole way back across town and up the steps home. I didn’t think they would appreciate me washing poopy diapers in the public machines, and I also wasn’t really interested in making that trip several times a week, so we had to come up with a different solution.

I’ve read the articles on how to wash your diapers by hand, but as a full time working mom I was not excited about the time it was going to take, (and whoever said that breast milk poop is water soluble never tried to hand wash my daughter’s poop out of a diaper. That stuff sticks to the insert like you would not believe.

I finally found and fell in love with a $200 portable washing machine and spin dryer, and after penny pinching for months we were able to buy it. Now my diapering routine looks something like this…

When we do a change, the diaper goes directly into a wet bag, because YUCK. Generally every other day (or third if I’m lazy) I take the wet bag and empty the whole shebang into my portable washer. I rinse, wash, rinse and rinse, then I pop the load into the little spin dryer which gets the water out so well that most of the items feel almost dry to the touch and only take a few hours on the drying rack to be completely dry. The whole process may take half an hour, and I can wash dishes or clean up in between cycles.

We built our stash through our baby registry and an online used diaper forum, so all in all we have spent under $300 including the $200 for the washer. I love the independence of knowing that even if we fall on hard times, our daughter’s bum is taken care of and we don’t have to worry about if we can keep her clean and happy. My next step is going to be transitioning to cloth wipes and trying to convince my babysitter to make the cloth diapering leap with me!

Bio: Beth Nyhart lives with her husband Jason and daughter Eden in Pennsylvania. She is a full time working mom with a love of a good challenge, especially if it means saving a few dollars!

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Apartment Diapering

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Sometimes I worry that there is too much information about cloth diapers on the internet, too many choices, and too much enthusiasm. This might sound strange coming from a blogger who writes about, reviews, and advocates for cloth diapers. But, the more I introduce cloth diapers to friends and acquaintances, the more I realize that “more” isn’t always what people are seeking.

I think back to my initial plunge into the cloth diapering world and remember spending hours researching my options – and having a love/hate relationship with the process. I made charts to compare prices, styles, and brands and purchased a cloth diaper trial. A good friend, on the other hand, looked into cloth for the simplicity it provided and the way it complemented her lifestyle choices. She preferred contacting the nearest retailer, receiving some solid advice, and buying everything at once.

I plunged into the cloth diapering community; making friends, reading blogs, entering contests, and weighing the pros and cons of different detergents. This was over 4 years ago and I still love participating. My friend and I would get together and, while we had a connection through cloth, all of the information about cloth and enthusiasm over brands overwhelmed her. We approached cloth diapering differently, but both ways worked.

If you are interested in cloth diapering, but not in engaging in forums, debating detergents, or eagerly anticipating new prints, that’s okay. Cloth diapering enthusiasts come in many forms, including knowledgeable parents who use a “once and done” approach, finding a style, brand, and system that works and never looking back.

The Cloth Diapering 101 resources on Kelly’s Closet are one of the main reasons I recommend the website to families interested in cloth. A quick visit to Kelly’s Closet will help families understand the reasons for switching to cloth, navigate cloth diapering terminology, and understand the basics of cloth diapers. The Cloth Diapering 101 section will also help families narrow down cloth diapering essentials versus useful accessories.

Once you’ve done a bit of research all on one site, your family should be able to narrow down your budget and the style of diapers you are interested in. From there, you can search by diaper style or brand, read customer reviews, and see recommendations for similar products. Families can also confidently purchase popular, tried and true brands, of diapers using the 30 Day Money Back Wee Guarantee.

Perhaps the experience of discovering all your cloth diapering options, including adorable prints and new, innovative features, will wet your whistle for more. Maybe what seemed like cloth diaper craziness might make more sense. Perhaps you’ll read some blog reviews, join the Kelly’s Closet Facebook group to ask questions, and enter a contest or two.

But if the idea of “more” doesn’t interest you, that’s okay too. Perhaps you will discover a brand and style that works for your family, use a Kelly’s Closet coupon, purchase a budget-friendly cloth diaper package, and never look back. Maybe you’ll purchase once and be done.

Whatever your style, there isn’t one right way to be a cloth diaper enthusiast.

Bio: About Mindy Farmer, The Inquisitive Mom: I'm a gal from the Pacific Northwest, living in the Midwest, mom of 3 (soon to be 4), writer, optimist, striving to be eco-conscious and hoping to defy stereotypes. Visit me on my blog The Inquisitive Mom and you'll find musings on motherhood and life, mixed with enthusiastic cloth diaper posts, eco-friendly living ideas, as well as reviews and giveaways.

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Once and Done Cloth Diapering

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Autumn is here. The leaves are falling. We're teetering between 90 and 40 degrees as the months change over. Whatever the weather, fall is here. How do you cope with those between times? If your baby has been in a tee and diaper all summer, you might find babylegs a good solution to stash in your diaper bag, glove box, or backpack. They cover chilled arms or legs in a pinch!

But when the frost really hits, you're going to need more solutions. If you have more than one child, generous friends, or you're a bargain shopper, you may have a whole tote of kids clothes hidden somewhere you need to dig out and put to good use for the fall. Whether you like your cloth diapers to be completely covered, like with Project Pomona pants, or playing peekaboo over simple fleece bottoms-- there's some great combinations for you, as close as your nearest mega-store. That's right, love 'em or hate 'em, I've found some great diaper fashion combos with a very popular kids' clothing brand from the store that rhymes with "fallbart". Easily accessible and inexpensive. The brand in particular is famous for mix and match--and no doubt you can do that with your cloth diapers, too!

I chose just a few - and they're all items that come in a cover so you can match all day long - although some come as pocket diapers, too. Who wants to match an outfit for only one change? Since these items easily mix and match with a variety of colors, even a bit of spit up isn't going to ruin your day. As a bonus, you may have some of these in your child's stash already! Check it out!

Nebula from Softbums - This way-out gender neutral cover (or pocket) can be used along with several solid colors, as well as different printed styles! If adults can mix and match patterns, kids can too! Don't be afraid of color, but you can't go wrong for a girly girl with sparkles or ruffles- these come in multiple colors-I chose the solid black as the example. For boys, or girls like mine that are into blue and space, there are a variety of tops that would pair well with nebula. Fight aliens or have a space bounce--but don't let these awesome pairings pass you by! Shown with booty-covering Pomonas!

Robotronic cover from Rumparooz - going, going.. almost gone!- This print is retiring, but you can still snag it and do some last minute fall matching! These combos will work well into spring. Robots and mechanical themes abound, offering plenty of options in both prints and solids to give your little one a gear-rific day!

Eco-owl cover from Rumparooz - Owls haven't completely gone away in fashion for little girls! Who wants a great match with some fleece pants--great for last minute cover-free options? They'll absorb enough moisture to let your little one's bum stay covered, but will eventually feel damp to the touch, letting you know it's time for a change! Don't forget something special for you! A jellystone teether will help you match your little one!

Camo is a great casual print any time of year, and whether you like GI Jane, Open Season, or plain old Camo- Best Bottoms has their fresh line-up for fall. There's something for boys and girls! Solid orange, pink, and camo prints, as well as pink/camo blends in jackets and extra long tees pair with leggings or cargo pants. Tell mom not to forget your Planet Wise Snack Bags before you 'hunt' for adventure!

I hope you find something you like, either to pair with a diaper you already have, or to find something new to add to your stash. Carry these through the fall and winter with pants outside the house, and when spring arrives, pull those babylegs back out to show off a diaper that's been in hibernation those long cold winter months!

Bio: Jill blogs about parenting, cloth diapers, and her crazy life that's just 'this side of crunchy' at www.lifeisnotbubblewrapped.com

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Fall Cloth Diaper Fashion

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Harvest Fest Continues!!!


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DIAPERFEST: Free OS diaper (value $17+) with $89+ order at Kelly's Closet.

These coupon codes are valid the entire month of October!

Earn 100 BONUS Diaper Dollar Reward Points if you redeem ALL 5 coupon codes during the month of October. Just send us an email and we’ll add the bonus points to your order if you qualify.

Limit 1 code per order. Limit 1 use per code. Excludes the purchase of gift certificates. Not valid on pending or previous orders, Fluff Fairy, gently used and Final Sale items. Kelly’s Closet will select the free gift. Offer valid through Oct 31, 2014 at 11:59pm ET.

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Super Saturday Coupon

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Earn Free Cloth Diapers